About this trip

Machame route for 6 days is the most of popular route on mount Kilimanjaro also its the unique route & recommended route on Kilimajaro mountain. According to static from kilimanjaro national park it's approximately 50% of climbers they use machame route to ascend Kilimanjaro mountain. The route is very beautiful and marvelous it's providing climbers incredible views of different natural and amazing feature and varying landscape.

The Machame route is approximately 31.6 km from Moshi to machame gate. Its designed for physical fit people with some hiking / climbing experience, but prenty of first time trekkers use the machame route as well as and do just fine, Machame route is very unique and rare in the eyes and you can view natural feature of the earth like lake Jipe, flora and fauna example tree hyrax bush monkey and different species of bird like white naked ravon. That why many trekkers recommended its better choice than other route.

Kilimanjaro Machame route is nicknamed the "Whiskey Route" as it is considered more difficult than the "Coca Cola Route" the nickname for the Marangu route. Machame route on Kilimanjaro is a good 6 days hike for those who have not trekked much at high altitudes, with an effective extra day’s acclimatization, giving a better success rate. Experienced and already acclimatized mountaineers may option for the more difficult 6 day ascent along the Machame route. The machame route is nicknamed as "Whiskey Route" because its consider more technically difficult but its steeper and beautiful scenic and Machame route its offer better acclimatization and it have high success rate.

What’s included

  • o Park fees,
  • o Camp fees
  • o Rescue fees
  • o 18% VAT on tour fees &
  • o Transportation to & fr
  • o Professional mountain
  • o 3 meals daily while on
  • o Both National and Inte
  • o Medical insurance
  • o Tips to mountain crew
  • o Items of a personal na


Day 1
Machame Gate to Machame Camp

Elevation (ft): (3,000 m): 5-. 6,000 ft / 1,830 m to 10,200 ft / 3,100 m.

Distance: 11 km.

Hiking Time: 5-7 hours.

Habitat: Montane Forest.

Camp: Machame Camp.

The drive from Moshi to the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Gate takes about 50 minutes. The journey passes through the village of Machame which is located on the lower slopes of the mountain. We now leave the park gate and walk through the rain forest on a winding trail up a ridge. Lower down, the trail can be muddy and slippery. Gaiters and trekking poles are a good idea here. We continue a short distance until we reach the Machame Camp.