5 Day - Sky Rocket into 2023 - With Corrien de Jongh & Malou Zuur

29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 8
5 Day - Sky Rocket into 2023 - With Corrien de Jongh & Malou Zuur
29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 8

About this trip

Sky Rocket into 2023 - Retreat | JANUARY 12-16

Retread led by certified life coach Corrien de Jongh & and certified yoga teacher, breathwork coach and trainer Malou Zuur 

Make a headstart with your healthy goals for the next year 

Loosening the reins from time to time is a very healthy thing to do, but sometimes we wander off a bit too far from the right path. Maybe you have partied a bit too hard for too long, or did you become somewhat of a workaholic. Or maybe you’ve had to overcome a break up or another sad event in your life and this made you turn to your friends Ben, Jerry & Netflix. 

The gym? Oh that charity place you sponsor every month. A home cooked meal; ready made meals exist for a reason right? Meditation...Maybe if you wouldn't be sucked into Instagram every morning and night… Carrots with hummus? Nah, I pray to Cheesus. 

You are not on your own

First of all, no shame in the game. These episodes are also part of life. But usually after that, there comes a point when you think; UGH. “I don’t feel comfortable in my skin any longer, nor do I feel in my clothes. I don’t feel fit and my mind feels blurry. I could definitely use a dose of positive energy.”

Is this you? Or do you just feel like dedicating some time to your physical and mental health? Awesome! This is one of the best presents you can give yourself.

If you fell a bit off the wagon during the Christmas holidays, it can be quite challenging to make the first step into a healthy direction again. That first step is the hardest one. That’s why we are taking it together. You are not on your own! It won’t go without shedding some serious sweat (and maybe a tear or two), and you will feel that body burn at the end of the day… But above all, we are going to have a blast together. 

Let's sky rocket into 2023 and make a head start with your goals for the upcoming year!!!

Turn new learnings into habits

After this retreat your system has been kickstarted, and you remember why it feels so good to take care of yourself. From now on, this is going to be your new standard. But how are you going to integrate this in your life back home? 

During a one-on-one session with a coach you are going to find out what it is that you need to turn these new learnings into long lasting habits. What are your goals? Which patterns do you want to break and what do you need to do so? What are your start buttons? What are your pitfalls and how do you stay out of them?

Result: you are going home with a personal plan to make the most of 2023. 

Do have some doubts if this retreat is the right match for you? Our coach Corrien is always prepared to do a free, no strings attached intro call with you. You can send her a Whatsapp to +316 2305 68 56 and schedule an appointment with her.

What to expect?

  • An intimate retreat (max 8 participants)
  • Luxurious accommodation in a boutique villa
  • A personal plan to integrate the learnings from the retreat at home
  • One-on-one session with a coach
  • Workouts for all levels
  • Different styles of yoga classes
  • Breathwork for stress release & meditation
  • Hikes through the beautiful surroundings of the villa
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic medicine + body constitution test (dosha)
  • Writing assignment; visualize your perfect life
  • Daily cold pressed vegetable- and fruit juice
  • Healthy and delicious meals & snacks 
  • A recipe booklet with all the recipes from the meals from the retreat
  • Time to relax in the pool or the jacuzzi



  • 12.00 | arrival & check in with juice and healthy snack
  • 13.00 | introduction & setting goals
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time 
  • 17.00 | peachy bum training
  • 18.00 | free time or personal coaching 
  • 19.30 | dinner
  • 21.00 | group session; intro miracle morning


  • 08.00 | miracle morning & natural pool meditation
  • 08.30 | juice & total body workout 
  • 10.00 | breakfast 
  • 11.00 | free time or personal coaching session
  • 12.30 | intro ayurveda & dosha test 
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time or personal coaching
  • 19.30 | dinner
  • 21.00 | yoga nidra


  • 08.00 | miracle morning
  • 08.30 | juice & power yoga 
  • 10.00 | breakfast 
  • 11.00 | free time or personal coaching
  • 13.30 | breathwork session
  • 14.00 | lunch
  • 15.00 | excursion lake hike
  • 20.00 | dinner 


  • 08.00 | mircale morning
  • 08.30 | juice & peachy bum
  • 10.00 | breakfast
  • 11.00 | free time / coaching / massage 
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | group session: sharing learnings
  • 17.30 | yin yoga 
  • 19.30 | dinner 
  • 21.00 | group gratitude session 


  • 08.00 | mircale morning
  • 08.30 | juice & waterfall hike
  • 11.00 | breakfast 
  • 12.30 | closing ceremony 
  • 14.00 | end of the retreat

What’s included

  • Accommodation
  • All meals & drinks
  • Use of yoga items
  • Towels & shower products
  • Vitality test
  • Transfer Malaga airport
  • Ayurveda Dosh Test
  • Private coaching session
  • Workouts, hikes, yoga
  • Flights

Available Packages

Spacious Quadruple Room

Beautiful mountain views and a shared bathroom with toilet and shower

Deluxe twin room

Beautiful mountain views and a shared bathroom with toilet and shower

Deposit: €400
Luxury twin room (optional private room)
Available until 2 days before departure

Twin room with private bathroom with bathtub & shower. The room has a spacious balcony with amazing mountain views

This room can also be booked as a private room for a supplement of 350 euro. If you are interested send an email to hola@lakookaburra.com

Deposit: €495

Your Organizer

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