5 day - Fuel your feminine retreat with Jip de Jongh

29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 10
5 day - Fuel your feminine retreat with Jip de Jongh
29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 10

About this trip

Together with feminine energy mentor Jip Isabel de Jongh 

DATES; October 24 - 28 + April 17 - 21 ('23)

What arises when we say: Femininity? Is it a stereotype woman wearing flowery and pink dresses, talking with a high pitch voice and is giggling all the time? Or is it an image of a woman in lingerie who seduces every man she can find with just a wink and her sexual energy? Is it shame or anger coming up? Or is it pride and strength. Maybe even the words weak and soft come up. 

Whatever it is. Femininity is in our society, is so undervalued and misunderstood.

The good, the bad and the ugly

There is not one way, that defines the feminine. The Feminine is the energy that embodies the beginning ánd the ending. The beauty ánd the ugly. The light ánd the dark. The soft ánd the strong. 

But we were taught differently.

And because of that, a lot of women choose or have been taught to dismiss or disconnect from their Feminine essence. An essence that actually.. is their superpower. Only they believe otherwise.

Because of this disconnection a lot of women:

▽ Feel like strangers in their own body, missing the connection with their nature.

▽ Have difficulty receiving love and compliments.

▽ Need external confirmation to feel good about themselves or what they already do.

▽ Feel like something is missing or not right in their lives and feel like they could get more out of themselves or their life than they do now.

▽ Are the "overly independent women," and are afraid to ask for any help.

▽ Feel like they have to be alert and ‘on’ all the time and live from/in their heads.

▽ Feel a great fear for being 'too much' and therefore keep themselves small.

▽ Or, on the contrary, have the feeling that they are not 'enough' and therefore give a lot of energy and time to others, but not to themselves. 

▽ Are constantly crossing their own boundaries. 

▽ Are suppressing their emotions because emotions are labeled as ‘weak’.

Untitled Paragraph

What if we tell you that what you’ve been taught is not true at all?

- What if we tell you, you don’t have to push and pull all the time, to become successful in life? 

- What if we tell you, you don’t have to suppress your emotions and ‘think positive’ all the time, to be strong?

- What if we tell you, you don’t have to schedule and do everything according to a plan, to get to your goals in life?

- What if we tell you that tuning in with you nature, will make you able to use your intuition again and will help you to build the life YOU want.

- What if we tell you, you can feel loved and enough without approval of others, when you connect with your true essence?

- What if we tell you, your cyclic nature is actually your super power and suppressing it actually makes you lose touch with your true power portal?

And the list goes on…

For who is this retreat?

This retreat is specially designed for every woman that feels like they are missing something in their lives and feel like they want to connect with that forgotten part of themselves.

Jip Isabel is a Feminine energy mentor and hormonal health consultant, specialized in the cyclic nature of us females. She already helped over 700 woman with hormonal health problems and to reconnect with their menstrual cycle. She also mentors women in her 8 week program ‘Rising Phoenix’ to (re)connect with their feminine strength and sensuality and regularly hosts masterclasses about these topics in several coaching programs of different Coaches in the Netherlands (as for herself)

She believes in the vulnerable yet powerful energy of women, in every form and state of being. Women have an inexhaustible source of feminine energy and there is no such thing as a 'not' powerful woman on this planet. With her work she tries to remind as many women as possible of this. She wants to empower them by reconnecting them with their life energy and magical cycle and take good care of their female body. Hopefully she can inspire you with her passions and way of life to get everything out of your own life and power. Because woman, you're worth it!

After this retreat

▽ You know the difference between the masculine & feminine energy and know how to use both energies in your advantage.

▽ You feel more connected to your feminine essence and the woman you are deep down.

▽ You see through patterns that have held you back in the past and dare to confront them and rise beyond them as the powerful woman you are.

▽ You know your worth as a woman and how powerful your emotions and vulnerability are. 

▽ Feel connected to your body and intuition again.

▽ Know how to live according the 4 seasons of your menstrual cycle and your female time management. 

▽ Uses your sensuality as a tool to get closer to your feminine strength.

▽ You set your creative life energy free and let it help you move through life with more flow.

What to expect?

- An intimate retreat (max 10 participants)

- Luxurious accommodation in a boutique villa

- Daily inspirational masterclasses 

- Yoga for all levels 

- Feminine dance session & an intuitive creativity session

- Guided meditation(s) and other tools to connect with yourself and the topics we adres.

- Journal prompts other tools to dive deep in yourself.

- Enough free time to read a book, journal, swim, chill in the jacuzzi or get to know the other participants

- A beautiful waterfall within a 5 minute walk from the villa where you can reconnect with yourself and nature

- Outdoor movie night

- Daily cold pressed vegetable- and fruit juice

- Healthy and delicious meals & snacks


Monday: She is the beginning

12:00 Arrival & check in with juice and healthy snack

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Introduction

15:30 Free time & settling in

17:30 Inspirational session; Feminine energy (journal prompts voor de dag erna)

19:30 Diner time

20:30 Yin yoga

21:30 free time

Tuesday: Releasing wounds

08:00 Yoga

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Inspirational session; Feminine and her wounds

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Free time

17:30 Hike

19:30 Diner

20:30 New moon sharing circle (burning believes)

Wednesday: Rise of the Feminine

08:00 Yoga 

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Inspirational session; Divine Feminine

14:00 lunch

15:00 Free time

16:30: Inspirational session: Sensuality & Feminine dance

19:30 Diner

20:30 Free time / movie night

Thursday: Your creativity portal

08:00 Yoga 

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Inspirational session; Menstrual cycle

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Intuitive creativity session

18:00 Free time

19:30 Diner

20:30 Wine & dance

Friday: She is the ending

08.00 Yoga 

10.00 breakfast 

12.30 Closing ceremony

14.00 End of the retreat

What’s included

  • Accommodation
  • All meals & drinks
  • The use of yoga items
  • Towels & shower products
  • Transfer Malaga aiport

Available Packages

Spacious quadruple room
Deposit: €400
Deluxe shared twin room
Deposit: €450
Luxury shared room
Deposit: €600

Available options


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