6 day yoga and meditation retreat

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

deep yoga school
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6 day yoga and meditation retreat
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

deep yoga school
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About this trip


6 Days Meditation & Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh, India

Get ready to experience the yoga retreats like never before

The Yoga Retreat at the Deep Learning Yoga School in Rishikesh, India, offers you the opportunity to explore Rishikesh while you learn Yoga. Isn’t that an excellent opportunity? In Yoga Retreat provided by us, you will learn Yoga, Meditation, Shatkarma, and Yoga Philosophy as well as connect with your inner self without losing touch with the outer world. Your life will be full of peace and tranquility with the quality time you will have with us at the Deep Yoga Learning School. The activities such as Yoga, meditation, etc. will fill you up with the inner peace and mindfulness. In contrast, the beautiful, mesmerizing views your eyes will capture in Rishikesh will make your heart fill with content and will make you feel being in that moment at that exact point of time.

What makes Deep Learning Yoga School an ideal choice for Yoga Retreats is the features it has to offer. The location of the Deep Learning Yoga School is at apt coordinates that make it isolated from the chaos and noise of the city so you can practice Yoga and meditation without any disturbances and distractions. However, the small separation between the best places to visit in Rishikesh and the Deep Yoga School also makes it feasible for others to visit these places. Within a span of a few minutes, you’ll find yourself amidst the Lakshman Jhula and that too just by walking some small steps. You can do a lot of fun and enjoyment in Rishikesh and also indulge yourself in a lot of adventurous activities that Rishikesh offers being a tourist place. While the Yoga Retreat activities immensely make your mind healthy, adventurous activities like trekking to Kunjapuri temple, river rafting, sightseeing will keep you physically fit and emotionally happy.

The best part about the Yoga Retreats is the fact that it is suitable for all kind of learners doesn’t matter if they are beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Also, you get to learn in a place where the Yoga initially originated. So, you get to learn yoga from the teachers who are experienced in Yoga and have in-depth knowledge and understanding about it. Moreover, with us at the Deep Learning Yoga School, you get to eat healthy satvik food, which is more nutritious than your ordinary regular meal. Also, the proper schedule of Yoga and meditation in our school will bring discipline in your life, and it will also boost your concentration power, thus making you more productive.

It’s time to explore the unexplored, visit the unvisited, understand yourself more, experience the roller coaster of emotions, and all this in a single package, the Yoga Retreats by the Deep Learning Yoga School, one of the best Yoga Retreat center in Rishikesh, India. Open the windows for new thoughts that are full of positive energy and surround yourself with a surrounding full of positive vibes. Because life is more than what we experience, life is more than what we see. Moreover, there is a whole new universe inside us. Are you ready to explore it? Are you prepared to open the doors to a positive and healthy life? If yes, then you are more than welcome to join our Yoga Retreat program, and we will be immensely happy to serve you with our services.

Welcome to Deep Yoga  School which gives students an opportunity to experience one of the most affordable retreats filled with blissful meditation and yoga in Rishikesh, India.

Listen to the sweet birds, the trickling waters of the holy river underneath, and be absorbed inside the breath-taking perspectives of our jungle location- as life at our Deep yoga school retreat center transforms your life. With proficient and notably professional yoga instructors teaching from their hearts and the ancient & traditional lifestyle of yoga, take time out to treasure your life and immerse yourself into the magic and mystery of yoga.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert yoga instructor, the yoga retreat is the ideal place for a calming holiday. We will inspire you to listen to your body and guide you through your own individual transformation. You will learn about yoga, detox, pranayama and meditation to change your lifestyle in a positive way.

In this 6 days yoga journey, students will be taught Traditional hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga as well as Pranayama techniques to breath correctly, rhythmically, deep and slow to stimulate the inner peace and inner awareness. Meditation practices are also incorporated to train the mind or induces a mode of consciousness so that students can achieve not only physical awareness but also mental, emotional and spiritual self-development.

What make us different than others ?

Our yoga school utilizes the healing power of Mother Nature to help our guest enhance their yoga practice and strengthen their connection to a higher consciousness. Daily morning yoga classes, morning meditation classes, mantra chanting, yogic kriyas (yoga detox) and sacred fire rituals are some of the things which set us apart from the other yoga schools in Rishikesh. Here at Deep Yoga School we provide our yoga retreat residents with the purity of nature and facilitate purification of the self through a sattvic diet and balancing Yoga practices scheduled in one of our two beautiful indoor yoga studios.

6 Days Yoga Retreat course overview:

  • 1- Two Yoga Classes Daily
  • 2- One Pranayama Class Daily
  • 3- One Meditation Class Daily
  • 4- Nature Excursions
  • 5- One Tour The Himalayas
  • 6- River Ganga Aarti -Prayer 

What Does The Retreat Include ?

  • 1- 5 Nights Accommodation
  • 2- Yoga material
  • 3- Daily nutritious vegetarian meals and herbal teas
  • 4- Free pick-up service from dehradun airport
  • 5- One ayurvedic massage
  • 6- Nature excursions

What’s included

  • food
  • accommodation
  • travel

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