14-day Pakistan Adventure + w/ GRRRLTRAVELER

Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

  • Email address verified
4 reviews
Sep 14 - 28, 2023
Group size: 8 - 10
14-day Pakistan Adventure + w/ GRRRLTRAVELER
Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

  • Email address verified
4 reviews

Sep 14 - 28, 2023
Group size: 8 - 10

About this trip

This 14+day EPIC Northern Pakistan Adventure hosted by Christine. 

This is Christine's first time both, hosting a GRRRLTRAVELER group trip and traveling to Pakistan. It's been a long dream in the coming for Christine to visit Pakistan, so she wants to make it memorable and GRRREAT! 

This bespoke trip will have a tour manager and local experts to aid a deeper understanding of the culture and to ensure safety. We've assembled a strong all-local team to help us travel responsibly, sustainably and safely.

Each traveler will be paired with another traveler to share a room. You are free to book a single room for an additional fee.


Pay the Security Deposit to secure your spot. You can pay the remainder when this trip is green lit. 

  • Trip Duration:  14 days (+ complementary pre-trip arrival day)
  • Trip Date:  Sept 14 -28  , 2023
  • Route:📍 Islamabad 📍Chilas 📍Northern Pakistan (Gulmit 📍Aliabad )📍 Naran or Besham 📍Lahore  
  • 8 guests minimum needed to run this tour; 12-14 spots max
    Note: Once we have reached our minimum, you will be notified on when you can book your flight.
  • Arrive at Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Depart from Lahore, Pakistan
  • Hotels are based on double occupancy



Release of Letter of Invitation for Pakistan Visa is only once full payment is met. It is the responsibility of all guests to get their Pakistan Tourist Visa on time and before traveling.

All guest information, trip insurance and signed documents must be completed and returned before they can join the group


While this adventure makes its minimum to operate, I request :

1. Put only a deposit down to reserve your spot and not full payment.  When this trip is greenlight, I'll send an email to pay the remainder. 

There is a tiny percentage that Stripe deducts off every payment and it will affect your refund if this trip's minimum is not met.

Cancellation Policy, Terms & Conditions

Please read our policies as they may affect you here.
Payment is due in 120 days before the start of the trip, May 17.

Watch for Important Emails from me

Include trips@grrrltraveler.com and media@grrrltraveler.com in your Address Book so important emails do not get sent to your spam folder. 

What’s included

  • Letter of Invitation
    Required for your Pakistan Visa (must apply 3 mo before start dates)
  • All Meals
  • Transportation
  • Airport PIckup/DropOff
    Where stated in the itinerary
  • Tour Leader
  • City & Trekking Guides
  • Tickets & Admissions
  • WhatsApp Group
  • See my trip sale page
    for full details

What’s not included

  • International Flights
  • Trip Insurance
    *required* (must cover Pakistan)
  • Pakistan Visa fees
  • Covid-19 vaccinations
  • COVID-19 tests
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Alcohol
  • Tips & Gratuities
    Guides & Driver
  • Hotel extras
  • Additional hotel days
  • Islamabad airport dropof
  • Basic extras
    Whatever is not mentioned in the itinerary.

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $600

Available options

Single Room Supplement
8 left
Deposit: $0

Book a room to yourself for the entire adventure!

Single Room Islamabad (Add-on)
Deposit: $0

Arrive a day earlier to acclimate & rest.  Can also be booked at a later date with our operator. 

Single Room Lahore (Add-on)
Deposit: $0

Book extra nights pre or post trip at a hotel.  This can be booked later with our tour operator

Extra Airport Transportation
Deposit: $0

Lahore to Islamabad airport drop in a private car. This can be booked through our operator also if you decide upon this later.

Your Organizer

4 reviews
GRRRLTRAVELER is an solo travel adventure community based around Christine Kaaloa's solo travels and filming for YouTube. Our adventures are curated for our audiences with responsible and sustainable tourism in mind, so our trips create a positive impact on local communities.


Joining Christine's inaugural GRRRLTRAVELER Adventure through Northern Pakistan was an unforgettable experience. I am afraid all future trips will have a hard time living up to! Christine's infectious enthusiasm, Adil's expert driving, and Anam's warm and welcoming guidance (complemented by her amazing playlists for our long, captivating drives) created a dream team. As a first-time host, Christine curated an unforgettable and mind-blowing experience. Throughout the trip, we gained honest and beautiful insights into Pakistan's culture, history, and landscapes. Every detail was thoughtfully planned, with local guides enriching our experiences at each site we visited. Equally meaningful were the spontaneous moments of connection. Whether it was finding local shops, taking detours for photo opportunities, or bonding over group selfies, each day brought new adventures and unforgettable memories. The time spent in Hunza Valley stands out as a highlight of the trip for me. The unique culture, warm hospitality of the locals, and breathtaking landscapes left me feeling like I didn’t want to leave. From hiking to mountain tops for 360-degree views to private concerts of traditional music and dance, every day was filled with amazing experiences that I will cherish. Ultimately, this trip was more than just exploration. It really was a profound discovery of a beautiful culture and an appreciation of stunning landscapes, and it was made extra special because it was a journey with open-hearted, like-minded travelers. The experience was transformative in every sense. Thank you, Christine, for putting together such a well-thought-out adventure that will forever hold a special place in my heart.
By Mona P for 14-day Pakistan Adventure + w/ GRRRLTRAVELER on Mar 29, 2024
What an incredible trip. One of the best tours I have ever taken. Christine put together a journey that beat all my expectations. She was fun to travel with and her enthusiasm and energy really made the trip special. Pakistan such an incredible place to explore, and Christine's tour made it even better. Definitely go to Pakistan, and definitely take a tour with Christine.
By Ed B for 14-day Pakistan Adventure + w/ GRRRLTRAVELER on Oct 04, 2023
Wow, thanks for the recommendation! I'm so glad to hear thi Pakistan adventure surpassed your expectations, Ed. It was such a pleasure to see your travel personality start shy and then blossom to entertaining, silly and fun-- my money says, that will be one of your killer YouTube superpower personalties! =D. Keep bringing it! Thanks for being a part of the family squad. Looking forward to crossing travel paths with you again!
By GRRRLTRAVELER on Oct 17, 2023
Trip was wonderful! From the original announcement to the actual arrival, Christine was proactive in ensuring participants had what was needed for documentation. Very easy to communicate with. Upon arrival, everything was well planned and organized. Variety of experiences were provided, including some that were unplanned but quite enjoyable. Plenty of interactions with locals were involved. Trip activity levels varied day to day. Safety was a priority the whole trip and was emphasized from the beginning.
By Lauren P for 14-day Pakistan Adventure + w/ GRRRLTRAVELER on Oct 01, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Lauren! Glad you enjoyed our Pakistan adventure, the local interactions and that I could offer you assurance. I appreciated having you on the squad -- those moments when your face lit up from new discoveries and your fearlessness in trying new things! Looking forward to crossing travel paths with you again!
By GRRRLTRAVELER on Oct 17, 2023
What an amazingly epic adventure in Northern Pakistan! As someone who has subscribed to and watched Christine Kaaloa’s YouTube channel for several years, I was always struck by the high quality and authenticity of her content. So, when Christine announced that she was organizing a trip to Northern Pakistan, I knew that I had to be a part of the first Grrrltraveler Adventure. I am happy to say that the actual travel experience exceeded all of my expectations! From the moment I started filling out the vetting form and reviewing the trip itinerary and information forms, it was clear that the journey to Northern Pakistan was going to include a variety of unique activities and experiences. As someone who has enjoyed traveling the world for years, the itinerary was exciting. However, Christine also made it clear that the safety of her “travel crew” was also going to be a priority. In addition, our journey was going to be friendly to the environment and non-exploitive of the Pakistani people. Due to Christine’s incredible hard work, sheer determination and coordination with a Pakistan based tour operator, she was successful in finalizing the details of an epic journey and green lighting the Northern Pakistan adventure. The four seasoned travelers who joined Christine on the journey to Pakistan bonded almost immediately; Christine’s attention to detail ensured that this was going to be a once in a lifetime travel experience. Christine rounded out our “travel crew” with Anam, an amazing Pakistani tour guide who provided great insights (and an incredible Pakistani music playlist!) throughout our journey and Aadil, our talented driver. Aadil’s exceptional driving kept us safe and comfortable on all manner of roadways from busy paved highways to narrow dirt roads in villages we visited. Our coaster van comfortably accommodated the six passengers and our luggage. Christine arranged excellent meals, including street food tours. Our vegetarian members always had a nice selection of Pakistani dishes to choose from. Some of my favorite highlights included walking up the 1,650 steps to Ondra Fort, purchasing and wearing salwar kameez (traditional Pakistani clothing), seeing the glaciers and snow capped mountains of Pakistan, meeting scores of friendly Pakistani people who regularly welcomed me to Pakistan, participating in the clever scavenger hunt that Christine created, the amazing food tours in Islamabad and Lahore (I loved the grilled chicken livers and nihari!), and the inspiring Wagah Ceremony. However, one of my favorite experiences was just seeing Christine Kaaloa work! In addition to ensuring, with Anam, that our journey was running smoothly, Christine was creating content for her social media outlets. When viewing the final product on her YouTube channel and Facebook page, I could only imagine the work that went into it. Seeing the extent of her work in Pakistan—recording, interviewing people, switching between, cameras, GoPro, iPhone, etc. showed an incredible work ethic and professionalism that few people possess. She does all of this with a gracious, down to earth demeanor. Christine was always engaging with the members of our travel group and was always available to address any questions or concerns. From the announcement of the trip through our respective departures from Pakistan, Christine made sure that our needs were being met. Even after I arrived home, Christine contacted me to make sure my wife and I were not being impacted by the flooding that was happening in my State. It was a pleasure and honor to be a part of the inaugural Grrrltraveler Adventure trip. I have no doubt that Grrrltraveler Adventures will be yet another successful endeavor of Christine’s business enterprises. Thank you Christine!!!
By James Edward J for 14-day Pakistan Adventure + w/ GRRRLTRAVELER on Sep 30, 2023
Thank you for all the kind words, James - for myself, my Pakistani team and the adventure. I appreciate your sharing all your favorite moments with us too! We shared a lot of wonderful memories and your scavenger hunt journal was so touching! It's going to be a hard one for anyone else to beat. You are such a travel inspiration, James. I'm so proud of you for powering through that 1,650 stairs! It was sheer pleasure to have you as my first adventure crew/family -- we rocked Pakistan for the first time together!!! Don't be a stranger. Huge bear hugs and looking forward to crossing travel paths again! Next time, we must woo Audrey out.
By GRRRLTRAVELER on Oct 17, 2023