5 Day All Inclusive Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat

      63728 Sayulita, Nay., México

      Duration: 5 days
      Group size: 2 - 6
      5 Day All Inclusive Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat
      63728 Sayulita, Nay., México

      Duration: 5 days
      Group size: 2 - 6

      About this trip


      The 5-Day Process To A Clear Mind, Restored Nervous System, and Emotional Wellbeing

      This Mental Health Retreat is designed to improve the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, and nutritional factors involved in stress relief, relaxation, releasing fears, healing trauma, and seeing life from insightful and exciting new perspectives.

      Our multi-modal program focuses on merging scientifically proven processes with traditional plant medicine ceremonies to ensure our guests have the highest probability of healing and success.

      We combine Psilocybin mushrooms with Dmt at our retreat because of the powerful merger of their healing qualities. Mushrooms provide a conversation with your inner child. Dmt is a conversation with the Divine. When used together they have the power to heal and create a new life path of purpose, clarity, and inner peace.

      Our team consists of a number of experienced guides and professionals that have provided over 10,107 successful psychedelic experiences and have helped patients solve problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and fatigue.

      We have a medical team on staff that checks all our participants' health for the highest level of safety.

      We provide incredible chef-prepared healthy food daily, a safe and luxurious environment to experience healing with views of the Pacific Ocean, and a wonderfully supportive staff to help answer your questions and create an experience of a lifetime.

      This retreat is designed for those who want to:

      – enhance their energy, focus, and creativity
      – develop a clear mind
      – reset and restore the nervous system
      – relax the mind and body
      – find a deep sense of calm and wellbeing
      – reconnect with nature
      – find clarity and a renewed sense of purpose

      Our retreats include this carefully curated medicine treatment that is proven to create a highly safe, comfortable, and transformative experience*


      – Guided Psilocybin  Healing Mushroom Ceremony
      – 2x Microdose Mushroom Experiences
      –  Private Chef Preparing Mediterranean, Asian, and Mexican Meals Daily
      – 1-on-1 health checkup and ceremony support with our medical team
      – Luxury Ocean view Accommodations, Pool
      – 2 Relaxation Massages
      – Group Hypnotherapy Session
      – 1-1 Breakthrough Psychotherapy Session
      – Body Calisthenics Workout
      – Breathwork and Cold Therapy Sessions
      – Sound Healing Session
      – Integration Yoga and Somatic Movement Workshops 

      – Comfortable Spacious Private Rooms
      – 4 Weeks post-retreat Integration Support
      – Transportation for Airport and retreat experiences provided

      All our retreat experiences including medicine are optional.  Our participants have breakthroughs through many of the modalities and we’re not just a medical treatment.  This is a 5-star experience where you can open up to a new perspective.

      Available Packages

      Private Room
      Deposit: $1,500

      Your Organizer

      Sayulita Wellness
      We’re a family of healers & professionals helping people find their truth. Our values are integrity, hospitality, and unconditional love for every participant at our retreat. When you come to Sayulita Wellness you join a new family for life. We welcome you with open arms.