2020 Brazil Global Missions Trip

Salvador, Brazil

Sep 17 - 26, 2020
Group size: 1 - 20
2020 Brazil Global Missions Trip
Salvador, Brazil

Sep 17 - 26, 2020
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip


Salvador, Brazil

Cachoeira, Brazil

Rio de Janerio, Brazil


Deposit: $150 Per Person

Trip Cost: $3000 Per Person 

If Paying Monthly in Installments Per Person:

$429/month (if starting February)

Payment Schedule:

Payment Due: Wednesday, January 26, 2020

Installments Due: 26th of every Month

Final Payment Due: Friday, August 26, 2020

Refund Clause:

Deposit is non-refundable.

75% refunded if requested by Wednesday, April 15, 2020

50% refunded if requested by Monday, June 15, 2020

0% refunded if requested after Monday, June 15, 2020

Travel Documents Needed:

Passport: Cannot expire within 3 months post-travel.

Visa Required: Cannot expire before the end of the trip.

Other documents covered by cost.

Immunization & Skin Care:

Immunization Not Required

Mosquito Repellant Requested

SPF Encouranged

Food/Dining Accommodations:

Breakfast: Provided at hotels in Salvador and Rio

Lunch & Dinner not Provided in Salvador and Rio

Select Meals in Cachoeira are provided

Global Missions Policies:

Appropriate Church Attire

Light, loose-fitting clothing (2 outfits per day suggested)

Comfortable walking shoes

Conduct: Monitor Social Media Posting

Needed Supplies:


•Headsets provided by TFOP

•Seals for new churches

•Love Offering

•Items for the service project

Group Related:


•Mobile Device

-Translation App iTranslate

-Currency App

-Cell Phone Cover

-Money for leisure activities


Apps: iTranslate, Google Translate, GroupMe, WhatsApp, XE Currency


•Mosquito Repellant

•Money for leisure activities

•Comfortable walking shoes

•Light Jacket



•All travelers will be booked through Travel Agent

Travel Agency:

Company: Travel Source

Agent: Gracie Gunn


The following are meant to reflect our core values and serve as guidelines during a mission trip. 

As Global Missions team members, you are expected to:

1. Provide a positive attitude, project a willing heart to serve, and maintain positive, respectful relationships with team members. Demonstrate your faith through loving action, and reinforce all such behavior in others.

2. Be patient and supportive while we work through any presenting issues.

3. Make sure you have someone who knows where you are at all times. You should never leave the group or wander off alone at any time while on the mission trip.

4. Demonstrate a fluid and flexible attitude and a willingness to work as a team, placing your own personal wants aside to be a valuable team member and a servant to those in. Offer to help others, and be willing to ask for help whenever needed. 

5. As a team, we stay together, including leaving in the mornings at the same time and working and supporting one another throughout the day and the night, if needed. Some unique situations may arise and will be communicated accordingly. Be mindful to ask others who may be in need of help, a break, a meal, a hug, or a prayer.

6. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them directly with the missions leadership team as soon as possible. He or she will then determine the best way in which to address the issue. Please refrain from discussing with others while the issue is being resolved. We 

are there to support the team and facilitate a positive experience.

7. Please abstain from excessive alcohol intake, and from using inappropriate, derogatory, or foul language. 

8. Be mindful of social media posting while on the mission trip. We are asking that you only post photos of the team while doing mission work. Use discretion when posting photos during our “downtime”. No photos of anyone in swimwear should be posted.

9. Take time to appreciate the blessings of being on such an extraordinary trip with exemplary professionals with a heart for mission work. This is such a rare opportunity that is truly transformative in countless, deeply meaningful ways. Seeds are planted, hope grows, and love endures. You will not return the same as when you first started the journey.

10. Once you return from the trip, share your experience with others.

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