300HR 29 Day Yoga Teacher Training - Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Thailand

1 review
Apr 16 - May 15, 2018
Group size: 10-25
300HR 29 Day Yoga Teacher Training - Phuket, Thailand
Phuket Thailand

1 review

Deposit: $500
Apr 16 - May 15, 2018
Group size: 10-25

About this trip

Transform and grow your teaching with our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. 

Upon successful completion of Sarva Rasa Yoga’s Level 1, 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training or an acceptable alternative, teacher trainees may apply for our Level 2, 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training. Upon completion of the Level 2 Certification, graduates will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 500 RYT. 

300 HR programs are offered twice per year and may be completed module style. Meaning you may complete half of the program, or a week of the program at a time and return to finish within the span of 3 years. Or you may choose to complete a month long immersion. 

The Level 2, 300 HR program expands and builds on the teachings of the 200 HR course. Modules are 10 days and may be attended in any order. For module style pricing email info@sarvarasayoga.com 

Mind (Module 1)

This module is focused on yogic philosophy, energetic systems of the body, myth and metaphor, examination of sacred texts, applying and integrating philosophy into your teaching. You will also learn tools for integrating yogic philosophy in a deeper way off of the mat and into your life. 

Movement (Module 2) 

In this module you will learn to effectively and safely teach intermediate to advanced asana. Advance your asana practice regardless of your current practice level with refined skills and drills. 

While respecting and honoring the foundations of yoga, in the 300 HR training we apply modern physical training techniques and the latest scientific movement research to our asana practice and teaching. We have learned so much about the body in the 100 years alone and this information is invaluable to any movement modality, including yoga asana. 

At the 300 HR level we build on the anatomy and physiology foundation established in the Level 1 Training and deepen your understanding of the kinesiology of asana, we introduce concepts such as myofascial lines and their role in movement and pathology. You will gain a deeper understanding of pathology and how to teach safely and efficaciously. 

You will also learn neuromuscular activation and adaptation strategies as they apply to yoga asana. 

Cultivation (Module 3)

In this module our focus is on teaching methodology and refining your voice, honing your teaching skills, and developing you as a teacher. In this module we will give you tools for personal and professional development. You will learn to refine your use of demonstration, the art of hands on adjustments, finding clarity in your voice and language, and being a dynamic and creative teacher. You will leave with an expanded tool kit for advancing your teaching. You will also learn the business of yoga and how to grow professionally and personally. 


All packages include a beautiful fresh breakfast. There is an optional package that includes on-site lunch. Dinners may be purchased on site at the restaurants. Food off-site is very affordable and participants have the option of renting a motorbike locally and leaving for dinner for a more affordable option. 

Cancellation Policy and Payments


Payment Schedule:
A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is due at time of registration. 
This deposit is non-refundable AND non-transferable NO EXCEPTIONS

Early Bird rate: 
Payment in full by February 16th, 2018.

Late registration rate: Add $200.00 to listed rates
Goes into effect for any registrations on or after February 17th, 2018. 

Final payment in full is due no later than March 16th (roughly 30 days prior to training start)

Late payment fee: 
Any payments made after March 16th, 2018 will be assessed an additional $300 fee.

Cancellation Policy:
The $500.00 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Cancellations on or before December 1st, 2017: 
You will forfeit your deposit of $500.00 plus a cancellation fee of $100.00. 
The remainder of your payment will be refunded to you *if payment larger than $500.00

Cancellations on or after December 2nd 2017: 
You will forfeit ALL money rendered.
This cancellation policy is strict and firm. We recommend that you purchase cancellation/travel insurance to protect your investment.

Welcome Letter and Packing List



Anwar and I are thrilled to have you join us in beautiful Phuket, Thailand. Bria Gillespie is our current intern. Cami Williams who recently graduated from our 200 Hour program in the United States will be present in Thailand to intern and mentor on your teacher training. Both are additional point people, and are here to assist and enhance your learning experience in any way they can.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself, Anwar at info@sarvarasayoga.com 

Travel in Thailand

-You should arrive at the Phuket airport on or before April 16th and depart on or after May 17th 2018.

-Purchase Travel Insurance 

-When you arrive at the airport you will go through customs. On your immigration forms select “tourism” as the reason for your visit and list CC’s Hideaway as your destination. 

-They will give you a departure card. You need this 

document to leave the country so put it in a safe place. 

-We recommend you keep a copy of your passport and 

leave a copy of your passport with someone at home. 

-You will want to acquire a SIM card at the airport if your phone is unlocked. You can buy them after you go through immigration. There are several booths to choose from. They’re very obvious. They sell tourist SIM cards for one month with different amounts of data. I highly recommend purchasing a SIM card so that you’re able to communicate and have access to google maps. 

-You will need to have exchanged money or taken Thai Bhat out of the ATM. Check the exchange rates before you arrive for your particular currency. 

-Once you leave the building you will walk outside and find many, many taxis to choose from. They will all charge the same rate which will be between 800 and 1,000 TBH. In US Dollars this is about $24.00

-I recommend you use the wifi in the airport or your SIM

card to look up in google maps the address of CC’s Hideaway so you can show your taxi driver. Many do not speak English, but if you show them, they’ll get you there safe and sound, with no problems. 

-Training will begin in the evening with a welcome dinner and introduction to the course

-The training schedule will be discussed in detail after the welcome dinner

Please Bring

-Pens or pencils (past student have recommended a set of colored pens or highlighters to annotate / organize notes)

-A notebook for note taking

- A journal *this is a separate notebook than your note-taking book*


-Pack lightly as you won't require much

-5 or 6 pairs of yoga attire

-Rain jacket

-Flip flops *in many locations it’s required you take your shoes off and flip flops make that process easier

-Bathing Suit

-Comfortable loose clothing, IT IS HOT

-a yoga mat 

-Bug Repellent 

-There are laundry services you can pay for or you may choose to wash your laundry in the sink

Other information:

-If you're not currently practicing yoga, we highly recommend you begin practicing at least three times a week to prepare physically and mentally for the training. 

We're so thrilled you'll be joining us!

If you have any questions regarding your arrival in Thailand please email us at info@sarvarasayoga.com 

In Yoga,

Anwar and Selena

What’s included

  • Teacher Training Manual
    Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Breakfast
    Breakfast is included in all packages *lunch is optional add ons package. Dinner is not included
  • Accommodations
    Beautiful accommodations at the exclusive Mangosteen Resort
  • Ayurvedic Consultation
    All participants will receive an Ayurvedic health consultation from an Ayurvedic doctor on-site with the option of adding treatments and/or special Ayurvedic diet for the remainder of their stay.
  • Tuition
    Full Tuition included in costs
  • 25% of Spa Services
  • Motorbike Rental
    Students may wish to rent a scooter for more freedom after training days. Bikes can be rented very reasonably in Phuket
  • Transportation
    Transportation to and from the airport is not included. There are detailed instructions regarding taxis in the welcome letter.
  • Optional Meals
    See the above section on meals
  • Required Texts
    There are some required texts that must be purchased outside of the included manual.
  • Off-Site Activities
    Phuket is a beautiful area and students may wish to book tours to islands and other excursions.

Available Packages

Room Type A


For more information and photos click here

Available until Mar 16th11 left
Deposit: $500
Room Type B
Available until Mar 16th10 left
Deposit: $750
Room Type C
Available until Mar 16th10 left
Deposit: $750

Balance due CC's Hideaway 300 hour. Paid to Bookretreats.com $574.00 total cost of training $4,300.00. Paid $1604.00 Balance due is $2,122.00


Available options

Lunch Included
Deposit: $500

Room Type A
Past Trip

Your Organizer

Sarva Rasa Yoga Selena ERYT, Anwar ERYT
1 review
SELENA GAREFINO E-RYT, MPH, PHD CANDIDATE Selena Garefino is the co-founder of Sarva Rasa Yoga. She began practicing yoga when she was 13 years old. Yoga has been and continues to be for Selena, a vehicle for learning to shift from habitual emotional and behavior tendencies towards serving highest possibility. Selena completed her first vinyasa training with Core Power Yoga. She went on to study with Sarah Powers, Melina Meza, Anne Phyfe, Nicolai Bachman, Elena Brower, and Noah Mazé. She has studied Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pre-natal and Postpartum Yoga, Vinyasa, and Hatha Yoga. Selena is dedicated to teaching movement through artful alignment to support her students on and off of their mats. Her classes offer yoga and meditation as a mechanism to shift the way we offer ourselves in all aspects of our lives and as a tool for granting profound healing in our bodies, our hearts, and ultimately our relationships. ANWAR GILBERT E-RYT, BSC NUTRITION, EXERCISE, AND


The training with Sarva Rasa Yoga surpassed all expectation i had... the teachers are amazing! I would recommend anyone looking to develop a base for teaching or to develop their own practice further to look at Sarva Rasa and they will not disappoint. The training was intensive, but the learning and development will last a lifetime!


Selena is an energetic, knowledgeable and passionate teacher of yoga. She has an exceptional teaching style that is inclusive, patient, captivating and extremely well organized. Her curriculum is far reaching and demanding. I truly am amazed at her wealth of knowledge and feel fortunate that the universe led me to her. I would whole heartedly recommend Selena's programs to anyone wishing to teach yoga or broaden their understanding of this amazing spiritual journey.
By Janet Smith on Apr. 02, 2017
I took my first class from Selena almost two years ago, and I still remember it. Why? Because during that class I had this moment like, "hell yeah" - I found my teacher. Since that first class, I've taken dozens of classes from Selena and every time, I walk away with a bit more... A bit more knowledge, awareness, spark, spunk, love, breath, understanding... every time, I walk away feeling a bit more alive. My asana practice has grown and benefited from Selena's mindful sequencing and every other part of my yoga practice (and life) has grown and benefited from knowing her. Selena is an amazing teacher. She's knowledgeable on every level you could want. She has soul and spirit. She is honest and raw. She's freaking witty and hilarious. She shows up and requires that you show up for yourself. More importantly than being an amazing teacher, Selena is one of the best people that I know. Anyone is lucky to cross paths with this wonderful human and I highly recommend that you do.
By Chelsey Mae on Mar. 16, 2017
Selena Garefino is an excellent, compassionate and exciting yoga teacher. She is regarded as one of the best teachers in the state of Montana. She brings her knowledge and passion for yoga to everyone. Selena has a wealth of experience to share teaching her classes as well as educating new teachers. Don't miss this experience to train with her. She has worked very hard to create a teacher training that will be a fantastic experience. Kathy Pierandozzi
By Kathy Pierandozzi on Mar. 16, 2017
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