5 days Marangu route Package | Kilimanjaro climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro

About this trip

Known as the "Coca-Cola" course, the Marangu course is an exemplary trip on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the most seasoned, most deeply grounded course. Many blessing the Marangu course since being the simplest way on the mountain, given its continuous slope is thought of. It is additionally the main course which offers resting hovels in dorm style facilities.

The base days expected for this course is five, albeit the likelihood of effectively arriving at the top in that time span is very low. Spending an additional acclimatization day on the mountain is energetically suggested while getting over Kilimanjaro utilizing the Marangu course.

In any case, notwithstanding its gigantic prominence, we try not to lead gets on the Marangu course. The course has the most un-picturesque assortment of the relative multitude of courses in light of the fact that the rising and plummet are finished on a similar way and it is the most packed course thus. Marangu is leaned toward just during the stormy season, where the cottage facilities are liked

What’s included

  • Park fees
  • Guidefees
  • Gate transfer
  • Crew wages
  • Tax/VAT
  • Environment fees
  • Flights
  • Crew tip
  • VISA


Day 1: Marangu Gat
Marangu Gat to Mandara Hut |Kilimanjaro climbing

After breakfast, you will be gathered from your cabin in Moshi and taken to the Marangu entryway. When the vital desk work has been finished, your trip can start and you will before long be climbing through the thick rainforest. Close by the great vegetation, you will get the opportunity to get a brief look at certain primates as you head to the Mandara Hut. After a very much procured rest, your aide can take you to the Maundi Crater where you can partake in the great perspective on the Kenyan inside.

Distance covered: 8.3km/5.2mi

Approx. time taken: 5 hours

Feasts: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included