29 Day All Inclusive Residential 200h Yoga Teacher Training, Portugal

Aljezur, Portugal

Gary Collins
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Nov 6 - Dec 4, 2017
Group size: 16-20
29 Day All Inclusive Residential 200h Yoga Teacher Training, Portugal
Aljezur, Portugal

Gary Collins
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Nov 6 - Dec 4, 2017
Group size: 16-20

About this trip

A perfect opportunity to advance your yoga journey with a month of intensive yoga practice and studies, to become a fully certified Free-Style Yoga Teacher.

Students learn, study, practice, sleep and dream yoga during these 29 intensive days, with a 17 module manual presenting detailed subjects on; History/Philosophy of Yoga, Asanas, Prayanama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Kriyas, Bandhas, Teaching methods and practices, Special care Yoga for illness/injuries and Yoga business. 


The course is fully inclusive offering; clean and comfortable accommodation, all meals including drinks and snacks, use of resort facilities and weekly course activities. Focusing on students teaching a 1h 30m Yoga classes to a wide audience of Yogis with a combination of; Asanas, relaxation, meditation, pranayama and bandhas.

Students become lifelong members of Free-Style Yoga Alliance and are awarded a professional, certified certificate of "Free-Style Yoga Teacher, Siromani" 200h on completion of continued assessments, practical and written examination.  Want to challenge yourself, mentally and physically reaping the benefits of a month's intensive practice with fellow yogis, then contact us for further information.

Free-Style Yoga Alliance

Free-Style Yoga Alliance teacher training offers the possibility for students to become certified yoga teachers to advance on a professional and/or personal level. We provide fully instructed 200-hour teacher training sharing over 30 years of yoga experience and knowledge as fellow yogis and teacher trainers.

Our Teacher Training course is unique and stands out from the standard training courses, we give the opportunity to students to start teaching from the first week, until they leave as Yoga Teachers, thus building up real confidence, creating a stronger personality throughout the course. 


Students invest both financially and emotionally in a teacher training course normally making this once in a lifetime course takes a lot of courage, therefore every yogi should carry out deep research into at least 5 different programs including what type of training they want and what's offered, i.e. “all inclusive” package, activities, voluntary/paid work after.

Students may also have a deep, emotional and life changing experiences, mainly due to the intensity of the course, the environment and from other students. We value every student that invests in our course and in return we promise an unforgettable experience and journey. Our courses provide an “all-inclusive” package that covers all students needs; food, accommodation, course manual, t-shirts, day-off activities (free), with no additional hidden costs.  



  • Daily morning and evening Free-Style yoga classes.
  • Daily Meditation sessions with Kapalabhati Pranayama.
  • Daily Pranayama techniques theory and practice.
  • Yoga Philosophy interactive lectures.
  • Yoga Lifestyle lectures.
  • Teaching methodology lectures and workshops.
  • Anatomy lectures and workshops including Alignment.
  • Surya Namaskar practice with various styles incorporated.
  • Hatha, Vinyasa, Karanas, Power, Restorative yoga styles. 
  • Yoga theory and practice for illnesses, conditions, and injuries.
  • Kriyas theory and practice.
  • Bandhas theory and practice.
  • Yoga Nidra lectures and practice.
  • Student practice in pairs and groups from week 1.
  • Graduation Ceremony with Sanskrit name giving and course recap.
  • 28 days, 29 nights accommodation with 1 day off a week.
  • All inclusive meals, snacks, tea, coffee.
  • Free activities during course days off (1 day a week).
  • Professional teacher training manual in colour and t-shirts.
  • International and globally recognised certification CYT200h, Siromani.
  • Business networking, social media and marketing advice for life.
  • What now! How to plan your future, your next step.
  • Free lifetime Membership to Free-Style Yoga Alliance.


Our courses follow global yoga standards with the benefit of offering internationally recognised training courses from a range of organisations that are also authorities on Yoga including the Indian rooted organisations, Global Yoga Alliances, International Yoga Federations and Yoga organisations that promote the freedom of Yoga practice at its roots. With a common goal of uniting and sharing our passion for Yoga with yogis from every corner of the world with the aim of making Yoga Certificates recognisable at a global level.

  • Training & Practice Methods.
    • 100 hours.
  • Teaching Methodology.
    • 30 hours.
  • Anatomy & Physiology.
    • 20 hours.
  • Yoga Philosophy & Ethics.
    • 30 hours.
  • Practicum. 
    • 15 hours.
  • Yoga Business, Social Media & Marketing.
    • 5 hours.

Total minimum contact hours with instructors: 190 hours (over 95% of the course is instructor lead).

Total Course Hours: 200 hours (not including homework). 


The course manual consists of 17 modules, with an easy to follow structure giving detailed content and instructions. Each module comes with homework, which has to be completed on a weekly basis and given to the trainers. The homework will be accumulated during the course and given back during the final week to help with exam preparation.   

  • Module 1 - Yoga History & Philosophy
  • Module 2 - Yoga comes to the West
  • Module 3 - Free-Style Yoga Method
  • Module 4 - Difference between Yoga and physical exercise
  • Module 5 - Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)
  • Module 6 - Introduction to Asanas
  • Module 7 - Karanas, Vinyasa Yoga Flow
  • Module 8 - Anatomy & Philosophy
  • Module 9 - Anatomical Planes of the Body
  • Module 10 - Meditation
  • Module 11 - Relaxation
  • Module 12 - Pranayama, Kriyas and Bandhas
  • Module 13 - Nadis & Chakras
  • Module 14 - Yoga for Children
  • Module 15 - Yoga for Pensioners
  • Module 16 - I am a qualified Yoga teacher, what now?
  • Module 17 - Professional Development & Business

Mandatory Books:

  • The Yoga Bible, by Cristina Brown.
  • Anatomy of Yoga, Leslie Kaminoff.


Typical daily schedule for the duration of the course


06:00   Wake up, Prepare for Meditation

06:15 - 07:00  Sunrise Meditation session with Kapalabhati

07:00 - 08:30    Group practice, Free-Style Yoga class

08:30 - 10:00    Breakfast with fruits and cereals

10:00 - 12:00    Lectures & Workshops - Theory, Philosophy

12:00 - 13:00    Lectures & Workshops - Anatomy of Yoga

13:00 - 14:30  Lunch

14:30 - 16:30  Lectures & Workshops - Teaching Methodology & Practicum

16:30 - 18:00  Group practice, Free-Style Yoga class / Meditation

18:00   Supper and freetime

20:00   Occasional evening classes, lectures and discussions 


We have a social responsibility to provide extra curriculum activities (voluntary participation) during days off, with the aim of providing rest and recuperation (R&R) for students. Switching off one day a week is very important to let the mind and body recover from an intensive week of studies, practices, and early morning starts.

Activities include:

  • Snorkeling.
  • Nature Trails and Bird Watching.
  • Kayaking.
  • Surfing.
  • Trekking.
  • Painting, Singing and Writing Courses.
  • And….relax by the beach or swimming pool.

A diverse arrangement of activities will be provided depending on student likes/dislikes, we will try our best to cater for the majority of students. Village cultural visits will be part of the program to promote cultural awareness and a glimpse of daily lives of the indigenous people. 


Menu options: Our restaurant prepares a mixture of home made delicious vegan and vegetarian meal options including fresh fruits, bread, snacks, deserts, and drinks. Food is served buffet style.

Flexible and helpful : Special meal requests are welcome for people with food allergies and/or conditions.

Communal eating: Eating together promotes healthy socializing and sharing a passion in a commune like Yoga.

Food diversity: We also prepare Portuguese food which is globally renowned for its rich flavors and bold ingredients.  Our chef also prepares a variety of international foods.


The Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region known for its Mediterranean golden beaches, crystal green waters, sandy coves with endless dramatic coastal  scenery with cliffs and abundant fauna and wildlife.

Monte Velho holds a special place at the far western edge of the Algarve close to the village of Carrapateira, a holistic eco-retreat center specializing in offering an empowering experience of connecting back to our roots and discovering our true nature.


Monte Velho is a family run self sustaining eco retreat center with a strong passion to reconnect with nature. Generating much of its own energy through solar and wind energy solutions including a boiler fueled by wood from its own sustainable forest. 

Monte Velho is dedicated to hosting Eco, Holistic type retreats to promote healthy living and the education of sustainable living. With purpose built temples to host reconnecting, rejuvenating and relaxing retreats.  https://www.montevelhoecoretreats.com/


Group Size

Maximum group size is 20 students

Students will be paired during the course to maximise student practice.

Course Information

This is an intensive 28 day Yoga Teacher Training Course, starting at 6am and finishing at 6pm, 6 days a week.  Students will at times feel; tired, sore, overwhelmed with information and may experience ups and downs.

We understand these changes as we had the same experiences, so please feel confident that we will do our best to support everyone going through these experiences.

Course Admission Requirements

Admission requirements give us control of who comes to study one of our courses, therefore we maintain a minimum application requirement of at least 6 months of Yoga study and practice before attending our courses.

This gives students the basic knowledge of Yoga and its practice, including; meditation, pranayama, asanas and the general structure.  Students will also be required to familiarise themselves with the Mandatory course books; The Yoga Bible and Anatomy of Yoga. You do not need to be a dedicated yogi, or follow a yogic lifestyle to join a course, all you need is a deep passion for yoga that inspires you to book a TTC program.   


Course Exam

Students will have to pass a standard written examination before receiving any formal certification for the course, at present we have a 100% pass rate.  The course does not come with an automatic pass, the manual has been structured to ensure students receive the maximum key knowledge for taking the examination.  However, if a student needs a re-exam then this will be done on the same day with teacher guidance.  

Students will receive continuous assessments throughout the course and the instructors will be available for counseling sessions at the student's request.

When can I arrive/Course start

Check In

From 2pm the day BEFORE the course starts, to maximise travel time and preparation for the course for the following morning. Course starts at 6am the following morning.

Check Out

Before 11am the day the course finishes, baggage can be stored if checking out later.

If students require additional nights accommodation please advise. 



Students should also have a good overall level of fitness to attend the course, it is normal to seek medical advice before attending any course to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared.

If taking medications, please ensure you bring sufficient medications for your stay. 

What to Bring

We have listed some items below that are recommended to maximise your stay with us,these are:

  • Bring sufficient clothing appropriate for the climate, including sandals, sneakers (trainers), trekking shoes, bikini/trunks, including waterproof bags for electronic equipment, warm clothing for autumn.
  • Yoga Mat also including light blanket or shawl.
  • Camera (Hero or similar), selfie stick, with enough memory space and batteries.
  • Sun Glasses, Sun Hat.
  • Plug Adaptors.
  • Funds for local expenditure.
  • Tons of motivation, inspiration and passion to share with fellow yogis.

Local Expenses

The course is fully inclusive and includes all meals, snacks and beverages (non alcoholic) during the course. Students should also bring enough funds if they want to continue with onward travel plans and we will be more than happy to help any yogi with personal advice and inspiration. 

 Visa Information

It is important to check and confirm you have a valid visa to enter the country. If you are an EU citizen then you will will not need a visa, non EU citizens should check the immigration websites for advice in their respective countries. 

Airport Transfers

If you require an airport pickup, please contact our office providing flight arrival details so we can coordinate with our transport to pick you up at extra cost.

Local Transport

The best advice is to share local transport options with other students to share costs and to start socialising and bonding with the people you're going to spend a month with. 


On completing the course, many teachers return home, however some stay and explore the regions taking in a well deserved vacation after a long and intensive course.  There are also various teaching opportunities around the world for yogis that have no commitments at home and are free to explore the nomadic yogic life.  We will do our best to help you achieve work placements, volunteer, or paid around the world. 

More Information

If you require further information, peace of mind, then contact us directly and we will answer any questions, doubts, queries you may have.


Does the Course have Value?

We believe the course offers the best value for money that invests in the student becoming a fully certified and professional teacher. A majority of the course fees goes to quality accommodation, nutritional food, chill out zones, day off activities and the general well being of every student.  

Why 28 Days Course Duration?

28 days is optimum to allow students to learn, absorb, practice and teach and also enjoy a day off once a week to rest, recuperate and reflect.


Is the Course Certification is credible?

Our courses follow global guidelines with a standard course syllabus of 200 hours. 

Students receive and internationally recognised and professional certificate of completion.


Who are the Course Instructors?

Raquel & Gary are seasoned and well travelled yogis sharing their combined passion for yoga with years of experience both as students and teachers. 

 Can I teach After the Course?

The course is structured to ensure students can teach directly after, however students will still feel the nerves as this is quite normal.


Is there support after the Course?

Of course, each student will receive lifetime membership of Free-Style Yoga Alliance, including social media support; FB community groups, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.


 No doubt after reading through this course brochure you may still have questions, feel free to ask us or the resort any questions you may feel need answering, we are fully transparent, friendly and welcome anyone to ask anything.

Students should carry out their due diligence and ensure they are adequately prepared for an intensive yoga teacher training course, including financially, physically and mentally. 

Are you ready to show your passion for yoga, sharing this with fellow yogis from around the world with an open mind, open heart and ready to become a professional, certified Yoga Teacher.

If you feel you are ready to make the journey of a lifetime then submit your request for course booking and we review your application and respond within 24 hours with a personal touch directly from the instructors, Gary and Raquel.  

What’s included

  • 28 Nights Accommodation
    Clean, comfortable and spacious rooms
  • All Inclusive Meals
    All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), based on vegan/vegetarian meals
  • Drinks & Snacks
    Tea, Coffee, healthy drinks and snacks for the duration of the course
  • Excursions
    Day off trips and tours around the area including; beach, walks, surf,
  • Retreat Facilities
    Full use of all retreat facilities; chillout areas, library, lakes and communal areas
  • Membership
    Lifetime membership to Free-Style Yoga Alliance
  • Continuous Development
  • TTC Manual
    Fully detailed in colour manual with updates (when released) for life.
  • Exams
    Continuous assessment and final exam
  • Travel Arrangements
    International and local travel at own expense
  • Insurance
    Medical and travel insurance is always recommended
  • Yoga Mat
    Bring your own for hygiene reasons).

Available Packages

Shared Quad Room
Available until Oct 1620 left
Single Private Room

Themed rooms with private bathroom and terrace and hammocks to relax 

Available until Oct 165 left

Shared Quad Room

Your Organizer

Gary Collins
Gary is an active Yogi with a passion for spreading yoga at its roots around the world. He started yoga practice to help rehabilitate an injury whilst in the Military and now uses his experiences to help other veterans overcome theirs through yoga practice. Co-Founder of Free-Style Yoga Alliance, an organisation created to promote the free practice of yoga without boundaries or limitations. Helping, assisting yoga communities around the world develop their yoga services free of charge, through karma yoga.