7-Day Transformation Retreat April 2024

São Bartolomeu de Messines, Portugal

Apr 4 - 10, 2024
Group size: 1 - 10
7-Day Transformation Retreat April 2024
São Bartolomeu de Messines, Portugal

Apr 4 - 10, 2024
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

You’ve been on a healing journey and you’re asking yourself:

  • How can I identify and break through what’s holding me back?
  • Is there happiness and peace beyond anxiety & depression?
  • What’s my purpose in life?
  • Can plant medicine help me access my healing on a deeper level?

Are you looking for a safe, small group setting (6-10 Max) to experience a healing retreat of personal growth with sacred medicines?

Using sacred plant medicines (Psilocybin, Mapacho, Cacao, Sananga and Rapé), you'll experience a safe, legal (all medicines are decriminalized in Portugal- meaning legal for personal use), healing retreat guided by an experienced facilitator, former Paramedic and initiated Curandera (healer). We only use medicines that are grown/infused with intention for ceremony. 

This offering includes a 1-hr pre-session video call in order to help you deepen into the work and better prepare for the transformational experience. Day 1, we'll begin the work, in the early afternoon, so that everyone has time to arrive and settle in. Opening circle will be at 15:30. The next days will be balanced between nourishing the Spirit, soul, and body.  [It's not possible to arrive late nor leave early as it disrupts the group dynamic and flow of this work.]

You'll connect with your Spirit through sacred ceremony, reflection time and integration; with your soul through workshops, relaxation time and integration; with your body through movement, plant based foods, and meditation, all while connecting with nature in this serene, luxurious retreat center nestled in the heart of the Algarve. This 7-day retreat will have one Psilocybin ceremony.  When we finish the retreat the last afternoon 13h, you'll have insights and tools to take with you to continue your healing journey. I also offer a 1:1 post-retreat integration session (included) so that you're able to touch base in the weeks to come. You are not alone in this journey & I'm honored to be a part of your transformation.

Attention:   Sacred Medicine and teachings are not for sale. Your economic contribution helps support the costs of the event and the movements/livelihood of the facilitators.

Application Process:

  1. (Apply via) Register and pay deposit.
  2. Connect via Whatsapp or Telegram with Retreat Leader (Kasham).
  3. Receive email regarding how to Pack and Prepare for the retreat.
  4. Pay remaining balance no later than 9 days to retreat START date. (EARLY BIRD registrations/pricing must be paid in full by Feb 27.)

What’s included

  • Psilocybin Ceremonies
    2 sacred ceremony, sitting with the plants, with the intention of an inward healing journey. Dosing is customized; generally a Museum dose and a Moderate dose (1.8-3.5g).
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
    Using the sacred shamanic drum, and a certain rhythm, we will explore the other dimensions. There are many possible journeys. One of the most common at retreat is connecting with your Spirit Animal.
  • 1:1 Pre Session
    To begin the work before we meet in person, conducted online, about a week before retreat.
  • 1:1 Post Session
    To support integration, post ceremony. This is conducted online 3-10 days post retreat, but available up to 3 weeks post retreat. We believe integration is equally important to the ceremony itself.
  • Group integration
    Small group integration at retreat and post retreat. Connection, bonding, support and sharing. You can go as deep or as shallow as you choose.
  • Meals
    During retreat, all meals are included; providing nourshing, healthy food supports the medicine experience as well as the energy work in activities and workshops.
  • Accommodations
    Each location has a variety of accommodation options to fit every budget and preference.
  • Other companion medicine
    Sananga, hape, cacau offered/included in retreats. These are non psychedelic medicines that help support your experience.
  • Workshops/Activities
    Tailored to each group, to address and reflect on what is present with each individual in the group. These help support the overall preparation and integration of the experience.
  • Sound Bath
    Custom sound bath playlist that you can take with you to experience the energy of the experience even after leaving the retreat. Some retreats also have live sound baths (with no recording)
  • Breathwork
    Learning to connect with the breath for various purposes (activating pineal gland, relaxation, somatic purposes, energize oneself, etc)
  • Exclusive Access
    You'll receive exclusive access to a Whatsapp group pre retreat (that will remain open), as well as a larger Telegram group for aftercare support.
  • Airfare/Transportation
    Arrival and departure will be your responsibility. We can help arrange discounted shuttle service to/from the venue.
  • Travel Insurance
    We highly recommend taking travel insurance to cover any loss due to delays, inability to attend, injury, etc.
  • Visa costs
    Should you need any visa to attend/travel within the host country.
  • Souvenirs
    At some retreats, there will be handicrafts and items for sale that you may be interested in purchasing. Or on excursions, there may be things you would like to purchase.
  • Bodywork/Massage
    At most retreats, 50min massage is offered as an optional service.

Available Packages

Program Price- Shared Room
Available until April 1, 202410 left

Includes retreat programming and a shared 2-person room. The bathroom/WC is shared. If you prefer to have your own private room or private bathroom, upgrades are available.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we offer a Scholarship of 130€ to help this retreat be more accessible. This is in addition to the Early Bird discount (use code: EARLYBIRDApr)of 90€ when paid in full before Feb 27.  

If you need to take advantage of the financial hardship scholarship, please use the discount code SCHOLARSHIPFeb in the discount box.  

Deposit: €500

Available options


7-Day Transformation
7-Day Transformation Retreat Schedule

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (Actual schedule emailed a week before retreat)

*Day 1 

13-15h Arrive and room assignments

15:30 Opening Circle / activities

Tour grounds

18h Dinner

19:15 Tattoo Talk

20h Sunset Workshop

*Day 2 

8h Light breakfast 

8:45h Body Movement 

9:30h-12h Individual Readings (see sign up at retreat for times)

13h MUSEUM DOSE Mushroom Ceremony

20:45h (ish) Dinner

*Day 3 

09:10 Body Movement

10:15 Brunch

11:30 Sound Bath

Readings/Relax (see sign up at retreat for times)

16h Workshop

17:30 Dinner

18:45 Sharing/Integration Circle

20:30 Sunset Workshop

*Day 4

09:00 Body Movement

10:15 Brunch

11:30 Workshop


16h (NOT MANDATORY- depending on how you feel) Workshop

18:15 Dinner

19:30 Shamanic Drum Journey- (re)connect with your Spirit Animal

*Day 5 

8h Light breakfast 

9:15h Body Movement

Rest/Relax/Spend time in nature

13h Moderate Journey Dose Mushroom Ceremony

21h (ish) Dinner

*Day 6 

09:15 Body Movement

10:15 Brunch

11:30 Sound Bath


15h (NOT MANDATORY- depending on how you feel) Workshop

17h Journal Activity

18h Dinner

19:15 Sharing/Integration Circle

Night Workshop

*Day 7

Pack/Prepare to check out of room

09:10 Body Movement

10h Brunch

11h Closing Circle

13h End

Your Organizer

Intuitive Kasham