2023 Portugal & Portimao "Track & Tour"

      8500 Portimão, Portugal

      13 reviews
      Oct 27 - Nov 7, 2023
      Group size: 8 - 15
      2023 Portugal & Portimao "Track & Tour"
      8500 Portimão, Portugal

      13 reviews

      Oct 27 - Nov 7, 2023
      Group size: 8 - 15

      About this trip

      Ride  the craziest track in a country many overlook. Portugal is Europes  oldest country and two centuries ago is was a dominant world power.  Today it’s content with just being one of the most free and democratic  nations on earth. Remnants of its grand past make Portugal a scenic  place to ride today. Curvy coastlines and rugged mountains are connected  by roads spotted with towns with rich history.  You’ll  see old castles, opulent palaces, grand cathedrals, preserved walled  cities and the occasional monastery hidden away in the mountains. It’s  perfect for touring with an emphasis on great coast lines but we’re here  for more than just a sporty ride through the country. The most wild  MotoGP circuit is found here and you get to ride it for three days. This  is the rollercoaster of Portimao, officially known as Autodromo  Internacional do Algarve. This is a riders tour with days off the beaten  path to enjoy great roads and great scenery far from the tourist trail.  Our local guides put some effort into making this route special for the  Leod Escapes style rider. Come join us and ride the dream. 

      What’s included

      • 11 Night Accommodations
        3&4 Star and more than just comfortable these places have character
      • 3 Days of Track Time
        Get up to speed as your coach helps you each session. Two time WSBK Champion Troy Corser teaches you theory and joins you on the track.
      • 2023 BMW S1000RR
        Your track bike for 3 days. Upgrades to Slicks and Warmers Available
      • 6 Days of Sport Touring
        Chase local guides on a route designed for sport riders across the wilds of Portugal
      • Base Model F750GS
        There are only about 4 base model F750GS so if you want a bargain, grab it early. Range of upgrades available, like F900XR, R1250GS, R1250RT and S1000XR
      • Local Guides
        Join guides who've ridden 100s of miles already in Portugal
      • Luggage Truck
        Bring your track gear in a separate bag and leave it in the van until it's time.
      • Good Breakfast Everyday
        These hotels put on a spread in the morning so eat up
      • Dinner Every Night
        We are far off the beaten path sometimes so we've arranged some good food ahead of time.
      • Airfare
        We can give you lots of tips on airfare
      • Lunch
        We want you to order what you want to order
      • Fuel for Street Bike
        We recommend fuel buddy system to short stops

      Available Packages

      Single Rider Shared Room
      Available until August 1, 20235 left
      Deposit: $2,670
      Single Rider Own Room
      Available until August 1, 20237 left
      Deposit: $2,910
      Couple Riding One Bike (Price for Two)
      Available until August 1, 2023only 1 left
      Deposit: $3,510

      Available options

      Your Organizer

      Leod Escapes
      13 reviews
      Leod Escapes specializes in International tours with “Track Time”. That means sport touring the best curvy roads for week and riding a proper sport bike on a famous race course. Leod Escapes pioneered the concept of “Track & Tour” and each year we seek to add a new destination to keeps things fresh and exciting. Since we are located in the best place for motorcycle sport touring the USA we also do GPS self guided and custom tours in Northern California.


      Epic. I watched the promo video at least 100 times and sent it to as many people. Everyone, myself included, thought it looked epic. Cat & Nancy did not disappoint. When I watch the video now, and recognize the places, roads, and corners on Motorland Aragon, my eyes well up. Not sure how much better you can get than that!
      By David J for 2022 Spanish Pyrenees to Aragón on 18 Oct, 2022
      Hear the Road was expert and made for a wonderful experience in Italy! Would like to ride with Enrico in Sardinia in 2024.
      By William David J for Misano MotoGP & the Italian Ride on 19 Sep, 2022
      This was a trip of a lifetime. Thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of the trip. Enrico our guide was simply amazing, fun, entertaining, insightful, etc. The ride was fantastic, the scenic vistas breathtaking, food delicious, wine incredible. I hated to leave and have dreaming about the trip since I left. Scheming a way to return as soon as possible for another adventure.
      By Matthew D for Misano MotoGP & the Italian Ride on 16 Sep, 2022
      In my opinion, the 2022 Corsica/Sardinia tour was overly ambitious in design, which left me feeling rushed each day, and did not allow for any time to relax and enjoy what we were driving through. There were too many miles per day planned on winding & challenging coastal roads. As a result, there was very little time to stop and enjoy the scenery. Several of us arrived at our hotels late in the evening worn out. In addition, while curves are a motorcyclist’s nirvana, there is a point at which there can be too much of a good thing. Poor judgment can creep in after several hours of twisties in high temperatures. We experienced highs from 82-93 degree F temps (27-33 C). We traveled though some very scenic coastal towns and seascape, but because the main goal was to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible, we missed out on the beauty of the islands. This is not a tour designed for site-seeing; it is all about the curves, and how to traverse them quickly, despite the unexpected obstacles around some corners: rock/sand debris, a random cow or goat, locals and tourists driving in the opposite direction. While speed and corners dominated this tour, there were other elements that were very positive. The Mugello Ducati Riding Experience track day was well-done. Mugello is a beautiful track and the 1 instructor/ 4 student instruction was insightful for all levels. The hotels that were chosen were awesome; a few even stunning in location and history. The ferry rides were all memorable - even the 18 hour overnighter from Obia to Livorno. The planning for all this was impeccable and without issue…. no small deed! In summary, this tour, as it stands, is for adrenaline junkies. It is not for sightseeing - even at a moderate pace. If the tour can make the following changes, it would be 5 stars (for me): fewer daily miles, two nights on Corsica, allowance for riders to ride at their skill level and pace. At the very least, divide up into two riding groups.
      By Chris S for Italian Dream Islands Edition on 16 Sep, 2022
      You are totally correct Chris. This was the first running of this tour and I've talked with Enrico a lot about the route. It's too much. Also if I had been on the tour rather than getting Covid (Ick), I would have broken the group up into two and had the more leisurely paced riders go in one group and the sport touring guys go in another. Franco was stuck trying the run a tour his own for the first time and was hesitant to make such decisions. The route has been redesigned to feature just Corsica and allow for a wider variance in speed and free time.
      By Leod Escapes on 16 Sep, 2022
      A great trip that was incredibly well-organized and curated. Perfect roads, delicious food, reliable bike, and great hotels. What more do you need?
      By Krista C for Dolomites Training Trip for Motorcycles & Misfits on 19 Aug, 2022
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