7 days Cuban Culture and Yoga Retreat December 27th with Ludisis

Havana, Cuba

Yalorde Yoga
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Dec 25 - 31, 2018
Group size: 6 - 14
7 days Cuban Culture and Yoga Retreat December 27th with Ludisis
Havana, Cuba

Yalorde Yoga
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Dec 25 - 31, 2018
Group size: 6 - 14

About this trip

This Yoga and Culture retreat that we present to you in Cuba, is an attempt to share the love for this warm country where our yoga teacher and founder Ludisis Mones was born. To take you by the hand through its streets and squares, we have designed an itinerary, thought of you, we invite you to discover the real Cuba in an active, curious way, with great capacity of inexhaustible astonishment and discovery. You will be witnesses of an experience of the real Cuba, the Cuba that can only be seen knowing its corners by the hand of a Cuban.

This Cuban Culture and Yoga Retreat is a stay of 6 nights that gives you the opportunity to get away from everything and maybe discover why our idiosyncrasy as Cubans is so unique. You can expect a week of immersion in cubanía, relaxation, surprising discoveries and revitalization while embarking on this retreat. We will visit the cities of Havana, Trinidad and Pinar del Rio, besides knowing the Cuban Tabaco, Cafe and Rum route in Viñales Valley.

To penetrate the history of the capital of Cuba, "Havana", we will visit The Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, the largest fortress built by the Spanish in the "New World". Havana repeatedly rose from the rubble and ashes that were reduced from time to time by French pirates and corsairs during the first half of the sixteenth century, so military defenses were built at the entrance to Havana Bay.

Havana, in turn, is the capital of the Republic of Cuba and the most cosmopolitan city in the country. From its first centuries, it became the most important cultural center of the Island. Diversity is the sign of Havana culture. Traditions of African, Spanish and African origin converge, with some Chinese and Arabic, among other recognizable influences in the daily life of the city.

Of particular religious interest and much of our idiosyncrasy is the Afro-Cuban religion; the heritage of our African ancestors. During our Retreat of Yoga and Cuban Culture, you will be able to enjoy an explanatory workshop as well as an Afro-Cuban dance workshop. The Afro-Cuban Religion or Santería is the syncretization of the Catholic religion of the Spanish colonizers and the "Regla de Ocha" of the African slaves. Each Cuban venerates a specific orisha "orisha" who protects and protects him during his life. The Cuban religiosity brings together songs, shouts, laughter, ceremonies, offerings and the so-called "spiritualism".

The inhabitants of Cuba are exuberant in their love and hyperbolic in their emotions: they are all friends of the Cuban citizens and they are friends of the whole world. In Cuba, there are no strangers since foreigners are going to be part of our great family, to whom they realize they belong when they are surprised talking to a Cuban for hours, whom he never met before and probably does not see anymore; as if he were a loved one for life. Cuba is a unique confessional, where the Cuban is ordained a priest of laughter, saving souls from the most serious depressions.


What People are saying about us

Patricia Joseph - EUA

My Cuban Yoga Retreat was AMAZING!!! I've told everyone what an incredible experience we had! I'm hoping to be able to go again next year!!

United States, Monday, 30 July, 2018

Leslie Tenney - EUA

One of my very best travel experiences!

The instructors are what makes this a truly unique experience! Every detail was so carefully planned, though they were open and willing to accommodate individual preferences and modifications. Because of the small group and the thought that was put into every detail, I felt that I experienced Cuba in a very different and personal way. As a native Cuban and because of the love that she puts into her work, Ludi is exceptional. She offered insights that I don’t think I would have experienced otherwise. As a team, Ludi and Gunther work toget

Aart Schutte - Netherlands 

You will enjoy the beautiful city of Havana more with a tour guide who really appreciates the beauty and culture of her city. Ludisis will bring you to the best places where you can enjoy the nice side of Cuba. She knows the cultural hotspots, places to have a good meal, and where to go dancing and meet the locals. Ludisis is educated as a classical dancer, tourist guide and yoga teacher. She has lived and travelled in various countries. Ludisis as a guide is trustworthy, punctual, cultured and fun to be with. Ludisis understands the subtle difference between making you a plain tourist and making you a partaker of the local culture.

Thanks Ludisis for showing me Havana!


Tener a Ludisis como maestra ha sido una experiencia maravillosa. Ludisis me enseño con mucha paciencia y dedicación.Ella tiene mucho conocimiento de las materias que enseña . En sus clases no solo aprendi a bailar salsa cubana sino que también amplie mis conocimientos espirituales y de autoconocimiento. Recomiendo a Ludi 100 por ciento

Regina Cameron - EUA

I had a WONDERFUL time in Cuba. Ludisis did an amazing job making sure that we had the best experience possible. I can’t wait to go again, and again, and again!!

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    6 Nights of Lodging in Private Houses. ALL ROOMS HAVE AIR CONDITIONER.
  • Tour
    Guided tour in English the city of Havana World Heritage since 1982.
  • Visit
    Visit to Dance Schools and Plastic Arts Workshops.
  • All Breakfast
    Daily Breakfast at your particular house
  • airfare
  • travel insurance


Day 1
Welocom to Havana

Transportation from HAV Airport to Casa Particular( ACC )

Arrive & Settle In (All hours are approximately)

3:00 pm

Welcome Reception

4:00 pm

Opening the Retreat

5:30 pm

Welcome Dinner (included)

6:30 pm

Your Organizer

Yalorde Yoga
Ludisis, is a dance and certified Yoga Alliance teacher from Cuba. Her studies in tourism (cuban univercity) permitted her insight at Yoga retreat venues. Ludisis is a person who radiates joy and harmony. She is passionate about spirituality, and offers wisdom, guidance and persistence to her students. Teachers who worked with her, found her to be a kind, strong and powerful indivdiual, , and she can be relied upon to act as the calm in the middle of a storm. She is balanced and kind hearted as well as beautiful inside. A true guide to one's life's work. Together with Guenther, a Thai massage instructor, nature lover, globe trotter, pathfinder, Trekker, Skier, Mountainbiker and Rock Climber. He does Thai Massage since 1995 and lived several years in Thailand, Japan and Chile. Our goal is to provide you a unique and personalized retreat experience. In addition take advantage of the benefits of ancient Thai techniques, Meditation, spirituality, guidance, fitness, healing and Yoga.


This was the best trip I have been on . Very organized and well planned . The accommodations were nice . The itinerary allowed us to emerse ourselves In the Cuban culture thru painting, dance, hiking, site seeing, and so much more! I highly recommend Yalorde Yoga w Lusisis and Gunther.
By Burnetta Gibson on Jul. 17, 2018
Thanks Ludi and Gunther for a wonderful Cuban Experience Retreat June 27,2918 thru July 3,2018. I can not stop talking about the Culture, family atmosphere you showed ,and learning of Cuban Heritage. I plan to return soon. Much love from the USA. I highly recommend your services when traveling to Cuba. Shawn
By Shawn Coles on Jul. 09, 2018