5 Elements Holistic Retreat, La Palma, Canary Islands

La Palma, España

Rosalba Impellizzeri
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
5 Elements Holistic Retreat, La Palma, Canary Islands
La Palma, España

Rosalba Impellizzeri
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

 5 Elements Holistic Retreats, La Palma, Canary Islands....

beyond the boundaries of Magic Mother Earth !


Aloha Beautiful Souls, come to breath the Magic Prana of La Palma, Canary Island, the ancient Kalypso garden and modern "Isla Bonita". 

Join a customized retreat following your needs and desires. We offer different styles of 

Hatha Yoga like Iyengar / Vinyasa / Yin / Nidra

We love to practice by the beautiful open air nature with a perfect dry all over the year spring weather perfect to:

  • Meditations on Prana from the ocean and plants;
  • Organic local Food in a Saatvic way and also with a touch of delicious Mediterránean fusion cuisine, taking care of your needs and desires;
  • Ayurveda Medicine: personalized diet tips, herbal infusions; 
  • MassagesKalari Ayurveda (Relax - Sport - Therapeutic) / Thai / Deep tissue / Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi / Marma points Acupression;
  • Natural body treatmeants: Volcanic and Sea Salt peelings / Clay and Aloe vera masks.

To feel the benefict of a new state of body and mind it is also possible to choose between different funny outside Activities like:

  • Surfing classes all levels including boards and wetsuits of your size in a natural sandy beach with crystal waters nearby the lodge;
  • Snorkelling at secret corners of Marine reserves, as we provide diving masks and wetsuits for the winter time
  • Trekking by sacred green forests of la isla bonita, enjoying a large bio diversity, while: 
  • Breathing consciously among trees and flowers and having memorable views on both side of the island 


We love connecting our inner elements with the magic of uncontaminated nature! 

Our long time experienced and certified Team will drive you to explore the most natural corners through crystal waters, bio diversities, great mountains and ancestral cultures.

We let You  answer a short Ayurveda test to establish Your Dosha and start  a 

Personalized Healthy Program based on different styles of Yoga, infusions of herbal spices and Massage oils of Medicinal Plants


* Arrival day 

 - Wellcoming Organic fresh fruit  juice 

-  Ayurveda test to find Your personal Dosha  

- h 20.00 Organic Vegetarian or Vegan Dinner 

* day 2 till 5

 -  h 8:30 - 9:45 Hatha Yoga 

 - h 10:00 Special Organic Brunch 

-  h 11:30 daily activities or excursion ( surfing, hiking, snorkeling, etc...) and pick -nick lunch

-  h 17 Natural Body treatment & Massage /

- h 20:00 Organic Vegetarian or Vegan Dinner 

*Departures day

 - h 8:30 - 9:45 Hatha Yoga 

-  h10:00 Special Organic Brunch 

- h 11:30 Check out 



Casa Rural ChaMiquela, set by the entrance of wonderfull laurisilva path of a montain by the sea , 5 minutes from beautiful beach of Nogales. it is a very quite small resort with a large garden full of organic fruit trees, flowers, barbecue facilities, etc.

Capacity of 12 persons and can be rented as a single unit. It has got 4 apartments. Our accommodation offers own fireplace, heating, garden-terrace, own kitchen, parking, free firewood, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, bed clothes and towels. A common barbecue area, a huge organic orange trees farm where it is possible to catch fruits for free, and a large Yoga shalas with  forest overview

This rural complex is located by the entrance of one of the greenest spots of the island and the well known "Cubo de la Galga" - that is a route that will make us travel in time, a thousand-year-old forest that has barely changed in 2 million years where we will find a variety of laurel forests such as the viñátigos, aceviños, barbusanos and laurels, mixed with ferns and linden also millenarian. 

Massages and Body Treatments


Dear Wellness Lovers,

We are happy to present You Our main Natural Wellness Treatments made by 

*Ale B. Gurukkal, Graduated in "Ayurveda Kalari Massages and Herbal treatments" beside " C.V.N Kalari of E.P. Vasudeva Gurukkal, Kerala, 2000.

*Rosalba Impellizzeri, Master of the Italian Federation of Hatha Yoga since 35 years - Graduated in natural Cosmetics 

* Andrea Kaluyokalanhi, Hawaian Lomi Lomi Specialist .


Ayurveda - Kalari - Thai - Sport - Therapeutic - Relax - Beauty 

Our massages are holistic therapies that take care of the entire Body, Soul and Mind. We use different kind of technics and healing plants oils. All of them following a personalized care that balance various body systems and helping to clean out toxins that can be reason of diseases. These Arts, in addition to be global treatments of preventive medicines, they have a very detoxifying and therapeutic aims when going within a proper diet. It is an important goal for us to let our Guests have organic meals by a personalized Ayurveda feeding. 

Ayurvedic is a Millenary medicine from India believing the fact that diseases born when there are blocks on the energies flows through the body. Massages of Marmas or Vital Body where different systems cross together will help unblock all energy flows. You will discover the Qualities of Aloe Vera Barbadensins, growing here in Canarian Island with a proper climate. It will be picked up right before its usage to keep its countless healing properties more consistent. A special focus of Ayurveda Massages goes on nerve endings areas like feet, hands, head and face. The Reflexology was born from Ayurveda , an ancient Art of Healing, to stimulate the self healing properties of everyone by pressuring on specific points and their reflexed organs or general parts of the Body. 

 Marma Kizhi is traditional Ayurveda and Kalary treatment from Kerala, south India, to heal different inflammations by the use of 20 plants in powder inside a cotton bag, heated over medical herbal oils and applied to the affected area or marmas (vital points), to heal different diseases like sciatica, lumbago, contractures, etc. We use certified organic herbal oils by maceration without any kind of chemical or alcohols substances, as we believe the fact that through the skin you could also absorb toxins that could damage your immunity systems.

 The Sportive Kalari Ayurveda massage is an Holistic Therapy that could be applied in different Yoga posture, helping to get more flexibility. It has been a must during thousand of years in Kerala, for Yogi, Dancers and Martial Artists. 

 Thai Massage has to be received in a total trust with the therapist by a constant and relaxed breathing, following a passive sequence of postures and stretching.

Sport and Deep Tissue massage : Mainly indicated for Those who practice high intensity sports and need a deeper pressure wich penetrate below the superficial layer to relieve contractures after practicing sport, or stimulate the activation with less pressure, before praticing sports


Volcanic and Sea Salt peelings

We use local volcanic soft sand and /or Sea Sault rich in minerals that purify Your skins.

Before starting a massage it is good to have a gentle exfoliation, removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and leaving it softer and smoother , ready to better recive all nutrients of Personalized Healing Plants and Oils.

Clay Body and Face

We use different kinds of Clays or Muds, mixing them with mineral or sea waters from local marine reserves. They help draw blood and impurities to the surface of the skin. Depending on kinds of clays You can recive different effects: antinflammatory , tightening, anti-septic, cleansing, nurishing, etc..

Aloe Body and Face 

Aloe Vera barbadensis grows here as We collete it right before use to mantain its innumerables qualities as it has been done since the ancient Egyptian : rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids that help regenerating the skin from the sublte tissues and remove hit from the sun, recovering from burns and skyn dryness. During the subsequent treatment of the massage and combined with medicinal plant oils it helps the natural absorption and assimilation of these.

What’s included

    5 Nights in a single or shared double room and prívate bathrooms in a villa with garden
  • YOGA
    5 Hatha Integral Yoga classes all levels of 90-120 minutes each with small groups of máx 5 guests with a mix of Vinyasa, Nidra and Iyengar styles
    3 Ayurveda or Thai massages of 1h each with use of different oils and technics depending on your dosha; 3 Body and face treatments with local ingredients made of ocean salt scrub and mask, clay & Aloe
    2 Surfing classes of 2h with material (board, wetsuit, leash depending your levels and size), transport included in a safeplace with sandy bottom; it is possible to change for other things
    1 Excursion to an amazing magic national park of Laurisilva Forest (Cubo de la galga) with hiking and snorkeling down by the greenest hills at Natural swimming Pools
    Ayurveda Herbal infusions and advice on personalized diet depending on Your dosha;
    Transport from airport to villa and back as to daily activities
    Air fare tickets; Shoes and dress for trekking; "Additional things to do".
    Tobacco, alcohol and meat are not allowed during the retreat; All meals are from local farms using natural method of agriculteres without poisons, Organic Certified; / Know how to Swim for Surfing

Available Packages


You will share with One Other Guest during 5 nights a private  and Beautyfull  traditional farm house with balcony and view  to Forest  and Sea , a large living room, bathroom and common facilietes at Chamiquela farm Resort 

Deposit: €100
Deposit: €180

Your Organizer

Rosalba Impellizzeri
Master of The Italian Yoga Federation since 1989