14 Day Fitness Package Muay Thai, Boxing, Crossfit, hiking, swimming


      Muay Thai Battle Conquer
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      Duration: 14 days
      Group size: 1 - 45
      14 Day Fitness Package Muay Thai, Boxing, Crossfit, hiking, swimming

      Muay Thai Battle Conquer
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      1 review

      Duration: 14 days
      Group size: 1 - 45

      About this trip

      Experience traditional Thai culture in the heart of Thailand and have the time of your life while you get in shape.


      Come and visit Muay Thai Battle Conquer's gorgeous family-run retreat in the beautiful province of Phetchabun, set among peaceful countryside against a backdrop of glorious hills.

      They offer Muay Thai, Western Boxing, mountain biking, CrossFit, hiking and swimming as well as nutritional-rich home-cooked Thai food. They are open all year round, so you can visit for as long as you want.

      What Makes This Retreat Special

      What Makes This Retreat Special

      • This unique retreat is set in an untouched part of Thailand that rarely sees any tourists. This retreat is run by a local Thai family that has lived in the area for decades.
      • With our vast knowledge of health and fitness, we've designed a unique package that will have you lose weight without you having to think about it.
      • Serving traditional country Thai dishes that you may never have tried.
      • Our camp is suitable for any age group and ability, from beginners to advanced you'll find your fit in.


      Open All Year

      We're open all year round and run our schedule weekly so you can join for as long as you like and start your package on any day of the week! Our schedule changes daily but the class times are the same. You're free to pick and choose the activities you want to join in with depending on your goal and energy levels that day, please be sure to tell us what your goals are so we can help you.

      Ask for a copy of our latest schedule!

      We have extra activities available too, such as daily yoga classes, meditation, temple tours, massage treatments and one on ones, if you're interested in having these included please ask for details on our Wellness Muay Thai Package.

      About us - Fitness Muay Thai Package

      Battle Conquer is set in such a wonderful rural location in the province of Phetchabun, abundant with breath-taking mountains and hills, stunning waterfalls, and lush green farmland; it’s tailored for you to truly unwind from modern-day life while you focus on your health and fitness.

      The founders of Battle conquer are a brother and sister team with more than forty years of experience in the health and fitness industry. With their passion and knowledge, they designed a program that has you working towards your fitness goals without you even having to think about it.

      Curious? The schedule keeps you busy, the food is protein-rich and high volume, which has a thermogenic effect on the body and keeps you satisfied, Sarah is a highly qualified Personal Trainer, yoga teacher, and health coach, and Joseph is a pro bodybuilder, MMA fighter and S&C Coach, together they've created a program that truly works.

      Never tried a martial art? No problem!

      The Keawma family has been involved in fighting, training, and promoting Muay Thai for decades, they accept all levels of fitness and experience making it perfect for all, age and ability are no barrier! The name of the gym itself comes from the Thai saying Phichit Suk, said to fighters for good luck and translating to “battle conquer.”

      Traditional Muay Thai training

      Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym focuses on developing fighters of all ages and abilities in a traditional Muay Thai environment. Head trainer Pau has been fighting since the age of four and has a wealth of knowledge across all levels from complete beginners to our professional fighters.

      Starting out or looking to get fit? 

      They will encourage you with their passion for the sport, fresh clean food, and healthy living. Looking to fight professionally? They develop our champions by improving their skills, gaining experience at the local level, and eventually fighting in Bangkok on the biggest stages for Muay Thai.

      To maintain this high standard of training Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym accepts a limited number of fighters at any one time to ensure students are getting enough attention to excel.

      You can expect to train as a group alongside your peers. 

      They have found this the best way to train as it encourages motivation and builds relationships. That said, Battle Conquer has eight full-time coaches, so you will have plenty of one on one time within the scheduled classes.

      Western boxing

      While the focus is on traditional Muay Thai, Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym cross-trains fighters in Western Boxing. The fighting styles complement one another and give an extra edge. They also train exclusively in Western Boxing and organize prize fights for western style boxers.

      Functional Fitness

      From the professional fighter to the beginner Battle Conquer, the best traditional Muay Thai camp is there for everyone to enjoy. We implement bodyweight exercise, strength, and conditioning during our boxing sessions to develop functional strength and all-around fitness. At our boxing camp in Thailand, we use different training methods such as:

      • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
      • Functional strength training
      • Explosive plyometric for speed and power
      • Bodyweight and core conditioning.

      Unique and Fun Ways to Workout

      Battle Conquer is not just about fitness classes and great coaching, we offer some very unique and fun ways for you to workout, take a look at the included excursions, we have our hikes, Buddha Run, Jungle Hike, and Swimming trips and you can take advantage of them all with this fitness package.

      Full Induction On Arrival

      At our Muay Thai camp in Thailand there are technique classes as well as optional activities such as hiking, CrossFit, and swimming that you can indulge in. On your arrival, you will go through a full induction about your health and fitness goals as well as your current lifestyle, our staff will then guide and advise you on the best way to achieve your goals.


      Completely optional but a great way to start your detox! We offer a 5 day raw cleanse where you'll enjoy the freshest fruits, vegetables, and salads all selected from the farmer's markets.


      If you’ve ever wondered what real, home-cooked Thai food tastes like you will find out at Noi’s Cafe.

      Noi’s Cafe serves up wholesome Thai food offering two to three different dishes accompanied by rice and salads or vegetables. Thai food is one of the tastiest and healthiest foods around the world and here in the farmland, it’s even more nutritious. All the fresh food is carefully selected and bought from the local markets every morning.

      Our Home-cooked Thai meals are full of a variety of different vegetables, fruit and herbs, and spices, providing a range of nutrients and health benefits. Noi’s Cafe does not use any dairy and only has the freshest cuts of white meat or fish (optional). This makes the food incredibly healthy and detoxifying, a clean eating diet like this one is perfect for weight loss.

      Breakfast at Noi’s is the most important meal of the day, it’s protein and fibre-rich to keep you full, that said if you are at the camp and feeling peckish at lunchtime you can help yourself to fresh sandwiches, healthy salads, and fresh fruit. We also serve up the best tasting protein smoothies.

      Our family cooks all the food and the standard diet in this part of Thailand is white meat, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts, rice, fresh vegetables, and fruits. It’s all locally sourced and brought fresh from the markets, the fruit and vegetables served will depend on what is in season.

      We cater for a variety of dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. If you require a specific diet please ask.

      The following meals are included:




      The following drinks are included:




      The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:



      Regular (typically includes white meat and fish)

      Other dietary requirements on request 


      Private Lodgings at Battle Conquer Gym

      Our small and humble village is mostly made up of family and farming folk, you’ll find us hidden in the middle of miles of rice fields that stretch out as far as our famous hills. Staying at the family village (camp 1 and 2 ) means submerging yourself in our camp culture, you’ll find it vibrant and friendly yet completely cut off from the stresses of modern day life.

      CAMP 1

      We have 27 purpose built lodges at our family home making camp accommodation very convenient with the gym facilities and Noi’s Cafe being simply steps from your door. The lodges will be booked up quickly so please reserve your spot as soon as you can to avoid any disappointment.

      CAMP 2

      Only ten minutes walk from our main site we have our brand new location set in the middle of the rice fields offering a very peaceful, quiet and unique atmosphere. Camp 2 has larger rooms with comfortable, larger beds. You can enjoy a gentle walk past the rice fields accompanied by our staff and other guests or take one of our complimentary bikes. We offer a free shuttle service to and from both locations. Again these lodges are very popular and get booked up quickly.


      Double Bed


      Wardrobe or hanging rail with hangers

      Pillows, linens and towels

      En-suite shower room

      Hot shower


      Laundry Service

      Our Family Hotel

      Our hotel is run by our extended family (aunt and uncle) so you’re in good hands! Our family hotel is situated on the edge of Smo Thot town where you will be closer to coffee shops, stores, restaurants and local markets should you want to explore. The hotel is 4km from our main location and takes only 10 minutes by car to get there. We arrange complimentary transport throughout the day for your convenience to and from the hotel to the camp. Your day will be spent at the camp enjoying our activities, mixing with other guests and soaking up our village life and family appeal. Changing rooms and showers are available at camp one.


      Twin beds or double bed

      Air-conditioned rooms

      Ar-moire with hangers

      Pillows, linen and towels

      Private en-suite bathroom with hot water


      Free Wi-Fi


      What’s included

      • Healthy Thai Food!
        Breakfast, lunch and dinner
      • 13 nights Accommodation
        Private room en-suite
      • Boxing!
        Twice daily Muay Thai and Western Boxing sessions
      • CrossFit
        Unique ways to improve your fitness! Truck Push, Buddha Run, Tyre Flipping
      • Hiking
        Hiking in exceptional countryside with breathtaking views
      • Buddha Run
        300 stone stairs in jungle surroundings leading to a hidden cave temple, read more below
      • Jungle Waterfall Trip
        Trek through nearby jungle to a stunning waterfall lagoon, meditate with our yoga teacher or go for a swim
      • Sunday Gym Day Out
        Highlight trip to meet the only English speaking monk in this province, learn teachings from Buddhism and mediation, enjoy the countryside views
      • Market Tours
        Join our morning and night market tours, see below our description
      • Fishing
        We have plenty of lakes and ponds and fishing is something our family enjoy, fishing equipment is free to use
      • Mountain Bike Hire
        Free use of our mountain bikes means you can explore the surrounding countryside at your leisure
      • Free Shuttle Service
        For your convenience we have a daily shuttle service to and from town
      • Daily Yoga Classes
        We have twice daily yoga and meditation classes in our spacious Shakti Shala, 500 baht for a drop in class. Ask about our Wellness Package to have this included
      • Temple Tours
        We offer 4 unique temple tours to our favourite Buddhist Temples in the area, take a tour with our meditation teacher or local monkAsk about our Wellness Package to have this included
      • Meditation Experiences
        Guided meditation every day! Ask about our Wellness Package to have this included
      • Free one on ones
        One on ones with our specialist Muay Thai and Western Boxing trainers are 700 baht. Ask about our Wellness Package to have this included
      • Cooking Class
        Learn one of our family's favourite recipes and join in with a cooking class. Ask about our Wellness Package to have this included
      • Fish & Monkey Feeding
        First stop buy bananas then head to the monkey temple, next take a short drive to a sacred lake to feed the protected fish and meditate under the shaded canopy of the temple.
      • Thai Massage Treatments
        Thai and Oil massage are available, ask about our Wellness Package to have this included


      The Buddha Run
      Climb Three Hundred Steep Steps

      Take the Battle Conquer challenge of climbing three hundred steep steps to a hillside temple set in a cave as many times as you can in one hour or simply relax at the top taking in the magnificent views.

      Your Organizer

      Muay Thai Battle Conquer
      1 review
      Battle Conquer Muay Thai Gym is located in the heart of Thailand, surrounded by acres of rice fields and set to a backdrop of the famous Phetchabun Mountains. Untouched by modern day life and not your usual tourist destination, we have opened up the doors of our family home to bring you a taste of our heritage and traditional Thai culture while you work on your health and fitness goals.


      One of the most amazing experiences of my life - an amazing place and people, thank you for this magic place.
      By luigi b for Balance Payment On Arrival on 20 Jan, 2023
      Hey Luigi! Thank you so much for writing your review and our very first review since we started using this platform 😃 YAY! I love that you describe us as a magic place 🙏🏽 lovely thing to say. Thank you again for choosing our camp. Much love Sarah x
      By Muay Thai Battle Conquer on 21 Jan, 2023