300 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Bend, OR, USA

Autumn Adams
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11 reviews
Aug 1 - 28, 2020
Group size: 1 - 16
300 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Bend, OR, USA

Autumn Adams
  • Email address verified
11 reviews

Aug 1 - 28, 2020
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip

Welcome to Ambuja Yoga! Here you’ll find all the details about our upcoming 300-hour yoga teacher training in Bend, Oregon. My hope is that after taking a moment to explore this page you’ll know if this training is right for you.

With this offering, my desire has been to design an authentic, inspired 300-hour yoga teacher training program. A program that I would want to take. A program that blends the wisdom found in Indian mythology and the ancient yogic texts with modern science, intelligent sequencing, advanced yoga practices, and the business savvy to have a successful yoga career.

The Bend, Oregon 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will be held August 1-28, 2020 at Wild Thing Yoga with housing available at the newly built OSU Cascades Campus.

300 Hour YTT without accommodation:

  • $3000 USD only until April 30th
  • $3750 USD

300 Hour YTT with accommodation:

  • Rates coming soon.


Our 300-hour yoga teacher training focuses on the following topics.

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga as an idea and a practice has had many evolutions. In this training, you will deepen your understanding of classical yoga as taught in the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras and the Tantric yoga teachings that have influenced modern Hatha Yoga. A deepened understanding of yoga philosophy will help you expertly weave the ancient teachings of yoga into your yoga classes with ease and clarity. You will be able to teach the yogic concepts in a way that your students will find accessible and easy to understand.

Subtle Body Anatomy

The subtle body is one of my favorite topics. In this advanced yoga teacher training you will study the subtleties of the energetic body from the vayus and koshas to the chakras, nadis, prana, and kundalini. You’ll learn asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation and other methods to balance, refine and attune these energies.

Anatomy and Physiology

A deep exploration of human anatomy and physiology is a hallmark of this course content. Practical and applied anatomy, physiology and biomechanics will provide the knowledge, wisdom and mastery to address the varied needs of your students. A deepened understanding of the muscular, skeletal, and nervous system will inform how you create your sequences, cue your asanas and choose your pranayama techniques.

Build Your Teacher Toolkit: Mythology, Shakti (Divine Feminine), and Inspiration From The Natural World

Learn Hinduism’s most powerful mythological tales. These ancient stories of gods and goddesses can be used as tools of empowerment and transformation when interwoven into your yoga offerings. Discover the mythology and meaning behind the asanas and mudras of the yoga practice.

You will also learn to draw inspiration from nature, seasons, elements, and moon cycles.

Vinyasa Krama: The Art of Sequencing

Learn to create masterful, intelligent yoga sequences that develop strength, joint stability and appropriate flexibility, while supporting your class theme and the energetic experience you wish to create. You will learn advanced sequencing, transitions, and creative modifications to ensure that each class you teach is mindful, powerful, fun, and transformative.

Restorative Practices for Health and Wellbeing

Discover the healing practices of restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and myofascial release. These practices help tone the nervous system, reduce stress, relieve tension, and promote a sense of calm and peace. You will learn how to incorporate these healing practices into your yoga offerings.

Ayurveda and Self-Care

Throughout the training we will use Ayurvedic principles to expand our capacity for self-care and healing. You will go beyond learning about just the doshas. We will explore dinacharya, five element theory, diet and lifestyle.

Aligning with Dharma and Creating a Conscious Yoga Career

Learn the business skills to move from “broke yoga teacher” to successful “yogi-preneur.” Throughout the course, you will learn the skills necessary to succeed as a yoga teacher, from time management, mindset, and pay negotiation to workshop/retreat development and marketing in the digital age. You will have the opportunity to create a high-value workshop and receive feedback and idea development from our experienced teaching team.

Techniques, Training, and Practice

In this course, you will develop and refine your ability to teach a wide range of yoga postures while broadening your knowledge and skillset to include advanced pranayama, meditation, kriya, bandha, mantra, and mudra.

Refine Your Skills: Methodology and Practicum

Theory is great, but action is when ideas are integrated and assimilated. You will have plenty of opportunities to put your knowledge into practice. There will be time to practice and refine your teaching skills with feedback from peers and teaching staff, class observation and assisting opportunities.

  • Observation:
    • Develop your skills of observation to develop a keen eye for opportunities to support a student’s practice by offering a prop or modification.
  • Language/Voice/Cues
    • Choose your language to complement and develop your theme
    • Effective and efficient cues
  • Creating sacred space, holding the container, ritual

Boundaries, Ethics, and Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

Exploration of what it means and how to behave ethically and respectfully as yoga teacher in modern society.

** Please note that this training is not appropriate for beginners.**

About Your Trainers and Facilitators

Autumn Adams, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Autumn founded Ambuja Yoga to cultivate intention, courage, and grace in her students by sharing her love of yoga, travel, and adventure. She empowers her students with a feeling of purpose and the ability to manifest their intentions into all aspects of their lives.

Autumn encourages her students to be conscious creators: to have the courage to take risks (both big and small), to listen deeply to their body, to their gut, to their heart and the grace to “roll with the punches” on this messy path we call life. Learn more about Ambuja Yoga by reading this letter from Autumn, founder of Ambuja Yoga.

In 2014, Autumn completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Jeannie Laslo-Douglas of Yoga Indigo in Bend, Oregon. She furthered her studies with a 300-hour yoga teacher training with Everett Newell of Zuna Yoga at The Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia in 2015. The same year, she completed an 85-hour prenatal yoga course with Shana Celnicker-Chong of the Bhaktishop in Portland, Oregon. In 2018, she completed her Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in Thai Yoga Massage at the International Thai Massage Training School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Autumn is passionate about teaching yoga teachers how to teach authentically. She loves empowering and mentoring them along their journey as teachers and leaders in their community. She keeps her teachings real, approachable, and accessible. Autumn has led multiple yoga teacher trainings in Bend, Oregon, and Santa Barbara, California, and has led more than twenty yoga retreats in the U.S., Nicaragua, Bali, Greece, and Portugal.

Jen Wardyga, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Yoga Instructor

Jen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a passion for facilitating whole body healing using a mind-body approach.  In addition to treating patients, Jen teaches vinyasa and restorative yoga classes.  She also applies her knowledge of human anatomy and experience as a movement expert as a guest teacher in various yoga teacher trainings.

Jen fell in love with yoga while she was recovering from many sports-related injuries, seeking to find a balance between physical exertion, restoration, and emotional grounding.  Recognizing the transformative power of combining breath and movement, Jen chose to become a yoga teacher with the hope of helping others through the various seasons of life.  

What’s included

  • YTT Manual
  • YTT Workbook
  • Local Field Trips
  • Accommodation
    If you would like to be housed in our student housing please make sure to book the option with accommodation. Space is limited.
  • Travel
  • Meals

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Your Organizer

Autumn Adams
11 reviews
Welcome to Ambuja Yoga! I’m Autumn Adams, E-RYT YACEP, and I am the founder of Ambuja Yoga. I am thrilled that you’ve found us (and that you’re snooping around to learn more). Each and every day I am thankful for this community of awesome, powerful and compassionate yogis. I am grateful that you’re here and that you’re interested in investing in your wellbeing by attending a yoga retreat. I created Ambuja Yoga in 2014 as an outlet to share my passion for wellbeing and balanced living while actively creating a life that I LOVE. As Ambuja Yoga came into fruition and evolved into what it is today, I can honestly say that I have found my path, my life’s work, my dharma. I want the same for you. I want you to love the life you live. My hope is to empower YOU to be courageous (to take those leaps), to handle life’s challenges with grace, and uncover your life’s sankalpa (an intention that guides you in all aspects of your life). You are worth it! You are worthy of investment!


Thanks, Autumn, for making this event possible. It was a pleasure to 'e-meet' you, and the Nidra was excellent! I hope you do some more online synchronous events and look forward to seeing you at the women's retreat. Thanks, again.
By Candice K for Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra on 14 Jan, 2021
This was our second time at the back to nature Women's Yoga retreat. We had an amazing time. Autumn and Toni are wonderful people and instructors. The classes felt mellow and appropriate for any skill levels. Food was phenomenal, we will definitely come back! Lena & Sofia (and Linnea & Erika)
By Sofia B for 2020 Session 2: 7th Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat on 17 Aug, 2020
This trip was rejuvenating and relaxing. Beautiful space, wonderful food and people. Thank you!
By Kim L for Sixth Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat Session 2 on 02 Aug, 2019
Such a calming, restorative retreat in a tranquil wooded setting. As my first ever yoga retreat, I am really glad I took the time to do this - there was a great mix of yoga practices, wonderful food, kind and interesting women, beautiful nature in wonderfully comfortable accommodations, and great food!
By Valerie E for Sixth Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat Session 2 on 31 Jul, 2019
Absolutely amazing! I made friends, relaxed in a peaceful nature setting, connected with myself and my inner yogi and ate great too! Worth it and will definitely come back!
By Heather W for Sixth Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat: Session 1 on 30 Jul, 2019
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