6 Days Machame Route – Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking

Mount Kilimanjaro

About this trip

Viewed as the most lovely and picturesque of the different courses up Mount Kilimanjaro, the Machame Route is suitable for additional daring explorers who wish for a more truly requesting move than Marangu or Rongai can offer. You can decide to finish this course in either six days or seven days.

Perhaps of the most stunning and well known course on Mount Kilimanjaro, the Machame (or 'Bourbon') course contains some extreme climbing that compensates the people who get ready and get through whenever hardship rears its ugly head.

What’s included

  • Park fees
  • Guide fee
  • Tax/VAT
  • Gate transfer
  • Crew wages
  • Environment fees
  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Crew tip



You'll be gotten from your Moshi facilities and make the drive to Kilimanjaro National Park.

Here, you'll liaise with your aides and start your climb through the verdant rainforest that garments the lower ranges of Kilimanjaro.

Climbing for 5-6 hours through this old wilderness, you'll get to go on a smaller than expected safari as you spot untamed life, for example, high contrast colobus monkeys en route.

You'll complete your day at Machame Camp (3,000 meters), where your doormen will be holding up with your tents