3-Day Dirtbike Camp

      Thunder Valley Park

      Enduro Ranch
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      4 reviews
      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 3 - 12
      3-Day Dirtbike Camp
      Thunder Valley Park

      Enduro Ranch
      • Email address verified
      4 reviews

      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 3 - 12

      About this trip

      3-Day Dirtbiking Camp is hands-on riding and training designed for kids and adults who want to improve their skills and get to know new terrain.  

      Perfect for newcomers to Colorado, beginners or kids who need a way to get out and ride with a group.

      • 6 Riders per guide maximum.
      • Beginner and Intermediate terrain (depending upon group skill level)

      New bike owners, new clutch users, street to dirt crossovers, “rode as a kid” and first time riders dirtbikers with a goal of gaining control, managing the bike safely and establishing proper dirtbiking techniques are welcome in this basics intensive with a heap of national forest riding. 


      Beginning fundamentals, the 3-Day dirt bike course we establish a baseline skill set, using the right sized equipment and proper beginning technique. 

      • Keeping your fingers on the levers;
      • Hand and foot position
      • Standing to ride
      • Power supply, delivery and collection
      • Effective shifting
      • Controlled braking 

      Starting off right means also knowing how to stop. Riders focus on getting control of their machines so they can safely operate the bike on off-road terrain. These skills are introduced and reinforced consistently to help new riders quickly develop positive riding habits that will last a lifetime.


      Day 1 will be at the location listed as per each date. For days 2 & 3 we aim to get into the National Forest at one of our 3 premier locations, Rampart Range, Rainbow Falls or Westcreek. On-trail locations are based on skill level of the riders. And, on occasion, if weather or skills necessitate, we'll stay at the initial venue for Day 2. 

      When we head to the hills, drop off is at Sedalia Bakery



      Bikes for Riders 5'7" and under are included in this 1-Day introductory course. Taller than 5'7"? Rent an adult dirtbike for the course. It's that easy.

      Standard Bikes - Trail bikes from Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha

      Premium Bikes - KTM, Husqvarna, Sherco and Beta

      Premium Bikes come with an additional charge of $225/day and are not recommended for first time riders.


      Having the opportunity to ride different bikes in our programs allows you to get comfortable for what really fits you, you're size, aptitude, skill level and even your wallet. Getting some guidance and being able to ride different bikes will help you navigate different bikes and equipment to an ideal setup. 

      This is a huge win as the average newcomer usually go through 2-3 bikes before finding the right fit. Sometimes you get better quickly and switch, and other times you figure out that "a total dirtbiker" gave you some sensational advice.  It's so easy to overspend on stuff you'll never need or that can even make it harder to just enjoy learning to ride.


      Of course you can ride your own. Then we don't even have to haul one for ya! 😉 That means a discount for you on class as well. Use discount code MYBIKE to get $50 off the total price

      More importantly, we can help you dial in your setup to ensure your getting the most from your ride. A few tweaks to help body positioning or improve how it operates will allow you to be a more effective rider.


      If it turns out you're ready to make this your next big thing, we highly recommend following up with the LEVEL UP comprehensive "year 1" training course.


      Enduro Ranch Guided Training is a combination of skill specific drills and applying techniques on trails. With Enduro Ranch you're encouraged to always be improving. The more you learn, the more fun the trail becomes. 

      Have more fun riding new places better, with Enduro Ranch. 

      What’s included

      • Dirtbike Rental
        Standard Rental for kids 5'6" and under
      • Helmets
      • Boots
      • Gloves
      • Elbow Pads
      • Knee Pads
      • Goggles
      • Travel to Ride Day
        As available from Sedalia Bakery in Sedalia, CO

      What’s not included

      • Facility Gate Fee
        $20-$25 Cash or Venmo at Thunder Valley, RAM Off-Road, IMI, or Jewel MX

      Available Packages

      3-Day Dirtbike Camp

      A full day of training and riding with a focus on core dirtbike skills including body position, clutch, turning, braking and overall bike control. 

      Kids bikes are included in this price. Riders 5'7" and taller must add on an Adult Bike.

      Have your own bike? Use Coupon Code MYBIKE for a $50 discount.


      Available options

      Standard Adult Rental

      Riders 5'7" and up will need an adult bike. Bikes include Kawasaki, Honda or Yamaha. Low daily price of $150/day

      Premium Dirtbike Rental
      only 3 left

      Upgrade to a KTM, Husqvarna or Sherco enduro bike during your First Timers class.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FIRST TIME RIDERS.


      Day 1
      Training Day

      Core skills training for beginners and intermediate riders

      10am - 3 pm 

      Your Organizer

      Enduro Ranch
      4 reviews
      Dirtbike Training and Trips for trails, trials, hard enduro and ADV riders.


      Awesome experience!! Brett is an excellent teacher. If you want to gain confidence and get faster on your moto this is the place to do it. I felt the private instruction was an incredible value for the what I learned. I’m stoked to get out again with the Enduro Ranch crew. -Cory
      By Cory P for Private Instruction & Training on Jun 13, 2024
      My son and I had a great time! Wonderful group of people. We learned a lot and had fun. We plan to sign up for my classes with them!
      By Christine S for First Timers on Jun 03, 2024
      Awesome class. Im 47 and my son is 14. Perfect class for first timers. We started out staring at machines with a confused look in our eyes and finished the day doing trails and jumps - small ones. Brett and his team know exactly what they’re doing and provide clear instruction with positive feedback. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and his team to anyone.
      By Thomas D for First Timers on May 27, 2024
      Amazing experience. Brett is awesome and very patient! Highly recommended...
      By Matthew B for Private Instruction & Training on Apr 15, 2024