5 Day - Become your own super hero retreat - with Corrien de Jongh Jon

29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 10
5 Day - Become your own super hero retreat - with Corrien de Jongh Jon
29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 10

About this trip


Let’s start with an honest question; are you living the life of your dreams? Or do you often feel like there must be more to life… Deep down, you’re filled with dreams and desires but you keep pushing them away because you don’t know where to start. As soon as you think about turning them into reality, you get overwhelmed or discouraged.

Or maybe you feel like changing things up, but you are so consumed by the daily grind that it seems impossible to find the headspace to define your dreams and desires. 

Discover your super powers

It sounds chlicé, but if you keep doing what you do, you’ll be getting what you already have. So maybe it’s time to escape the ordinary and explore what moves you. How great would it be if you could discover your personal superpowers and feel the energy, freedom and happiness you felt as a child? The future is now, so let’s get on with it.

Down to earth manifesting

A lot has been said about manifesting. Mostly good things, but some people are a little allergic to the whole ‘hype’. We get that. Especially if you feel like your life sucks absolute balls, it seems pretty ridiculous to manifest yourself out of that shit. Although it seems impossible, our thoughts play a really big role in how our life turns out. Also, manifesting is not really a trend, it’s actually as old as time. The pharaohs, hunters and gatherers; they all did their share of manifesting. 

If the expression manifesting gives you the creeps, don’t shut the door on us right away. During this retreat we are going to make your dreams and desires as tangible as possible, and yes manifesting will be a part of that, but in a very down to earth, practical way. 

"Okay you got my attention"

To make your dreams and desires come to life, you need headspace. That’s why it’s so important to escape the ordinary and go on a little adventure. The Spanish sunshine and Mother Nature will get you going right away. Furthermore, we believe in the synergy of relaxation and being active. Relaxation in the form of meditation, silent hikes, yoga, enough free time to read or write, chillin in the jacuz or a full body massage. Being active in the form of creative workshops, one-on-one coaching and inspirational group sessions aimed at the process of turning your dreams into reality.

During the retreat, we introduce you to routines that help you to get more in touch with yourself. Every morning we wake you at the same time to start with an energizing yoga session or workout, followed by a meditation in the morning sun. After you’ve enjoyed a healthy and delicious breakfast in the garden, you can follow a workshop or inspiration session to get those manifestive juices flowing. Afternoons are for relaxation (a silent hike, massage or working on your tan by the pool), or you’ll be having your personal coaching session. After dinner we wrap up the day together by doing a meditation focused on gratitude (which is a shortcut to happiness), listening to music or a poem, and share our learnings and insights of the day. All this under a magical starry sky. 

Start doing what you love most

During a one-on-one session with our career counselor you discover what it is that you need to turn your dreams into reality. Do you believe in yourself sufficiently, or do you have limiting beliefs (I can't do this, I'm not worth it, I will never succeed). How can you change them? Do you have the skills needed to pursue your goals, such as asking for help and celebrating small successes? 

During this session, methods such as Voice Dialogue, Motivational Interviewing and various exercises from Positive Psychology are used to get insights on these topics. You will also make a scientific and online analysis (CliftonStrengths) that shows how your 5 unique talents can make you successful. This way you know which qualities and talents you can use to make your dreams reality. 

After this retreat...

  • It's clear what your dreams and desires are; you can make them concrete and say them out loud
  • You are reconnected to yourself and your feelings
  • You know your pitfalls and limited beliefs and you know how to manage them
  • You have insight into your personal talent profile with your unique strengths and motivators and know how you can use them to achieve your goals
  • You know exactly which steps you want to take to create your dream life (personal development plan)
  • You have the headspace to think clearly and feel calm
  • You have learned a number of routines that you can integrate into your daily life for an extra dose of happiness
  • You can start doing what you love most!

What to expect?

  • An intimate retreat (max 10 participants)
  • Luxurious accommodation in a boutique villa
  • A personal trajectory within the retreat (one-on-one session with a coach)
  • A personal journal guide to integrate the learnings from the retreat at home
  • Your talent profile based on the scientific CliftonStrengts analysis 
  • Daily yoga for all levels
  • Meditation and other routines to help you get in touch with yourself (miracle morning) 
  • (Silent) Hikes through the beautiful surroundings of the villa
  • Enough free time to read a book, journal, swim, chill in the jacuz or get to know the other participants
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Workshops, inspiration sessions and games (your ideal life, 'your reason why', moodboard, StrengtsFinder, gratitude) 
  • Daily cold pressed vegetable- and fruit juice
  • Healthy and delicious meals & snacks 
  • A relaxing shiatsu massage



  • 12.00 | arrival & check in with juice and healthy snack
  • 13.00 | introduction & explanation personal journey guide
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time or personal coaching session 
  • 18.00 | inspirational session rituals
  • 19.30 | dinner


  • 08.00 | miracle morning ritual 
  • 08.30 | juice & workout
  • 10.00 | breakfast
  • 11.00 | inspirational session "your reason why" 
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time / coaching / massage
  • 18.00 | hike
  • 19.30 | diner 
  • 21.00 | end of the day ritual


  • 08.00 | miracle morning
  • 08.30 | yoga & meditatie
  • 10.00 | breakfast
  • 11.00 | inspirational session "your super powers"
  • 14.00 | lunch
  • 15.00 | free time / coaching / massage 
  • 20.00 | dinner 
  • 21.00 | movie night


  • 08.00 | miracle morning ritual 
  • 08.30 | juice & workout
  • 10.00 | breakfast
  • 11.00 | inspirational sharing session
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time / coaching / massage
  • 19.30 uur diner 
  • 21.00 | end of the day ritual


  • 08.00 | miracle morning ritual 
  • 08.30 | juice & hike
  • 10.00 | breakfast 
  • 12.30 | closing ceremony
  • 14.00 | end of the retreat

What’s included

  • Accommodation
  • All meals & drinks
  • Use of yoga items
  • Towels & Shower products
  • Strengths Finder Tests
  • 101 Session with coach
  • Shiatsu Massge
  • Transfer Malaga airport
  • Flights

Available Packages

Spacious Quadruple Room

Spacious room for 4 people. Beds are separated with room dividers for privacy. The room has a large bathroom with shower and an ensuite balcony with mountain views.

Deposit: €361
Luxury shared twin room

Twin room with private bathroom with bathtub & shower. The room has a spacious balcony with amazing mountain views

Deposit: €495
Deluxe Shared Twin Room

Twin room with private toilet, shared bathroom with shower.  The rooms has a spacious ensuite terrace. 

Deposit: €428

Your Organizer

La Kookaburra
La Kookaburra is calling you to escape the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. Our retreat center is the perfect place to restore balance between your inner wild child and your tamed, civil side. Together we connect, share and grow. Lifting each other up and sending ripples of change out into the world.