5 Day Replenish, Restore, Reset Private Retreat in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 5 - 20
5 Day Replenish, Restore, Reset Private Retreat in Tulum, Mexico
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 5 - 20

About this trip

Take a moment…

Visualize sugary white sand beaches,

Crystal clear turquoise water,

Verdant Palm trees,

Can you smell the warm, salty air?

Can you feel the "calm" wash over you?

Healing Body Energy is a destination Healing Wellness Retreat. We travel all around the world .

We customize our packages to each individuals needs and goals and offer one on one private sessions where our facilitators come to you!

Our group of facilitators specialize in

Our group of facilitators specialize in …

✔️Energetic massage
✔️Energy healing
✔️Sound Bowl Healing
✔️Daily yoga
✔️Cranial Sacral Therapy
✔️Guided Meditation
✔️Ayurvedic massage
✔️Popular Healings though techniques and methods of immemorial origin, to treat all kinds of ailments, ailments, diseases, etc.
✔️acupressure and mantra energetical combining Reiki
✔️Prana Vidya and also Aromatherapy
✔️Biomagnetism therapy
✔️Ayurvedic reflexology
✔️Integrated Therapies
✔️Holistic Nutritional Coaching
✔️Ear Candling
✔️Mukta Yoga
✔️Ashtanga Yoga,
✔️Hatha Yoga,
✔️Kundalini Yoga
✔️Ayurvedic Therapy and Treatment
✔️Distance therapies, Tele Biomagnetism Bioenergy, and more!

***We will ask you a series of questions to get a clearer understanding of your needs and then we can set you up with the right facilitators .

We Specialize in Energy Healing

Energy Healing opens you up to a deeper sense of ease, well-being, and purpose, and brings you back to your true self.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a physical disease or are experiencing physical discomfort, are struggling with mental or emotional difficulties, are fighting harmful addictions or are just looking to bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment, you can benefit from this service.

There are different types of energy healing techniques, which work differently to heal a person.

What’s included

  • Included in Package
    Private Sessions : Private One on One sessions where our facilitators, healers , coaches come to you. Customized Package: We create packages that are 100% customized to you. Total customized package
  • Not Included
    Travel Insurance -Flight Cost -Visa Fee - Additional Treatments - Additional activities not included in the itinerary

Your Organizer

Our mission is to facilitate safety, promote peace, and foster a deep sense of connection with our body, mind, and soul. We assist in achieving balance by co-creating spaces that benefit this process. We support individuals on their path to living a personally meaningful and balanced life. Through education, movement, contemplation and loving kindness, we encourage holistic values that become a catalyst for social change. Awaken your soul from within to unleash your true power and potential of your highest self.