7 Days 7 Chakras + 5 Elements Retreat

Big Island, Hawaii

13 reviews
Apr 21 - 29, 2023
Group size: 4 - 7
7 Days 7 Chakras + 5 Elements Retreat
Big Island, Hawaii

13 reviews

Apr 21 - 29, 2023
Group size: 4 - 7

About this trip

The first step in growth, change, getting from where we are to where we want to be is to look at and pay attention to what is. We will spend this week getting into the down and dirty by looking at the limiting attributes and qualities as is associated with each chakra, each energy point. What's in the body that is ready to transform and transmute? We will observe and work with fear, guilt, shame, loss, lies, illusion, and attachments by understanding both their gifts and limitations. We'll replace these energies with trust, safety, creativity, choice, courage, compassion, acceptance, truth, vision, perspective, connection and will power. For added support we will work the 5 elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether for integration and expansion. 

Practice includes: Yoga asana to get us into the body where information and consciousness resides. Pranayama for clarity and strength. Meditation for insight and information. Mantra for direction and transmutation. Writing for clarity and creativity. Immersion with the profound nature of Hawaii for health, truth, calm and inspiration. 

Loose outline

Breakfast 8-9am

AM Practice 9:30-11:30am

Lunch 1:30-2:30pm

PM Practice 4-6pm

Dinner 6:30-8pm

Chakra means wheel. Outer stimulation, all information is taken in from the outside world and filtered through the five physical senses. The chakra system takes this energy in and channels it throughout the body. The energy stays trapped or dormant when there is an imbalance of unprocessed sensations such as fear, loss, guilt, shame, attachments etc...

This retreat will get you deep into the knowledge and wisdom of your body via the chakra system for insight, clarity, release, activation and empowerment. A balance of study, practice, adventure, good food, good company and a good time makes this retreat unique and special for those ready to up-level in practice and in life. 

Available Accommodations 

+ Two separate & private bedrooms in the upstairs of the large main house. One with Queen bed. One with King.

+ Three private cabins available. Each outfitted with one Queen bed.

+ An extra bed can be added per cabin upon request for a two individual person occupancy. 

+ Price adjusted for a two person occupancy 

About Kualoli Retreat Center

Kualoli is Hawaiian for metamorphosis. This speaks to the butterfly habitats on the property as well as the power of this sacred land. One can not help but be transformed by the raw, wild and profound elements unique to this part of the island. 

Kualoli is a three acre, off-grid property with an abundance of fruit trees. Enjoy coconut, papaya, cacao, cashew, noni, ulu, starfruit, lilikoi, avocado and more. Situated across from the ocean's edge, we have three lotus ponds, butterfly habitats, and a beautifully designed landscape fostering the feel of botanical garden and sanctuary. A 3600 sq foot all glass main house resides at the back of the property with sleeping accommodations, practice deck, communal lounging, and an open kitchen for fantastic dining. Three private cabins sit at the properties front, along with a separate communal area with an extra kitchen, dining area, toilets and showers for those staying in the jungalows. 

Retreats at Kualoli are intimate and life-changing.

Learn more at kualoliretreats.com

What’s included

  • Three meals a day
    Breakfast with local fruits unique to the island. Healthy lunch and dinner prepared by local chefs using clean and vibrant ingrediants
  • Twice daily practice
    Two hour sessions. Morning practice 9:30-11:30am. Afternoon practice 4-6pm
  • Trip to the local beach
    Black Sand Kehena Beach is ten minutes from the property
  • Hot Springs
    Pohoiki Hot Springs sit along the ocean and jungle. Heated from underground lava tubes. Nourishing and invigorating.
  • Evening Sound Bath
    Gong and harmonium sound bath for deep states of relaxation
  • Afternoon hike
    Lava beds and tidal pools along the ocean offer beauty and magic
  • Airport pick up/drop off
    Fly in and out of Hilo airport and we will pick you up and drop you off. Hilo airport is about an hour from the property..
  • Extra nights!
    If you would like to arrive two days early you may do so at a discounted rate of $75 a night.
  • Flight

Available Packages

Private Room in the Main House

Private room in a 3600 square foot all glass house! The house is lofted with an open floor plan. Two large, separate bedrooms upstairs. Have your own light filled room with queen bed and views of the jungle property and night sky. Shared bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs. Big soaking tub, indoor and outdoor showers. See photos. 

Deposit: $500
Private Jungalow

Enjoy your own private cozy jungalow with private lanai and gorgeous views of the surrounding jungle and night sky. Queen bed, sitting area, comfortable, clean, simple and an immersion with nature. See photos. 

Deposit: $500
Shared Junglaow

Bring a friend and enjoy your own private cozy jungalow with private lanai and gorgeous views of the surrounding jungle and night sky. One queen and one full bed, sitting area, comfortable, clean, simple and an immersion with nature. See photos. 

Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

13 reviews
My inclusive approach to yoga and life enables me to relate with and to hold space for students wherever they are in their practice and their lives. At the same time, my belief in the power of the practice and the potential of each practitioner challenges students to see where they are ready to evolve so that they too can access this transformational tradition as a tool to invoke radical consciousness, wild sovereignty, unwavering self-expression and untamable love. My passions for art, music, and travel lace my teachings with the freedom to create one’s own experience on the mat to embolden students to pioneer their own paths in life. As a Bay Area native, I ultimately promote yoga as a medium to build a thriving community that respects the truths of all.


This was a lovely retreat. I felt welcomed into Robin's beautiful life full of abundance and beauty. I learned a lot, ate delicious meals every day, and the jungalow was so cozy and comfortable.
By Haley C for New Years Eve KIRTAN Hawaii Retreat on Jan 08, 2023
I had a wonderful time at the Grace and Gratitude trip, and I hope to attend next year as well. I loved the classes. I was pleasantly surprised that I left the retreat with sore muscles. It felt great! I also liked that the yoga classes were long and extended, rather than just taking up a few hours or so each day. It truly felt like a yoga immersion, which is exactly what I wanted. The food that was served was delicious- just one of many things I enjoyed about the Ratna Ling Retreat Center. It was very luxurious and peaceful. I did not mind the rain at all, because it was nice to be cozy inside. I was so glad that we got chant during the retreat- I wasn't sure we would, and my expectations were definitely fulfilled. I love chanting, and it was beautiful to hear all our voices together. Finally, the pranic breathing workshop was an incredibly interesting experience that I will remember for a long time. It definitely was unique, and I'm so glad that I participated. Thank you, Robin, for an amazing retreat! Can't wait for next year
By Katie K for Grace and Gratitude Yoga Retreat on Dec 26, 2019
This was marvelous retreat. Perhaps the best of the 5 yoga retreats I have attended. Robin sets a very welcoming tone, paces the moving yoga beautifully and enables a highly spiritual, contemplative atmosphere. The members of the group were uniformly lovely.
By Marilyn R for Grace and Gratitude Yoga Retreat on Dec 20, 2019
This was my first Yoga retreat, and it won’t be my last! The accommodations and food exceeded my expectation, and Robin is an incredible teacher. Thank you!
By Casey G for Grace and Gratitude Yoga Retreat on Dec 11, 2019
This was such an amazing experience. The retreat is in a secluded area surrounded by nature and wild life. It's so peaceful and serene. Robin is an amazing yoga instructor and everything she planned went super smoothly. I love going on retreats with Robin because it's not just about the yoga it's a full experience from her amazing energy to her beautiful voice, singing, chanting, relaxing, eating well. I feel so nourished from head to toe and from inside and outside. Words won't do her justice. Next year I hope to take my Mother with me on this retreat. Thank you Robin for all that you do for us. I feel like a brand new person after this retreat.
By Parastoo E for Grace and Gratitude Yoga Retreat on Dec 10, 2019
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Robin has been my favorite yoga teacher since meeting her. I joined her yoga immersion program and I am so glad and grateful that I did. I was able to deepen my practice of yoga, on and off the mat. I love Robin's teachings, as she teaches yoga way beyond the postures and practice on the mat or during a session. To be able to carry those teachings into the every day life is a blessing and a way to live that I will never forget. Highly recommended!
By Shirley Y on 12 Jun, 2019