Mount Kilimanjaro

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The Lemosho course is viewed as the most beautiful path on Kilimanjaro, allowing all encompassing vistas on different sides of the mountain. As one of the more up to date courses, Lemosho is an eminent decision for your trip. It is our favored course because of its ideal equilibrium of low groups, wonderful view and a high culmination achievement rate. Topi Adventure has some expertise in directing on the Lemosho course. The vast majority of our clients climb Kilimanjaro utilizing this course and they reliably report that they adored it.

What’s included

  • Park fees
  • Guide fees
  • Gate transfer
  • Environment fees
  • Taz/VAT
  • Crew wages
  • Flights
  • Crew tip

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Day 1. Lemosho Glades
Day 1. Lemosho Glades to Big Tree Camp - Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

You will be gotten up lodging at around 08:00am and moved to the Lemosho entryway situated on the western side of Kilimanjaro. After the enrollment interaction you will in any case begin our ascension consistently through the woodlands of the Lemosho knolls to arrive at Big Tree camp where you will go through the evening.