6 Days/5 Nights May 8-13, 2023 YOGA & SOUND HEALING - MAUI, HI

      Haiku-Pauwela, Maui County, HI, United States

      Mystical Alchemy Retreats
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      40 reviews
      May 8 - 13, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 5
      6 Days/5 Nights May 8-13, 2023 YOGA & SOUND HEALING - MAUI, HI
      Haiku-Pauwela, Maui County, HI, United States

      Mystical Alchemy Retreats
      • Facebook verified
      40 reviews

      May 8 - 13, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 5

      About this trip

       Venture to the lush tropical north shore of Maui for an intimate and expansive Mystical Alchemy experience at the Black Swan Temple, a safe space to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. We are a place for people to reset, awaken their innate gifts, and gain clarity about the path of their true north. Our intention is to help our guests reconnect with a sense of play, to surrender to the small still voice within and acquire tools for self-mastery in order to skillfully fulfill their highest calling and life’s mission.

      Mystical Alchemy retreats are not just a simple vacation and quick escape from reality, but rather we offer a powerful initiation that can quickly move you forward. Our programs are curated to facilitate healing, transformation, and empowerment through yoga, breath work, hammock yoga, sound healing, personal healing and coaching sessions, Earth altar rituals, communing with Nature, and a gourmet plant-based vegetarian diet.  


      • Accommodations
      • Breakfast & Lunch Daily (Dinner on day of arrival only)
      • Daily yoga, aerial yoga play, and sound healing classes
      • Welcome Supper & Intention Setting Ceremony on Day of Arrival
      • Complimentary interactive illustrated multimedia retreat journal + Online Retreat Portal
      • Complimentary On-site far infrared sauna, Hot Tub, Cold Plunge and Warm Pool
      • Evening Earth Altar Rituals, EFT & Sound Healing
      • New & Full Moon Sound Healing Ceremonies (if dates coincide)
      • Personal Access Bars/Healing Session with Heather (optional)
      • Compassionate Communication OR Life Coaching Session with Donny (optional)

      The Journey of Transformation

       Day 1: Intention

      Set your intention and embark on a process of metamorphosis where you enter a sacred and healing chrysalis of infinite possibility

      Day 2: Molt 

      Practice powerful releasing processes including Ho’oponopono, a traditional Hawaiian ritual for forgiveness and releasing personal and ancestral woundings, and inviting collective healing.

      Day 3: Dissolve 

      Lighten your path with healing practices that break the cycles of generational trauma, unhealthy habits, thought patterns, belief systems and karmic patterns.

      Day 4: Evolve 

      Activate, reclaim, and integrate all parts of your psyche's energy, wisdom and gifts and discover your highest next steps and path.

      Day 5: Anchor

      Embody the transformational energy that invites growth, abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life.

      Day 6: Emerge

      Navigate life with your new skills, wisdom and an understanding that will support you in your continued expansion and growth.  Receive a complimentary integration that you can schedule after your retreat.

      Daily Schedule & Meal Plan

      Day of Arrival Schedule

      3pm – 5pm Check in

      6pm – Vegetarian Supper

      7pm – Welcoming Sound Healing & Intention Setting Ceremony

      Regular Daily Schedule & Meal Plan

      7:30 am – 8:30 am – Breakfast

      9 am – 11 am – Yoga, Aerial Yoga & Sound Healing Class

      12pm – Healthy Vegetarian Lunch

      Afternoons - free to go sightseeing, schedule personal sessions, relax, etc!  

      8pm- 9pm - Evening Earth Altar Ritual, Tapping + Sound Healing

      Day of Check Out Schedule

      7:30 am – 8:30 am – Breakfast

      9 am – 10:30 am - Closing Ceremony

      11am - Check out


      Morning Practice

      Your day begins with a 45-minute Hatha/Kundalini Yoga warm-up to ground, connect with your breath, and release tension from the spine. This will be followed by a fun, therapeutic style of aerial yoga that brings in your inner child, promotes empowerment, and instills inspiration.

      The morning activity is capped off with a 30 to 45-minute sacred sound healing journey with 432 Hz frequency Crystal Singing bowls and Donny's live music and soundscapes. Our sacred sound meditations include Ho'oponopono Ceremony, Releasing Blockages, Balancing Chakras, Hawaiian Huna Energy Bodies, Time Line Therapy, Abundance & Manifestation, and more.

      Optional Sessions Included in Packages

      • Access Bars & Energy Healing Session
      • Compassionate Communication & Empathy Skills Coaching
      • Life Coaching and Mentoring

      Personal Sessions

      Included in this package are 2 personal sessions including the Access Bars, plus one of any other session listed.

      Access Bars

      The Bars is a healing modality that involves touching 32 energy points on the head. These points, also known as “bars”, store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and decisions that you have ever had about anything,  including your limiting beliefs, habits and ways of being. Your practitioner gently touches the points to release the stagnant energy so that you can recalibrate your thought patterns, and have the freedom that enables you to evolve into the greatest expression of your being.  

      Becoming the Mystical Alchemist

      Discover the innate magic within you by learning how to think, act, and perceive things as an alchemist. Alchemy is a sacred and timeless form of art that turns your life’s lead into gold through transformation, freedom, purification, and acceptance. You’d gain practical knowledge and have access to resources that help you understand the depths of your inner world and use it to influence your outside Earthly phenomenon.

      Non Violent Communication coaching 1-hour session

      Learn the basic principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) where you’ll discover how heart-centered communication creates more empathy, which gives you the gifts of seeing that everyone shares basic human needs, the empowerment to set clear boundaries with compassion, and the skills to make clear connected requests. 


      Guided Sacred Excursion Optional ADD ONS

      Summit Sunset Ceremony
      $300 for 1 person, $500 for parties of 2 or 3 (4 – 5 hours)
      Journey to the summit of Haleakela for a sacred ceremony of renewal.   Haleakela translates to “Home of the Sun” and this mountain is actually  considered to be the worlds largest as measured from ocean floor to  peak!  It offers the fastest rising ascent that is accessible by car of  any mountain in the world.  We can be at it’s 10,023′ summit in less  than an hour.  The Hawaiians consider this to be a sacred mountain and  place for ceremony.  On our journey we will take you to places on the  mountain that few people visit.  We will create an altar and a ritual  for releasing and renewal.  We will travel to the absolute peak and then  watch the sunset while enjoying complimentary hot herbal tea and  snacks.

      About Your Retreat Leaders

      Heather Salmon

      Heather is a renowned trailblazing sound healer, mystic, cultural creative, and recording artist who has multi-faceted abilities to elevate human consciousness. 

      An innovative pioneer in the field of sacred activism, spiritual transformation, and performing arts for over 25 years, she has produced dozens of popular sound healing journeys, and co-authored Amazing Woman Rise, and Lead, Amazing Woman, Lead book series. She also launched her own book, World Fusion Plant Based Soul Food Recipe Book.

      As a Spiritual Teacher and High Priestess ordained in the Essene and Temple of Isis lineages, her mission on this Earth is to use her innate ability in helping people discover their true gifts, find their own sacred path, and heal from generational trauma and past life karmas through ritual, yoga, energy healing, communication, sustainability, and plant based lifestyle practices.  Heather also holds a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto and has had several major career pivots beginning with an illustrious career as an international events producer with the NBA, then to a successful Hollywood actress and model, to finally stepping fully into her current life of sacred service through the healing arts.

      Donny Regal


      A true renaissance man, Donny is a certified Life Coach, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Thought Field Therapist. He uses the power of the musical keyboard to open up high frequencies that foster inspiration, healing, and spiritual awakening. 

      Donny has a solid 25 years of commitment towards human evolution. He has produced spiritual and new age albums and dedicates his life to sharing healing music and harmonies in spiritual events, ceremonies, dances, and tantric pujas. 

      He is an adept linguist of compassionate communication and is constantly integrating it into his tantric practice. He developed the code of "The Lovers Language".


       Reconnect with Nature at our lush tropical mostly off grid earth temple which is surrounded by majestic waterfalls. Situated in a very sacred part of the island known as the home of the owl and a place where once upon a time Hawaiian royalty initiated their training, this hidden gem draws you in for a state of deep spiritual attunement. 

      Your mornings are welcomed with the ineffable beauty of sunrises and cheerful sounds of nature. The 2.5-acre sanctuary breathes life with growing coconuts, pineapples, papayas, bananas, avocados, starfruits, oranges, lemons, lime trees, and a garden full of organic greens, herbs, flowers, and passion fruit. Guests are also greeted by two temple cats, giant bamboo, exotic tropical flowers, and gardens. Feel cozy and comfortable with the Black Swan Temple’s rustic setting that relies on lush green nature and trade winds as the primary ventilation source.

      We have good cell service. Our internet is accessible on limited parts of the property, as well as hot spots in certain areas. For the best experience, we recommended that you commit to unplugging and taking a digital detox during the course of your retreat program.


      Black Swan Temple has simple yet beautifully appointed Balinese cabins as well as a suite with a private bathroom. These cozy cabins are nestled in the tropical garden creating privacy for each. These cabins are somewhat rustic and have a shared bathroom and an outdoor shower. There is a lovely suite also available with its own private bathroom.  We do have internet, but no televisions or air conditioning.  There is a communal kitchen, office space, and a far infrared sauna, hot tub an mini gym that is also available for the guests. Classes and workshops take place in the beautiful sanctuary.


      Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreats offers amazing world fusion plant based gourmet cuisine that will satisfy every traveler’s palate! We use the finest organic and as locally sourced as possible ingredients. The program arranges an exquisite vegetarian meal plan for you, starting with supper on the night of your arrival, followed by breakfast and hearty lunch daily. Guests love to explore the island in the afternoons and get some local food for dinner.   Arrangements can be made for dinners on-site at an additional fee.  Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary needs.

      Additionally, you can recreate this rich and diverse food experience in the comfort of your own kitchen with our World Fusion Plant Based Recipe Book written by Heather and Donny.

      More info

      Payment & Policies


      BookRetreat.com bookings - initial deposit of 15.45% due through BookRetreats website.  This deposit is refundable within 72 hours of time of booking

      BookYogaRetreats.com bookings - initial deposit of 14% is due through the BookYogaRetreats website.  This deposit is NON Refundable.

      Direct bookings through Black Swan Temple  - Initial non-refundable deposit of 15% is due at time of booking.

      In all booking situations:

      The remaining balance is due 30 days before the start of the retreat. If your booking is made within the 30 days before the start of the retreat, the total balance is due within 3 days after making your reservation.

      All places are subject to availability at time of you making your deposit payment.  If payment is made for a specific retreat date and during the time of your funds clearing, the retreat fully books, a full refund will be offered or an alternative retreat date.

      Due to Covid Safe Travel Pretesting Requirements, 1 week advanced booking is required. 

      Extended Stay Options

      Extend stays beyond the retreat are possible.  Please contact us for rates and availability.

      Once we have received your booking, any cancellation will result in the loss of the deposit amount paid (except in the case of bookings done through BookRetreats.com where there is a 72 hour refund grace period).  

      Booking dates can be changed if requested 7 days or more from the scheduled date of arrival.  A credit will be issued, and rate changes may apply.  

      A $500 change fee is applied to bookings cancelled and changed within 7 days of scheduled arrival date.  A credit will be issued, and rate changes may apply.

      Retreats must be rebooked within 1 year of initially scheduled arrival date and can only be changed 1 time.

      Travel Insurance

      We recommend purchasing cancel for any reason travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

      COVID Policies

      Effective March 25, 2022 All Hawaii State and Maui County mandates and travel restrictions have been lifted.

      * We are only hosting a maximum of 5 guests per retreat which makes it very intimate. 

      The cabins do share a bathroom which is cleaned daily. We do have one suite with a private bathroom available.

      *There is plenty of room on the property to physically distance.

      * We have stepped up our cleaning protocols which include sanitizing our yoga swings and having swings dedicated to each client for the duration of their stay.

      * Disinfecting our yoga studio, bathrooms, doorknobs, countertops, etc., daily.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

      * Our classes are closed to the general public

      * We offer an immune-boosting meal plan, herbal teas and grow our own turmeric and other medicinal herbs and produce.

      Contraindications for Aerial Yoga

      Physical Restrictions and Contraindications for Aerial Yoga

      • Pregnancy beyond first trimester
      • Glaucoma
      • Recent Surgery
      • Heart Disease
      • Very High or Very Low Blood Pressure
      • Easy Onset Vertigo
      • Osteoporosis or Bone Weakness
      • Recent Concussion or Head Injury
      • Head Cold, Flu, or Sinusitis
      • Hiatal Hernia or Disc Herniation
      • Recent Stroke
      • Artificial or Re-Surfaced Hips
      • Botox (within 24 hours of class)


      It is each participant's responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding participation in the program which includes optional activities such as Aerial Yoga Play, AYRx and use of the spa and sauna, as well as for personal sessions that may include Energy Healing, and life coaching..  Participants should have no physical, mental, emotional, or other medical conditions that would prevent their full participation in the program and use of the facilities.  Further, The Black Swan Temple, Mystical Alchemy Retreats, Heather Salmon and Donny Regalmuto and support staff are not medical doctors and recommend that clients seek professional medical advice for any mental, emotional and physical ailments.  

      Full Disclaimer

      What’s included

      • Lodging
      • Food
        Vegetarian Breakfast & Lunch Daily (Cleanse program also available))
      • Welcome Ceremony
        Welcoming intention setting and sound healing ceremony
      • Movement / Sound Healing
        Daily 2+ hour Yoga, Aerial Yoga Play, and sound healing classes
      • Illustrated Journal
        Illustrated Interactive Retreat Journal
      • Sauna access
        On-site far infrared sauna
      • Hot Tub
        Nevalite Crystal Clay Hot Tub
      • Mini Gym
        Precor Machine, Total Gym & ZAAZ
      • Swim Spa
        Living Clay
      • Personal Healing Session
        Optional Access Bars/Healing Session with Heather
      • Personal Coaching
        Optional Compassionate Communication OR Life Coaching Optional sessions with Donny
      • Online Course
        Includes sound healing meditations, yoga classes and more
      • Retreat Recipes
        Retreat Recipe Book Club
      • Airfare
        To / from Maui (Kuhului - OGG)
      • Airport Transfers
        However, we can arrange them for $75 each way if within our normal arrival and departure times
      • Gratuities
        not included and are not required, but are appreciated by the staff if you feel you have received excellent service
      • Excursions
      • Covid Testing
        Expenses associated with Covid tests

      Available Packages

      (1) Smal Hibiscus Cabin/Double Bed/Sh Ba
      Sold Out

      1 person

      Hibiscus Cabin

      Private Cabin/Double Bed/Shred Bath

      Deposit: $400
      (1) Sm Temple Cabin/Db bed/Sh Bath
      Sold Out

      1 person

      Temple Cabin

      Private Cabin/Double Bed/Shred Bath

      Deposit: $400
      (1) Large Cabin/Queen Bed/Shared Bath
      Sold Out

      1 person

      Quan Yin Cabin

      Large Cabin/Queen Bed + Chaise Lounge/Shared Bath

      Deposit: $450
      (1) Treehouse Suite/Private Bath
      Sold Out

      Treehouse Suite/Queen Bed + Double Bed/Private Bath

      Deposit: $490
      (1) Offsite Accommodations Package
      Sold Out
      Deposit: $490

      Available options


      Small Hibiscus Cabin
      Small Cabin/Double Bed/Shared Bath/Outdoor Shower

      Your Organizer

      Mystical Alchemy Retreats
      40 reviews
      Heather and Donny Regal are the founders of the Black Swan Temple and the Mystical Alchemy prayerformance group! We offer sacred sound healing, yoga, Aerial Yoga Play, high vibrational plant based cuisine retreats out of our beautiful nature sanctuary in the lush tropical part of Maui, Hawaii!!!


      My heart was drawn to this retreat and as a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), it was refreshing to experience the Black Swan Temple as a mystical part of sacred Maui. Heather and Donny are disciplined and skillfull healers with pragmatic approaches that informed and encouraged me to stand in my own power. I experienced a profound transformation and left with a renewed perspective and continue to experience an expanded capacity for loving myself and others.
      By Minda G for 6 Days/5 Nights Feb 20-25, 2023 YOGA & SOUND HEALING | Maui HI on Mar 02, 2023
      I had an awesome experience. Everything from when I arrived to my departure was well planned out. The food and hotels where we stayed were top notch. The tours through the pyramids, camel ride, hot air balloon, jeep ride through desert and private boat ride down the Nile where exceptional not to mention adventurous. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone traveling to Egypt. The group of people that also attended the trip were fun and easy to get along with.
      By Theresa S for 13 Day Ancient Egypt Spiritual Pilgrimage on Oct 09, 2022
      Truly life changing. Thank you Heather and Donny, I would go with you guys anywhere.
      By Slavko V for 13 Day Ancient Egypt Spiritual Pilgrimage on Oct 08, 2022
      This trip was extraordinary. Just life-changing. Heather and Donny created a trip that was perfect in every detail from the ancient sites to the food to the amazing people in our group to the boat to our guide. In 13 days we went from being strangers to becoming family, sharing sacred moments in the ancient temples, music drumming and dance, and outrageous laughter. This experience has changed me forever.
      By Kathleen H for 13 Day Ancient Egypt Spiritual Pilgrimage on Oct 04, 2022
      Thank you Kathy for your beautiful reflections. It was indeed a life changing experience and you were an integral part of it. Thank you for your participation. Much love, Heather & Donny
      By Mystical Alchemy Retreats on Oct 08, 2022
      This retreat was nothing sort of magical. Heather’s cooking was absolutely delicious and my accommodations were comfortable and clean. I loved every minute I spent at Black Swan Temple and enjoyed aerial yoga immensely. The land is lush and gorgeous and the nighttime rain was the perfect way to fall asleep. I can’t wait to someday come back and experience the magic again. Thank you for this fantastic experience!
      By Carly G for 6 Days/5 Nights Aug 1-6, 2022 YOGA & SOUND HEALING - MAUI, HI on Aug 15, 2022
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