5-Day 'Reconnect with Your Inner Essence' Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

Galle, Sri Lanka

Anna Knapik
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
5-Day 'Reconnect with Your Inner Essence' Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka
Galle, Sri Lanka

Anna Knapik
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Join Anna, the founder of Miannah, during a magical 5-day 'Reconnect with Your Inner Essence' Retreat in Sri Lanka designed to help you reconnect with your inner self through yoga, meditation and breathwork in the tranquil haven of peace and serenity offered by Villa White Queen. Our beautiful tropical setting will help you distance yourself from your everyday reality and navigate through your personal healing process in the shade of lush palm trees. We will work on restoring your inner peace, balance and harmony through a plethora of tools and modalities. You will experience mind & body development, as you soak in the beauty of this fascinating country nestled on the Indian Ocean.

What's the programme?

The retreat programme has been designed to allow an optimal and balanced combination of yoga practice & inner work with relaxation & exploration (see the full programme here).

The sunrise yoga sessions infused with guided meditation, breathwork, mantras, pranic healing and journalling will revitalise your body and mind, while our delicious breakfast will nourish you and give you all the necessary energy to explore the nearby areas. 

If your focus during the retreat is on rest and relaxation, the Villa’s beautiful garden and infinity pool may be your favourite option! You may also want to immerse yourself in the full-body experience at our onsite spa & wellness zone or if you are a curious soul seeker, take part in one of our optional workshops that will broaden your perspective and equip you with even more healing and life-balancing tools. 

The sunset yoga class with a guided meditation session will promote relaxation and mental repose, supporting a good night’s sleep. 

What is the place like?

To offer a comfortable and truly supportive retreat setting, Miannah teamed up with Villa White Queen by Ceylon Itinerary. While we focus on providing a quality healing experience, White Queen will offer top-class accommodation, exquisite food and a range of onsite facilities. White Queen is a beautiful luxury villa in Galle, a bustling colonial town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Situated just a 10-minute drive from Galle city centre, Galle Fort as well as the beach, it provides a calm and tranquil retreat setting with top-quality facilities including a beautiful tropical garden, private infinity pool, wellness zone, delicious cuisine as well as spacious rooms offering ultimate comfort and privacy. 

Why a retreat Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka, a culturally-rich island country in the Indian Ocean is one of the world’s last hidden gems. It features endless sandy beaches, ancient ruins, legendary Buddhist temples, verdant tea plantations, delicious (and nutritious!) cuisine, and dream-like train rides. Breathtaking nature nestles a culture over 2000 years old, and an oasis of peace for those in need of healing and mental repose.

After years of travel across four continents, I have come to believe that some places serve us better than others. On their surface, it’s their favourable climate, magical scenery and culture. Going deeper, it’s their unique energy that happens to connect more positively with us than other locations. Therefore, I select my places carefully. Sri Lanka is definitely worth a visit because of its stunning scenery, rich culture and the kindest people. More importantly, however, it has a unique energy which, combined with yoga and meditation, has a strong transformative power. It’s a perfect place to hold space for people seeking change, offering them a tranquil haven of serenity in a truly paradisiacal and energy-rich place. Join me to be dazzled by Sri Lanka’s beauty!

What tools and techniques will we use?

During the retreat a plethora of tools and healing modalities will be used.

Yoga Asana

Both sunrise & sunset yoga sessions draw upon carefully chosen asanas to promote either morning stimulation or evening relaxation of the body & mind.


Meditation will be a vital component of each yoga session as you will be guided through powerful techniques to become more mindful and reconnect with yourself.

Breath Work 

You will get acquainted with a number of pranayama techniques which will help you clear the mind, oxygenate the body and energise your entire being.


Every day powerful journalling exercises will be used to help you express your emotions, release creative power and connect with yourself on a more intimate level.

Life Coaching 

1:1 life & transformational coaching session will help you gain clarity on your current situation and define an optimal strategy moving forward.

Pranic Healing 

Pranic healing and chakra balancing will be incorporated both in the yoga classes and in optional 1:1 sessions for an even stronger healing effect.

Massage Therapy 

You can harness the power of touch by choosing from a plethora of massages and therapeutic treatments available at our onsite spa & wellness zone.

Sharing Circles 

During our opening & closing circles, you will get a chance to connect with other retreat participants and learn from their life experience.

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    4 restful nights in comfortable, spacious, luxury rooms of Villa White Queen
  • Breakfast
    4 nutritious vegetarian breakfasts
  • Twice daily yoga classes
    (7 sessions x 90 mins) infused with breath work, meditation, mantras & pranic healing
  • Welcome dinner
    Delicious welcome dinner on the first night
  • Journalling exercises
    3 powerful journalling exercises
  • Sharing circles
    Opening & closing circles + guided meditations
  • Coaching session
    30-minute one-on-one guiding session to help you define your goals and put together an optimal strategy to achieve them
  • Full body massage
    60-minute full body massage treatment with an experienced therapist
  • Practice help
    Yoga mats, meditation cushions, drinking water
  • Additional facilities
    Unlimited access to the infinity pool, garden and common areas
  • Flights
    Airfares to & back from Sri Lanka
  • Transportation
    Transportation from Colombo Aiport to the retreat location (you are welcome to book our private airport shuttle directly to the retreat location $55)
  • Travel insurance
    Travel insurance is obligatory for all retreat participants
  • Sri Lankan visa fee
  • Lunches & dinners
    Delicious lunch & dinner sets will be available at the Villa every day (can be ordered individually)
  • Additional attractions
    Additional attractions and activities beyond the retreat programme (can be booked individually)
  • Additional massages
    Additional massages & body treatments at onsite spa (can be booked separately)
  • Additional workshops
    Optional workshops and individual sessions (can be booked separately)

Available Packages


For single travellers who are open to sharing a room with max. 2 other retreat participants (single or double bed in the apartment-style White Queen superior suite)

Deposit: $200

For solo travellers who prefer the privacy of their own room without sharing it with anyone (spacious double bed for single occupancy in one of our double rooms with ensuite bathroom)

Deposit: $300

For travellers who want to share a room (and a bed) with their partner/family member/ best friend (double bed for two people in one of our spacious double rooms with ensuite bathroom.

Deposit: $500


Day 2

8 am – 9:30 am | Sunrise Yoga + Meditation Session

9:30 am – 10 am | Journalling exercise

10 am – 11 am | Breakfast

11 am – 6 pm | YOUR TIME

→ Pool/Relax/Spa Time

→ Optional Excursions

→ Optional Workshops (4 pm – 5:30 pm)

6 pm – 7:30 pm | Sunset Yoga + Meditation Session

Your Organizer

Anna Knapik
Anna is a world traveller, yoga & meditation teacher and transformational guide. She blends life & transformational coaching with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, chakra & energy healing which gives her a unique range of tools to tune into the natural energy of her students. Her yoga classes are infused with breath work, meditation, mantras & pranic healing. Her passion for Eastern philosophies was born during a journey through South-East Asia in search of her own healing, wisdom & life purpose at a time when she felt completely lost after having left a corporate job and a comfortable yet unfulfilling big-city life. All she teaches she learned, and most importantly practised, at the very source – in various parts of Asia – working in an energy healing centre in Cambodia, spending time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand or completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training in India. Currently, she lives in Sri Lanka, creating a holistic healing experience during her retreats in Galle.