300HR Conscious Alignment Mentorship Program

Guanacaste Province, Los Pargos, Costa Rica

Swastha Yoga International
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14 reviews
Jan 2 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 4
300HR Conscious Alignment Mentorship Program
Guanacaste Province, Los Pargos, Costa Rica

Swastha Yoga International
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14 reviews

Jan 2 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 4

About this trip

Conscious Alignment is a unique advanced 300 hour yoga training program for yoga teachers wishing to expand their knowledge and teaching experience.  

For those who wish to explore the possibilities of offering effective hands-on support, and to empower their students in making the right decisions for their own bodies and practice. 

Through this intimate training program, participants will have the opportunity to grow both as a teacher and as a student under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced yoga trainers. 

While this 300 hour advanced training will build off the basics of assisting, teaching, and studying, you'll be  introduced to a deeper understanding of the body, and integrate a more in-depth review of assisting through Swastha Yoga Methodology.

Conscious Alignment students will also engage with students in the entry-level 200-hour Human Journey YTT - which runs concurrently with the advanced program.  Participating in this way not only affords the Conscious Alignment student a unique opportunity for greater inspirational leadership, as well as to practice hands on assists to a variety of bodies,

We ask that our advanced students enter the program with a student first-student last mindset. To consistently find the lesson and learning, as well as being open to the teachings is paramount to becoming an effective Swastha Yoga leader and yoga teacher. 

Conscious Alignment students are asked to model this form of leadership with the entry-level 200 hour students during the training, and to continue aligning to this level of generosity and vulnerability when they go back to their communities. Participating in this way not only affords the Conscious Alignment student a unique opportunity to practice hands on assists to a variety of bodies, it will challenge your own ability and skill in being a student; processing constantly and consistently being a human while being present in the presence of others. You have our full permission to get messy (and it will), and we ask nothing more of you than to fully participate and engage in this way.  This is the deeper presence inside the yoga…and when true advanced learning takes shape.

Our program supports the Conscious Alignment student to cultivate studentship in a variety of ways; in a small group setting with skilled and experienced teachers and leaders, independently as a way to develop content, time-management and creative planning skills, as well as within the larger group as a leader and teacher.

Swastha is the Sanskrit word that means to be firmly rooted and fully established in oneself, with balanced health on all levels of our Being.  This program is designed in a very particular way and has the potential to instigate real, sustainable transformation and change in your life; cultivating growth and trust in yourself and in others. We offer a safe and supportive space for opening into personal revelations that will encourage you to be a more authentic and inspirational leader, as well as a willing and thriving participant in life.

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Yoga Alliance Status

This training qualifies you, as a yoga teacher, for 200 hours advanced training hours towards your 500 hour advanced yoga teacher status with the Yoga Alliance.

In order to receive RYT-500 status with the Yoga Alliance, you must complete one more 100 hour advanced training module with Swastha Yoga International.

What’s included

  • Tuition
  • Shared Accommodation
  • 3 meals per day
  • Travel to/fro Costa Rica
  • Airport Shuttle

Available Packages

200 hours Tuition & Shared Accommodation

This includes 300 hours (June 20 - July 10, 2021) of training, shared accommodation and 3 meals per day.

Shared accommodation includes one of the following on a first come first serve basis (full balance paid) and depending on availability:

> Double Shared accommodations with your own bed in a room with ensuite.

> Double Shared accommodations with your own bed in a cabina. 

> Triple Shared accommodations with your own bed in a room with ensuite.

> Multi-shared accommodations with your own bed in a large teakwood screened-in structure with your own semi-private living space.

Accommodations are allotted on a first come first serve basis.

Deposit: $500
Tuition & Private Accommodations

Our private accommodations includes all programming, meals, group airport transportation, and one of the following on a first-come-first serve basis depending on availability:

> single accommodations in a room with ensuite

> single accommodations in a private cabina all to yourself

Space is limited.

Deposit: $500

Available options

Extra night accommodation


Typical Daily Schedule
Conscious Alignment Advanced Training

Our schedule supports cultivating a steady and sustainable daily practice that our students are able to integrate into their lives after the training; continuing the growth process towards swastha (optimal health on all levels). 

The first 7 days you'll learn to be a student again with full days (6am-6pm) of learning and unlearning, letting go of that which no longer serves you, and building confidence in the areas that do. 

The next 7 days, you'll serve as a mentor and leader to the 200 hour YTT students.

The last 7 days, you'll expound on your newly developed teaching and presenting skills.  

A typical day in the last 14 days of training is as follows:

6-7am Breakfast

7am Pranayama (Kriyas), Meditation, Reflection

9am Yoga Asana practice (hands-on assisting by Conscious Alignment Students)

10:30am Posture Clinic (presented by Conscious Alignment students)

11:30am Lunch Break

12:45pm Human Potential Discussion, Small Group Mentorship & Feedback

3:30pm Break

4pm Skill Development with Hands-on Assisting & Posture breakdown/ Assist with Student Practicum

5:30pm Dinner Break

6:30pm Assist the YTT or Workshop Planning Time

Your Organizer

Swastha Yoga International
14 reviews
Our goal is to inspire people around the globe to have deep and meaningful practices both on and off the mat, to understand what it takes to be a truly powerful and authentic leader, and to use words and actions that support and nurture a healthy relationship to oneself and to others...so that our collective as yoga students, teachers, and humans will thrive - that is Swastha! Together we, Kevin McQuillan and Serena Arora, have taught, led, shared and witnessed the beautiful process of yoga in communities around the world for over 35 years and we are excited to build a community of teachers, practitioners, and leaders who are equally as committed to sharing, contributing, learning and being well together. We invite you here to our home in Costa Rica, on the road, and to call us into your own community to support growth and possibility - wherever you are in the world! Read more about us here: https://swasthayogainternational.com/about/ Be well.


Serena and Kevin are amazingly passionate teachers! I left this teacher training program with so much more then a 200 hour yoga teaching certification. Through their program, which was well planned, I became a better person which in turn will make me a great teacher! I returned home inspired and excited to use these skills that I was given. I look forward to return next year for additional training! Thank you Kevin and Serena for your dedication to making this world a better place to live!
Human Journey YTT was the most incredible experience I have ever had! The combination of yoga training and self discovery was more than I could have hoped for. Kevin and Serena truly have a gift and I feel blessed to have been apart of this experience. Everything from the people, facility (Peace Retreat), the nutrition, and the education was on point. The experience leaves me at a loss for words. I highly recommend any one who is able to attend this experience!!! Much love!
This was an absolutely amazing experience. I felt like this program was specifically tailored to meet my needs and challenge me to reach the intentions I set going in.
Professionalism and attention, great attention, was what I felt in this workshop. I left with a new perspective and a wakeup to myself. I recommend anyone looking for growth and discovery in their lives.
This was an important workshop. Made me think about things long hidden that I needed to address and remove. I did! Important also to hear that many others were in the same situation. Kevin and Serena are wonderful moderators!
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