5 Day - The Power of Self Care Rituals retreat with Rock Your World

29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 10
5 Day - The Power of Self Care Rituals retreat with Rock Your World
29100 Coín, Málaga, Spanje

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 6 - 10

About this trip


October 3 - 7

November 18 - 22

Together with Hanneke from Rock Your World we organize our 5-day "The Power Of Self Care Rituals" retreat

Do you feel like taking the next step in your life, but you don’t know where to or how to get there? Maybe there is a pressing question that keeps popping up and even keeps you awake at night sometimes. It could revolve around your love life or your career. Or maybe you have a special desire, like becoming a mum, or maybe you have just become one and you are still adjusting to your new role. Whatever it is you're dealing with, chances are that the same problems or challenges are reoccurring.

During this retreat you will:

  • Reconnect with yourself and your intuition.
  • Enabling you to let go of certain emotions 
  • Slow you down, so you can listen to the voice within telling you what to do next
  • Helping you to break recurring patterns and make room for healthy habits

Rituals increase happiness

During this 5-day program you will be guided through different rituals and self care practices. 

Why are rituals so powerful? Healthy rituals and routines can propel us forward and elevate our quality of life. In our fast-moving world, rituals have the power to ground and stabilize us, and keep us focused and purposeful. They increase confidence, provide us with a sense of security, alleviate the weight of grief and help reduce anxiety. And, above all, rituals are a sure fire way to increase happiness. 

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” We need rituals because they help guide us and give our lives a rhythm we can dance to. But we also count on them as lovely little reminders of what we actually care about. Rituals keep us in close proximity to our purpose and are sometimes defined as the outward demonstration of an inward value. 

Source: dr Deepika Chopra

The five elements

The retreat program is carefully designed around the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and ether. 

Each day, the self care practices, meals, and yoga practices are tuned to another element.

From strengthening your roots to envisioning your future - the elements will help you broaden your perspective. 

  • Water; This element is about feeling, reflection, feminine sensuality, trauma and sexuality.
  • Fire; This element is the playful one. Follow the fun and follow your heart and discover what drives you and where your pleasure and manifestation power lies.
  • Aire; This is the intellectual element. Air is related to your mind. The element AIR teaches you to get out of your head and to convert all the ideas and stories that you have been telling yourself for a long time into positivity.
  • Ether; This element is about space. Find unlimited possibilities within yourself. Take up space and dare to take the stage to receive in your feminine energy.

What does a self care ritual look like?

During the retreat you’ll be learning about self care rituals in a group dynamic (workshops, sharing), but at the same time you’ll be having your own process (e.g sound healing, yoga, yournaling, self massage). 

Besides this you’ll also get into very practical rituals. For example; add to your morning routine, to drink a glass of water before your coffee, instead of drinking coffee on an empty stomach. This way you hydrate your body first (after a night without fluids). Which is a very useful thing since coffee absorbs fluids. This example illustrates that if you slightly change daily habits, you can already make a sustainable switch in food and lifestyle behavior. This greatly improves your physical and mental health.

Through the following practices you’ll learn how to create your own rituals as soon as you are back home. So that you can make real, lasting changes in your life.  

  • Creative workshops like drawing
  • Getting acquainted with crystals and aromatherapy 
  • The use of herbs and superfoods like cacao
  • Hikes through the surrounding nature
  • Enjoying meals with your full attention
  • Journaling
  • Card reading
  • Yoga (Nidra)
  • Self massage

What to expect from this retreat?

  • An intimate retreat (max 10 participants)
  • Luxurious accommodation in a boutique villa
  • Getting acquainted with several self care rituals
  • Creative group workshops
  • Daily yoga for all levels
  • (Silent) Hikes through the beautiful surroundings of the villa
  • Enough free time to read a book, journal, swim, chill in the jacuz or get to know the others
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Sound healing session
  • Daily cold pressed vegetable- and fruit juice
  • Healthy and delicious vegetarian meals & snacks 
  • A relaxing shiatsu massage



  • 12.00 | arrival & check in with juice and healthy snack
  • 13.00 | introduction & explanation program retreat
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time 
  • 17.00 | rituals to ground yourself
  • 20.00 | dinner


  • 08.00 | juice & yoga
  • 09.30 | breakfast
  • 11.00 | rituals to release your feminine power
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time / shiatsu massage
  • 18.00 | hike
  • 19.30 | diner 
  • 21.00 | end of the day ritual


  • 08.00 | juice & yoga
  • 09.30 | breakfast
  • 11.00 | rituals to awaken your inner fire 
  • 14.00 | lunch
  • 15.00 | free time / shiatsu massage 
  • 20.00 | dinner 
  • 21.00 | movie night


  • 08.00 | juice & yoga
  • 09.30 | breakfast
  • 11.00 | rituals to strengthen your intuition
  • 14.00 | lunch 
  • 15.00 | free time / massage
  • 18.00 | sound healing ritual
  • 20.00 | dinner


  • 08.00 | juice & hike
  • 10.00 | breakfast 
  • 12.00 | rituals to envision your future
  • 14.00 | end of the retreat

What’s included

  • Accommodations
  • All meals & drinks
  • Use of yoga items
  • Towels & shower products
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Transfer airport Malaga
  • Flights

Available Packages

Spacious Quadruple Room
Deposit: €283
Luxury shared twin room
Deposit: €433
Deluxe shared room
Deposit: €366

Your Organizer

La Kookaburra
La Kookaburra is calling you to escape the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. Our retreat center is the perfect place to restore balance between your inner wild child and your tamed, civil side. Together we connect, share and grow. Lifting each other up and sending ripples of change out into the world.