2024 Dolomites Training Trip for Motorcycles & Misfits

      Canazei TN, Italy

      Leod Escapes
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      23 reviews
      Jun 23 - 29, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 20
      2024 Dolomites Training Trip for Motorcycles & Misfits
      Canazei TN, Italy

      Leod Escapes
      • Email address verified
      23 reviews

      Jun 23 - 29, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 20

      About this trip


      A week long trip to the Italian Alps to show you how to create your own EU riding adventures. If you want to explore the EU by motorcycle on your own but are a little nervous about how to go about it then this tour is for you. You'll learn about routing, rentals, what to pack, where to stay, how to eat, cultural barriers, cameras, traffic norms, and of course how to get by when you don't speak the language. You should be an intermediate to advanced skilled rider and who views obstacles as a chance for adventure. This event is created and run by 10 year tour operator veteran. Cat will step out of his role as a guide to be your teacher and engage you in some hands one real world training. Miss Emma from Motorcycles & Misfits podcast will join us and give you some valuable motorcycle mechanic tips as well. If you want to see the world on two wheels this is your first step. 


      A sense of adventure and willingness to learn.

      A Passport and Valid motorcycle license

      Be 25 years of age or older

      Have at least 2 years riding experience and have ridden at least 2000 miles/3220km last year

      Complete the assigned Homework and show proof of completion of online CHAMPU School

      What’s included

      • 6 Nights 3 Star Hotels
        These hotels are all about clean comfort in the right location.
      • Breakfast Everyday
        Hotels in EU do included breakfast well and you should take advantage of it.
      • Use of Radio Com Unit
        Leod Escapes wil provide you with a Chatterbox X2 Slim Radio. Our preferred method of group rider communication.
      • YCRS ChampU Course
        This online course by Yamaha Champions Riding School is part of your tour. It normally costs $50. You Must show proof of completion to go.
      • Road Book
        Spiral Tank Bag sized guide with routes and way points for some great day rides. Learn how to make your own.
      • Base Model Bike
        The pricing starts with the base model bike of the BMW 750GS, BMW F800GT or BMW F900R. Other models available for an upgrade charge. Currently there is 1 750GS, and 2 800GT left.

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
        Leod Escapes can pass on their tips and principles for getting good deals on flights.
      • Lunch
        You'll learn to eat like a local not like a tourist
      • Dinner
        Pull out the phone and translate the menu and order what you want. It's a low cost adventure.
      • Fuel
        Partner up with a fuel buddy and learn the ins and outs of automated gas machines in the EU
      • Airport Transfers
        Learn how to use cabs and subways like a local to save money.

      Available Packages

      Single Rider Shared Room
      Deposit: $750
      Single Rider Own Room
      Deposit: $840
      Couple Riding One Bike One Room
      Deposit: $990

      Available options

      BMW F900XR
      Sold Out
      BMW F900GS
      only 1 left
      BMW R1250GS and R1250GS-L
      only 3 left
      BMW S1000XR & S1000XR-L
      Sold Out
      BMW R1250R
      Sold Out
      BMW R1300GS & R1300GS-L
      only 3 left

      BMW R1300GS regular or lowered chassis

      BMW R1250RS Switch
      Sold Out

      Cancellation of prior bike and add on of BMW R1250RS


      Day 1
      Welcome to Munich

      Munich Airport is organized and efficient with lots of local services. Take a 45min train ride to your hotel or partner with another fellow rider and take a cab. This is the capital of the wealthy region of Bavaria, home to BMW, great beer and a fiercely good football team (soccer). If you have the time we encourage you to arrive a day or two early to walk/eat/drink off that jet lag before you ride. Your hotel is near all things motorcycle with plenty of gear shops. There's grocery, pharmacy and some restaurants nearby our hotel but most importantly it's next to a subway station so getting around Munich will be easy and cheap. In the afternoon attend the riders briefing and get your helmet com unit installed. Tonight join your teacher Cat MacLeod for a Döner or walk down to the local Beer Garden.

      Your Organizer

      Leod Escapes
      23 reviews
      Leod Escapes specializes in International tours with “Track Time”. That means sport touring the best curvy roads for week and riding a proper sport bike on a famous race course. Leod Escapes pioneered the concept of “Track & Tour” and each year we seek to add a new destination to keeps things fresh and exciting. Since we are located in the best place for motorcycle sport touring the USA we also do GPS self guided and custom tours in Northern California.


      For a rider like me, this was the trip of a lifetime. I am a 35+ year motorcycle rider, but have never ridden Europe before. In fact, I had never been outside the English-speaking world prior to this trip. This tour is the perfect introduction to international motorcycling. We traveled primarily in Germany and northern Italy and I was able to get by with English without any trouble, but picked up just enough German and Italian to feel a little more at home. While the point of this tour is to learn how to do it on your own, the tour guides are quick to help with anything you might need. The BMW motorcycles are excellent and extremely well maintained. The riding can be challenging, but is quite manageable for a rider with a few years experience, and an interest in improving their skills. Riding with folks with a similar mindset, I made some friendships that I will last for many years. I found the whole package to be excellent value for the money. If you are considering trying international moto-touring I can think of no better way to start.
      By Kenneth B for 2023 Dolomites Training Trip for Motorcycles & Misfits on Jul 28, 2023
      What a wild ride! This was a fantastic trip. Motorcycles really are the best way to see the world. This is a very sporting tour, possibly not for the interstate rider. I am certainly a better rider now and I thoroughly enjoyed the back country riding that we were guided through. Although this was the first run of Castles and Curves our guides were flexible and were able to overcome the problems faced (invisible flying cucumbers one might say). This was a genuine adventure and I loved it all!
      By Dustin Z for 2023 Castles & Curves Training Tour on Jul 26, 2023
      This trip was exceptional value for the money. This was my first international motorcycling trip and I can't think of a better introduction to motorcycle travel; I feel I now know enough to do this myself someday. The accommodations were great, especially the hotel in Italy. The routes were appropriately challenging for my skill level and I know I'm a better rider as a result. The bikes were well-maintained and the process of picking up and returning them was seamless. My ideal vacation. I highly recommend!
      By Jeffrey K for 2023 Dolomites Training Trip for Motorcycles & Misfits on Jul 19, 2023
      Leod escapes provided a wonderful dolomite training tour from providing invaluable travel trips to the motorcycle rentals, - exciting routes to explore, and comfortable accommodations, exposure to great local food and sights. They gave us the training to be able to come back on our own but we would love to do another tour with them.
      By Lynn B for 2023 Dolomites Training Trip for Motorcycles & Misfits on Jul 18, 2023
      Amazing trip. great roads great guides and support crew were more than exceptional. we enjoyed all top notch accomodations. Cat and Nancy well planned every detail. The scenery was fantastic and the other participants and us quickly became friends. A lifetime experience. Tony and Kim Gioia
      By Tony G for 2023 Munich to Mugello on Jul 17, 2023
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