7 Day Wellness Retreat: Yoga, Nutrition Mindfulness & more - Greece

Lefkada, Greece

The Ultimate Health Fest
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Sep 13 - 19, 2020
Group size: 1 - 16
7 Day Wellness Retreat: Yoga, Nutrition Mindfulness & more - Greece
Lefkada, Greece

The Ultimate Health Fest
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Sep 13 - 19, 2020
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip


For even further peace of mind, we have extended the Early-bird price dates and we also offer full refund to all bookings in the event of cancellation**

Eat. Laugh. Dance. Sweat. Transform.

A first-of-its-kind Retreat by The Ultimate Health Fest team: 13 - 19 September 2020, Lefkada Island, Greece

Surrounded by untouched landscape, boasting majestic beaches covered with fine white sand and clear turquoise waters. The ultimate piece of paradise, located right here in the island of Lefkada. This exclusive sanctuary invites you to stimulate body and mind, with the intention to discover and strengthen the connection with yourself, your environment and those around you with us as your guide.

Our mission is to guide people through their health journey and provide the necessary tools to navigate and sustain a happier & healthier You.

You will be looked after by a team of multi-skilled Health Coaches including Personal Trainers, Yoga & Capoeira Instructors, Certified Nutritionists & Plant-Based Chefs. By combining our extensive knowledge, our Wellness Retreats offer an opportunity to achieve holistic wellbeing; balance the body, clear the mind and leave you with a sense of health & happiness. Our aim is to help people through our coaching to bring back equilibrium to their body by invigorating all five senses. To achieve this we are offering nutrient dense plant based cuisine, Mindfulness & Meditation practice, Balanced Eating workshops and a varied range of physical activities that incorporate Vinyasa & Yin Yoga, Aqua Aerobics and Capoeira flow in a unique full week experience in Greece.

Following the great success during the previous years and our sold-out 2019 retreat, we continue building a community and helping people discover the best version of themselves.

Journey with us on this Ultimate Health Fest to redefine your health and embark on a personal full mind & body transformation!


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa strengthens our communicative power of our mind and body to create a deeper conscious awareness that allows us to test and discover intrinsic boundaries while being physically challenged.

Capoeira Flow

Capoeira has the grace of a dance and the fire of a martial art. Originating by Africans in Brazil, Capoeira includes impressive kicks, elegant movements and acrobatics for all levels, while developing an individual's flexibility, strength, coordination and accuracy. Always performed to music, Capoeira will teach you how to synchronise with your opponent to form fascinating combinations while maintaining the flow of the movement.

Balanced Eating Workshops

Using theory and practice, understand how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Discover the importance of proper nutrition to achieving increased energy levels and a healthy, strong and nourished body. Forget about any nutrition myths or fad diets that don't work. This interactive class will give you the chance to have all your questions answered.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centres of the body to release blockages and increase energy flow. It focuses on static movement, breath work (Pranayama) and meditation to create a profoundly deep and rewarding practice.

HiiT the Water (Aqua Aerobics)

Discover how HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in the water builds up your stamina, tones up your body and activates your metabolism to burn body fat in the most enjoyable and fresh session. Witness how the water, apart from relaxing and calming, can be your best fitness partner – all this while boosting your vitamin D levels thanks to the Greek sunshine.

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. It is widely known as a therapeutic technique for managing stress, improving mood and concentration and enhancing our energy levels. In this session you will learn how to practice mindfulness and you will discover how you can apply it into your everyday routine.

Rehabilitation and Sports Massage

Here the Message Therapist will assess and treat muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. This significantly improves postures, range of movement and circulation facilitating in realigning the body.

Mandala Art Workshops

Mandalas have been used for centuries as a tool for prayer, meditation and healing. Here we have a chance to use these tools to relax, free our minds and discover a pathway to inside healing and self-expression. During the workshop you will be able to choose your own blank Mandala to colour, use this as a starting point to discover more about what colours and feelings speak to you, and get guidance to what this all means.

Discover the Stunning Porto-Katsiki Beach

Porto-Katsiki beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Let us take you there and show you why! Whether you choose snorkelling, swimming or sunbathing, you will experience total relaxation and will discover the most crystal clear waters you have probably ever seen.

Available optional one-to-one services

-Rehabilitation & sports massage.

-Consultation with our Registered Nutritionist, body composition analysis (body scan) and tips about your results (body fat, muscle mass, hydration levels etc.).


The villas are set amongst beautiful lush foliage and ancient olive trees, within a walking distance from the beach. They nestle discreetly against the mountainside boasting stunning views of the many small islands dotted in the Ionian Sea.

Designed by famed Italian architect Giovanni Bellagamba, this residence is carefully planned to offer its occupants a unique experience through a meticulous blend of spacious rooms and ample vistas. Original custom-made Balinese doors, water features and furniture have been used throughout which creates an unusual and intriguing twist when merged together with traditional Greek island living. Alfresco dining is at its best offering a large communal dining table overlooking the pool with unparalleled views. On the estate’s gracious and immaculately kept grounds guests can enjoy seclusion in a meditation pavilion or can relax around the 196 sq.m. lagoon style infinity pool. There is plenty of opportunity to stroll through the multilevel grounds enjoying the indigenous gardens and shade of the olive trees.

The property is ideally located within a walking distance from the beach as well as from the town of Nydri where shops, bars, restaurants and water sports can be found.

All bedrooms have wide sliding doors featuring breathtaking sea views, an air-conditioning unit and Wi-Fi. Bath and pool towels are provided.

The prices are all-inclusive and cover accommodation for 6 nights, 2 daily freshly made vegan meals plus loads of fruits & healthy snacks throughout the day, and all our daily activities!

The organisers

Nina Howes

A Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga Teacher (certified by Yoga Alliance RYT200 & RYT50) and Massage Therapist with a background in Psychology (BSc & MSc) and a passion for Health & Wellbeing. Nina has spent 6 years training under various yoga teachers in London, Dubai, Sydney & India. She has been blessed to delve into many different styles of Yoga broadening and deepening her knowledge about the theory and practice of Yoga. Nina incorporates her love for movement, flow and dance into her Yoga routines and believes strongly in practising Yoga on and off of the mat. She is devoted to guiding people through journeys of self-discovery and growth while addressing the importance of mental and physical wellbeing.

Nina’s story began with an illness at the age of 23 and her life transformations and self discoveries on her journey back to health. Her ongoing vision and ultimate mission is to create a platform promoting healing, growth and self-exploration.

Konstantinos Theodosopoulos

With an extensive background in Fitness & Art, Konstantinos started practising Capoeira in 2008. His passion has led him teaching in 3 continents and participating in numerous Capoeira workshops across the UK, Dubai, Bahrain, Brazil, France, Switzerland, California and Greece. Konstantinos also took part in the World Capoeira Championship in Baku in 2013. 

Alongside Capoeira, Konstantinos has been deeply involved in learning several music instruments and composing his own music. Understanding the art of music while allowing the rhythm to create something bold, powerful and yet peaceful, he reconnects you to fitness and music with his unique approach when teaching Capoeira.

Konstantinos is a a Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPs - CIMSPA) with an additional Level 4 specialisation in injury prevention & corrective exercise (CES).

Nina Bafouni

Nina Bafouni ANutr is a Registered Associate Nutritionist, a Wellbeing Coach and a Personal Trainer. Having been raised on the Mediterranean nutrition, from a young age Nina discovered her ever growing passion for cooking. In parallel, her active lifestyle while growing up has led her to participating in Tae Kwon Do competitions at an elite level.

Nina holds a BSc in Human Nutrition and her expertise lies in health psychology. She is an advocate of health and uses her expertise to motivate people to change lifestyle behaviours and to create an action plan for improving their wellness. Since 2012 Nina has educated people to achieve holistic wellbeing through her coaching on balanced eating, weight management, physical activity and mindfulness. She has worked on numerous Occupational Health projects for UK corporate clients such as Ford Motor Co. and TfL, and one of her future missions is publishing her own Vegetarian/Vegan recipe book.


"It was overall one of the most beautiful experiences I've had and I am forever grateful for my time here. Everyone was well organised, helpful and professional. Perfect balance of classes and downtime. The staff was amazing, location was perfect and the food was outstanding. I feel energised and motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle. I have learned about the importance of self-care and how it affects my physical & mental health." - Kimberly from USA, 2019

"My eyes and heart are still filled with the joy of the wonderful experience that we shared. Thank you!" - Laura from Italy, 2019

"A beautiful location and excellent organisers ensured a friendly and happy atmosphere. Activities were innovative and interesting and the food was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the retreat and would consider coming again. I learned a lot of new yoga poses, a lot about nutrition and some new Capoeira moves. I made far more friends than expected and each of the organisers was able to make the overall experience far better than I could have imagined." - Chris from UK, 2019

"The Ultimate Health Fest was truly an incredible experience. Konstantinos, Nina, and Nina(ki) were extremely knowledgeable and experienced teachers that brought great energy to every activity that we did. The combination of Yoga, HIIT and Capoeira made for a unique challenging experience that I really enjoyed. The retreat brought together a diverse group of people from throughout the world, who I plan to remain lifelong friends with. I look forward to the next retreat offering from the Ultimate Health Fest!" - Chris from USA, 2018

"Health and happiness in paradise on earth! Everything was excellent, from instructors to location to food! Highly recommended." - Jessica from Belgium, 2018

"Everything was perfect! The vibe, the activities and workshops, the view, the people.... I could go on forever.. Konstantinos and the two Ninas were just the loveliest people ever and always took that extra effort to make us feel comfortable. Very quickly they became friends and they even took us on trips around the islands. I spent such a great time there & loved the fact that it was easy to meet new people even though I went by myself. The food was the best I've ever eaten, in the workshops I learned so much about nutrition, happiness and stress reduction techniques & the classes were simply amazing too! I can sincerely recommend this retreat to everyone who wants to spend some quality life time and is open to significant life changes!" - Daniela from Switzerland, 2018

What’s included

  • 7 days / 6 nights
    All inclusive accommodation in beautiful villas
  • All activities
    All the daily activities, with an optimal combination of strength, aerobic, educative and meditative modalities.
  • Freshly made daily meals
    2 delicious, fresh, free from refined sugar, vegan meals per day and lots of fruits & healthy snacks throughout the day - all prepared by our expert in-house chef.
  • Relaxation
    Enough time for relaxation and resting
  • Community
    Be part of a community of like-minded people

What’s not included

  • Flight/boat tickets
    The best international airport to fly to is Athens (ATH) or Preveza Aktion airport (PVK). We can arrange for shuttle services to/from a number of airports. Please contact us.
  • Travel insurance

Available Packages

Luxury en-suite Shared Room (single bed)


A shared room for two occupants with two beds (one single bed and one double bed), en-suite shower bathroom and sea view.

All inclusive price per person.

Free cancellation.

Deposit: €350
Luxury en-suite Shared Room (double bed)


A shared room for two occupants with two beds (one single bed and one double bed), en-suite shower bathroom and sea view.

All inclusive price per person.

Free cancellation.

Deposit: €391
Luxury en-suite Private Couples Room


A private room for two occupants with a double bed, en-suite shower bathroom and sea view.

All inclusive price per couple.

Free cancellation.

Deposit: €706
Luxury en-suite Private Room


A private room for one occupant with a double bed, en-suite shower bathroom and sea view.

All inclusive.

Free cancellation.

Deposit: €563


Sample day
Each day will be surprisingly different!

7.30 am: Tea & Fruits

8.00 - 9.15 am: Vinyasa Yoga

9.30 am: Breakfast / Brunch

10.30 am - 4.45 pm: Free time for the beach, healthy snacks, optional activities, one-to-one sessions, massage, excursions

4.45 - 5.45 pm: Mindfulness workshop

6.00 - 7.30 pm: Capoeira Flow

8.00 pm: Dinner

Your Organizer

The Ultimate Health Fest
We are a team of multi-skilled Health & Wellness Coaches with a mission to guide people through their health journey and provide the necessary tools to navigate and sustain a happier & healthier You.