15 Days Surf All-in in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (14 nights)

Puerto Escondido, Oax., México

Duration: 15 days
Group size: 1 - 25
15 Days Surf All-in in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (14 nights)
Puerto Escondido, Oax., México

Duration: 15 days
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Get inspired to enjoy this world in the water and outside with like-minded people as you learn to ride the wild waves and relax with your yoga practice. This camp is all about helping you live out to your potential and develop your skills as a surfer.  

The adventure starts here

Experiencia Puerto Escondido will add some Mexican culture, a lot of passion, and a true surfing spirit to make sure your time with them and the waves of Puerto becomes a lifelong passion. This program is getting your surfing to the next level. It is for

  • Those who have never surfed befored
  • Those who have already surfed a bit but want to keep improving
  • You if you are looking for the ultimate Puerto experience

The surf class lasts for two hours: warm-up (five to 10 minutes), surfing, and warm-down (five to 10 minutes). Boards, Lycras, and instructors are included. Usually, one instructor teaches no more than two students in one lesson. The morning class is from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., and the afternoon class is between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.

There are waves suitable for learning all year round, and the water is almost always very warm. Sometimes, big waves come to the home surf spot from May to June. In this case, they will use their school bus to go to another spot where the waves are not big and it is good for beginners.

Usually, it takes about five classes to obtain the necessary level to go on your own, so they strongly recommend that for the first several classes you go in the water with the instructor. Experiencia Puerto Escondido guarantees good surf equipment and experienced surf instructors for all of the students. You can relax after surfing and there will also be three yoga classes for you. Yoga classes take place at the camp just before sunset

The yoga style is Hatha yoga, intended more for beginners and aiming to relax after an intense exploration or surf day.

What’s included

  • 10 Surf lessons
    Semi-private lesson (2 students w/ 1 instructor) 2hrs aprox
  • 6 Yoga sessions
    Specically yoga sessions for surfers (Flexibility and breathing work) 1hr
  • Surfing Photos
    We'll take all the photos we can of your best waves in one of your sessions :)
  • Breakfast
    Bowl of fresh fruit w/ coffee and home made bread

What’s not included

  • After class equopment
    Boards are exclusively for the lessons

Available Packages

All in w/ shared accommodation

-14 Nights shared room w/ All-in program 

Deposit: $111
All in w/ private accommodation

-14 Nights private room w/ All-in program 

Deposit: $111
All in ( course only) no breakfast

No accommodation 

Deposit: $111

Available options

Morning at the ocean!!Dolphins & Turtle

Amazing oportunity to see the sunrise while looking Dolphines and turtles freely :)-6:30AM Pick up at the camp -11:45AM Drive back. 


Day 1 - Arrival day
Welcome to Puerto Escondido

We decided to always make your arrival date a free date 

(You don't need to stress about arrival times, so you can book

the best bus or flight for you). 

-Once that you get to the camp, we'll do the check-in and 

depending on how hungry are you, we we'll recommend you 

where to go to eat :) 

-You can explore the beach (60 Steps away from the camp) 

and walk through the neighborhood

-You'll be given all the information about the surf, the breakfast, 

yoga, etc so you'll be ready to go the next morning. 

If you're interested in certain tours, or you want to have specific 

days off during your stay all can be planned on this day. 

Your Organizer

Experiencia Puerto Escondido
Experiencia Puerto Escondido is by far the best school in Puerto Escondido. Teaching you Spanish or how to surf is a big part of our mission that is to enrich lives through learning experiences and cultural exchanges. Celebrate life! Learn how to Surf, practice your Spanish, join our volunteer programs, yoga, tours and excursions! We're not a hostel, we're not a hotel, we're a family and we love Puerto Escondido Enjoy the greatest time of your life in Puerto Escondido!