6 Day Holistic Psychology retreat

Nov 27 - Dec 2, 2022
Group size: 6 - 10
6 Day Holistic Psychology retreat

Nov 27 - Dec 2, 2022
Group size: 6 - 10

About this trip

Nina, Lili and Suzanne created a 6-day long holistic psychological journey for you. Within their retreats they focus on three principles: Mind, Body and Connection. 

"We believe in focussing on the root cause instead of just symptoms. In our retreat we aim to rebalance the body and nervous system, focus on healing stuck emotions and old patterns. To achieve this, we combine interventions from different kind of evidence based therapies with physical interventions, such as yoga and breathwork."

Therapeutical modules

In the daily therapeutical modules, which will be held in a group setting, they will guide you through your journey to reconnect with yourself and others.

The modules are based on several evidence-based therapies to peel off the layers so we can get to the core of our being, learn about our patterns and our core beliefs while learning to feel safe in our physical and emotional sensations. You will also practice acceptance to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. Lastly, you will explore what makes life meaningful for you and learn to take steady steps towards living a meaningful life. 


Breathwork sessions are incorporated, to journey inward. Breathwork is a powerful and gentle self healing tool that is used to restore the balance between our busy mind and our body. Through Conscious Connected Breathwork and the Wim Hof Method we tap into the wisdom of our bodies so we can find a deeper relaxation, release stress and integrate our emotions and experiences.

Ashtanga based yoga

Yoga opens you up to feeling every aspect of your body's sensations. It is a gentle, safe way for people to befriend their bodies. You will practice ashtanga based yoga. It is a dynamic and active practice with enough space to explore our own (mental and physical) boundaries, including yin postures, to deepen relaxation afterwards.

After this retreat...

..you have gained insight into your patterns and core beliefs

..you will know what steps to take to start changing the patterns

..you learn about your unmet needs and how to fulfill them

..you know what your values in life are and can take conscious actions towards a dedicated life by implementing new practical habits and cultivating self-care

..you recognise your emotional wounds, by feeling into your bodily sensations. You will learn how to cultivate acceptance towards your emotions and how to regulate them if necessary

..you reconnect with your authentic self. By doing so, we are able to connect with others in a way that serves our emotional and physical needs

..you are able to be kind to yourself during difficult times. You are learning to say to yourself: “These sensations are difficult for me. How can I best comfort and take care of myself in this challenging moment?” Instead of judging and criticizing yourself for all kinds of shortcomings, you learn how to be kind to yourself and acknowledge our shared humanity.

What to expect?

-  An intimate retreat (max 10 participants)

-  Luxurious accommodation in a boutique villa

-  Transformational therapeutical modules led by professionals

-  Breathwork sessions led by a certified breathwork coach

-  Yoga classes led by a certified yoga teacher

-  Daily check-in and check-out meditation to set intentions and stay connected with yourself.

-  Connecting to like minded people

-  Enough free time to read a book, journal, swim, indulge in nature, chill in the jacuzzi or hike to the beautiful waterfall just 5 minutes from the villa.

-  Daily cold pressed vegetable- and fruit juice

-  Healthy and delicious meals & snacks 

Meet the team

Suzanne Min is a Dutch psychologist and certified breathwork coach. Her passion is to build the bridge between her scientific background in psychology and more holistic approaches such as breathwork. That is why she has founded the first practice in Amsterdam that holistically combines both modalities. Through her own journey she discovered the power of the breath as a way to unlock the self healing potential that is inside all of us. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2016 and has experience working with burn-out, trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction. In her therapy sessions she likes to work with the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Based Therapy (ACT), EMDR and Imaginary Rescripting. In 2021 she started a two year post doctoral education to become a certified Health Care (GZ) psychologist. She hopes to contribute to a new vision on healthcare. One where we break the taboo around mental health. One where we remember our shared humanity and connection to nature.

Lili Schmidt is our German/Spanish psychologist, in training to become a psychotherapist in Berlin. She graduated from University of Amsterdam in 2019 and has since then worked with addiction, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and personality disorders. In her therapy sessions she likes to work with interventions where experiencing is central, and uses principles of systemic therapy, emotion focused therapy, imagery and role playing. In her vision on healthcare, the emphasis lies on connection with oneself, others and the planet.

Nina Beyleveld is a cognitive behaviour therapeutical worker and has worked in various youth and adult mental health institutions. She graduated in 2012 from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. For the past 10 years she has been working with people suffering from behaviour disorders, autism, intellectual disabilities, AD(H)D and addiction. On a personal level she has been busy with exploring spirituality, self-compassion and mindfulness. Yoga and other practices has taught her how to go from a human doing into a human being. She teaches yoga and meditation and is excited to have found the collaboration with Lili and Suzanne to combine her passions into this self-development journey.

What’s included

  • Accommodations
  • All meals & drinks
  • Yoga essentials
  • Towels & shower products
  • Therapeutical modules
  • Breathwork sessions
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Flights
  • Transfer malaga airport
    we will help with car sharing

Available Packages

Spacious quadruple room
4 left

1 bed in spacious room for 4 people. Beds are separated with room dividers for privacy. The room has a large bathroom with shower and an ensuite balcony with mountain views.

Check an impression of the rooms here.

There will be an EARLYBIRD discount of 10% for people booking before 10th of September.

Deposit: €400
Luxury Twin Room
only 2 left

1 bed in Twin room with private bathroom with bathtub & shower. The room has a spacious balcony with amazing mountain views. 

Check an impression of the rooms here.

There will be an EARLYBIRD discount of 10% for people booking before 10th of September.

Deposit: €600
Deluxe twin room
4 left

1 bed in Twin room with private toilet, shared bathroom with shower. The room has a spacious ensuite terrace.

Check an impression of the rooms here.

There will be an EARLYBIRD discount of 10% for people booking before 10th of September.

Deposit: €450

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Your Organizer

La Kookaburra
La Kookaburra is calling you to escape the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. Our retreat center is the perfect place to restore balance between your inner wild child and your tamed, civil side. Together we connect, share and grow. Lifting each other up and sending ripples of change out into the world.