7 Days Transformational Tour and Yoga Retreat in Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Yalorde Yoga
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Jun 21 - 27, 2019
Group size: 4 - 25
7 Days Transformational Tour and Yoga Retreat in Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Yalorde Yoga
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1 review

Deposit: €350
Jun 21 - 27, 2019
Group size: 4 - 25

About this trip

Experience the real Cuba with a Cuban

Come and explore Cuba with a Cuban who has local knowledge, insider secrets and history that you can not find anywhere else.

Yalorde as a Cuban is the guide and a local friend who is always at your disposal and shows you the magic spots that only a Cuban knows.

  • Explore the heritage center of Old Havana through our walking tour in which we will also visit the non-tourist neighborhoods where you can get to know the true local life in Havana
  • Take your practice to a different level with our relaxing daily Hatha Yoga sessions. Meditate in typical places of Cuba such as its beautiful beaches or on a rooftop with the best views of the colonial Havana. All levels are welcome
  • Experience the real Cuba in "Casas Particulares" where you can share with your local hosts about the culture and the Cuban idiosyncrasy
  • Attend a show of traditional Cuban live music and dance with locals during the show

Why this tour is for you?

Yalorde Yoga invites you to her neighborhood in Havana, for an exclusive experience! Engage with her family and neighbors, visit and enter local houses and enjoy a typical day of a local Cuban. Walk on 500-year-old cobblestones streets while Yalorde Yoga shares the unique history that embraces Havana. Get to know the most remarkable historical sites of Havana, like La Plaza de La Revolución, The Capitol, La Bodeguita del Medio, and La Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña.

  • Feel get back in time when visiting the colonial jewel of Trinidad, a gorgeous city with its main square surrounded by magnificent 18th-century buildings
  • Enjoy the ultimate experience visiting local temples of Afro-Cuban Culture or Santeria where the true protagonists will teach you about this transcendental African influence
  • Prepare for an adventure to the Viñales Valley, located in the westernmost of Cuban provinces, called by some Cuba's natural Cathedral and declared UNESCO World Cultural Landscape, but also known for growing the best tobacco in the world
  • Breathtaking tour to the Topes de Collantes Natural Park in the chambray mountains to delight yourself with its huge natural pools, beautiful waterfalls, and fascinating flora and fauna, for example, Colibrí or the national bird: El Tocororo
  • Indulge in the tobacco aroma and learn from the farmer the cultivation process and how to roll Cuban tobacco with your hands

A visit to Cienfuegos, a Sensational city by the Sea with French architecture that remains intact despite the weather. Its Historic Center, declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, is considered a unique model of 19th-century urban planning in Cuba and the Caribbean.

Have fun while you learn and dance Cuban Salsa with locals in our Private Salsa classes. Salsa is a popular dance and comes from Son: our National dance.


The breakfast includes exotic tropical fruits, omellet, natural juices, fresh bread, homemade jams, Cuban desserts, milk and the best coffee in the world: Cuba's!

This Cuban culinary experience during our retreat in Cuba. In Havana the lunches will take place in restaurants of typical Cuban Creole food located in the colonial architecture municipalities of Centro Habana and in Old Havana. (not included)

In Trinidad our hostesses Lisandra and Sonia will cook delicious traditional food from the Santi Spiritus region, without a doubt this will be a great opportunity to enter their kitchen and learn how to prepare some of these delicious dishes.If you prefer vegetarian food, please let us know when you make your reservation and we will provide vegetarian dishes.Among the dishes that you will enjoy at this retreat are:




  • Ropa vieja (Cuban-style shredded beef)
  • Congris
  • Mojo-Marinated Pork Shoulder Roast (Pernil Roast With Mojo)
  • Cuban-Style Chicken Stew (Fricassee de Pollo)
  • Fish with Escabeche Sauce (Pickled Fish)
  • Ajiaco
  • Yucca with Mojo sauce


  • Breakfast


  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Soda


Set in the rich culture and beauty of Cuba, "the Pearl of the Caribbean"

You will have the opportunity to explore Havana and Viñales.

Accommodation during our retreat:

In Havana, you will stay in our private house that is very close to the main cultural and historical sites of the city and the Habanero Sea, the colorful life of Havana gives a family and vintage style to our Casa Particular.

In Trinidad, you will stay in our Villa that is right in front of the sea, where you can enjoy the best sunsets from the terrace on the roof of the villa, from where we will also have Yoga classes.

In both cities: "Havana and Trinidad", you will have your own room with a double bed and private bathroom. You will enjoy privacy, security, and comfort. 

What Makes This Retreat Special

Discover Cuba with a Cuban Yoga teacher who knows every corner of the country and will ensure that you have a unique experience in this yoga retreat.

On this retreat, you will experience Cuban music, a meditation on the beach, eating delicious Cuban dishes, making new friends, practicing Hatha Yoga.

You will also get inspired, increase your flexibility, learn about spirituality, gain more energy, enjoy nature with like-minded people, and change your life!  

Aditional Imformation

Summary Of Travel Times:

  • Havana to Viñales - 3 hours
  • Havana to Cienfuegos - 2 h 45 min
  • Cienfuegos to Trinidad - 1 h 22 min
  • Trinidad to Havana - 4 hours
  • José Martí International Airport to Casa Particular - 35 minutes

Budget For Additional Costs

  • Spending money for meals, souvenirs,  additional gratuities: US$300-500
  • Medical Insurance (Required by Cuban Government): US$36-63 
  • Note: Insurance is included in airfare for direct flights to Cuba from the U.S. 
  • Cuban Tourist Visa (Tourist Card): US$50 - 100

Available Dates

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    6 nights beautiful accommodation in colorful Havana and Trinidad.
  • Yoga and Meditation
    Rejuvenating Hatha Yoga and Vipassana meditation sessions with our Cuban yoga teacher, Ludisis.
  • 6 x breakfasts
    Lovingly prepared by our local staff.
  • Guide
    Guide and personalized special attention during the whole trip.
  • Airport Round trips
    Free airport pickup and dropoff, because we want to meet you as soon as possible :)
  • The following transfers
    Transportation to and from Trinidad, Viñales, and Havana.
  • Tour
    Guided Walking tour of Old Havana in English.
  • Cuban Immersion
    Immersion in Cuban Popular Culture: discovering the daily life of the Trinitarians (local people of Trinidad), excellent opportunity to learn about the typical ceramics of the area, the colonial arch
  • Short Excursion
    Short Excursions to Cienfuegos.
  • Afro Cuban Workshop
    Workshop of Afro-Cuban Culture or Santeria: An approach to the traditions inherited by our African ancestors that will allow you to know the traditions, myths, ceremonies, songs and Orishas that make
  • Vipassana Meditation
    Meditation session on the beautiful shores of Playa la Boca Beach in Trinidad.
  • Visits to "Barrios"
    Life changing visits to neighborhoods in Havana to meet locals and know the real Cuba life.
  • Travel Documents
    Flights, tickets and any visas required.
  • Tax and Services
    Tax and Services not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Lunch and Dinners
  • Some activities
    Activities mentioned as: not included in the itinerary
  • Some Transfer
    Transfer to optionals activities.


Cuban Cultural Immersion and Yoga Holidays Program Itinerary:

DAY 1: "Welcome to Cuba"

Today you will arrive in Cuba and Ludisis will pick you up at the José Martí International Airport (HAV).

The transfer to our "Casa Particular" (Guest House) is around 35 minutes. Upon arrival, your local hosts will warmly welcome you and show you your room. 

Then in the afternoon, we will have a welcome ceremony in which you will meet the other participants and will have dinner together at a local palate (privately owned restaurant).

Today's accommodation:

Casa Particular (Guesthouse - 1 night)

Meals included:

There are no meals included in this day.

DAY 2: "Havana, a city of history and traditions"

In the morning today, I invite you to a relaxing session of Hatha Yoga that will prepare you for the rest of the activities of the day. Our local hosts will prepare a delicious breakfast in which you will be delighted with tropical fruits such as Guava or Papaya. 

To immerse yourself in the culture and history of the Cuban capital, today we will make a walking tour of Old Havana in English. Old Havana is one of the fifteen municipalities of the province of Havana. We will enter into its historic center which, together with its System of fortifications, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982 by UNESCO. 

The Historical Center of Havana has 3370 buildings, most of great environmental and patrimonial value. Walking through this city Intramuros you will know its most characteristic symbols such as El Capitolio, El Templete, La Giraldilla, and El Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro, the latter was inaugurated in 1630 and is the symbol that welcomes the city to those who arrive it by sea.

You will also appreciate the five main squares that define the physiognomy of the old city: Armas, Plaza de San Francisco de Assis, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza Vieja, and Plaza del Cristo.

In addition to visiting historical sites, we will visit non-tourist neighborhoods to learn about the life of the locals, learn about the Cuban currency and the peculiar lively and boisterous life of the Habaneros. Finally, we will finish this day with a Cuban Salsa class.

Today's accommodation:

Casa Particular (Guesthouse - 1 night in Havana)

Included Activities:

  • Old Havana Walking Tour in English.
  • Cuban Salsa Dance with Ludisis.
  • Excursion to non-tourist neighborhoods to learn about the life of the locals.

Activities (up to the individual)

- Museum of the Revolution - 5 CUC

- National Museum of Fine Arts - 5 CUC

- Vintage Car Tour - 60 CUC (2 hours)

Meals included:

- Breakfast

DAY 3: "Behind the Cuban Tobacco Route in the Valley of Viñales"

Westernmost of Cuban provinces, its main attraction for tourists is its natural beauty. Today we will go to the one called Cuba's natural cathedral, "Pinar del Rio" province is not only famous for the Viñales Valley, to Unesco world cultural landscape, but also for growing the best tobacco in the world.

Typical of this Natural Park is the unique mogotes, hillocks of limestone, honeycombed with cavities and with a nearly flat top. Here in Viñales, you will get to know the Cuban tobacco growing process, where farmers transmit their secrets from fathers to sons.

At the end of the day, we will have a session of silent meditation surrounded by the majestic mountains of Viñales Valley, meet your inner being and fill yourself with the purity that the valley offers you.

Today's accommodation:

Casa Particular (Guesthouse - 1 night in Havana)


From Havana to Viñales round trip is included.

Included Activities:

Guidance and demonstrative tour about Cuban tobacco.

Meditation Session in the middle of the Valley.

Activities up to the individual with extra cost:

- Horseback tour of the tobacco and coffee plantations.

- Tour of caves, prehistoric mural and coffee plantations

Meals included:

  • Breakfast

DAY 4: "Trinidad, the past in the present"

Today, first of all, we will begin the day with a tasty breakfast prepared by your local hosts at Casa Particular in Havana. Then we will start a trip to Trinidad the so-called museum city of Cuba.

This colonial jewel has a main square surrounded by magnificent 18th-century buildings such as the Sanchez Iznaga palaces, and the church of the Holy Trinity. Here Spanish and African traditions are blended and flourish in a culture passed on from one generation to the other.

Before arriving at our Vila in front of the sea, we will make a stop to be pleased with Cienfuegos a city that dazzles for its French architecture.

Tonight I invite you to delight yourself with live music and folklore at La Casa de La Música de Trinidad.

Today's accommodation:

Beachfront Villa (Guesthouse - 1 night in Trinidad)


From Havana to Trinidad is included.

Included Activities:

- Excursion to the city of Cienfuegos: The call Pearl of the South.

Activities up to the individual:

- Night of live music and folklore at La Casa de La Música de Trinidad (transfer 10 CUC and entrance fee 1 CUC)

Meals included:

- Breakfast

DAY 5: "Eco - Topes de Collantes Natural Park"

Hatha Yoga at sunrise on the shore of the beach watching the rising Sun will allow you to reconnect with your inner being and have a beautiful moment of peace.

After breakfast, The Topes de Collantes Natural Park, an immense protected area that owns 45% of the endemic birds of the country awaits you for a Hiking excursion.

In the afternoon, a tour of immersion workshop in Trinitarian popular culture, excellent opportunity to learn about the typical ceramics of the area, the colonial architecture and the efforts of the neighbors to conserve it.

Today's accommodation:

Beachfront Villa (Guesthouse - 1 night in Trinidad)

Included Activities:

- Hatha Yoga Class at Sunrise with Ludisis Mones.

Activities up to the individual:

- Topes de Collante Natural Park Excursion (80 CUC)

Meals included:

- Breakfast

DAY 6: "Enjoy Havana like a local"

In the morning today after breakfast we will embark a trip to Havana in a private car.

The Afro-Cuban Religion or Santeria came to the island in the minds of Africans brought to Cuba as slaves. In Cuba, this belief was syncretized and in the present is one of the most popular beliefs in Cuba. Today we will visit a temple of local practitioners who will teach you their rituals, ceremonies and the characteristics of each deity.

An Afro-Cuban or Cuban Salsa dance workshop of your choice is included this afternoon. At night one of the most important shows in the country brings you artists from the winner of several Grammys "Buena Vista Social Club".

Today's accommodation:

Casa Particular (Guesthouse - 1 night in Havana)


From Trinidad to Havana is included.

Included Activities:

- Afro Cuban Culture Workshop with Locals practitioners.

- Salsa Dance Lesson with Ludisis Mones.

Activities up to the individual:

- Buena Vista Social Club Show and Dinner - 70 CUC.

Meals included:

- Breakfast.

DAY 7: "Hasta Pronto Cuba"

  • Hatha yoga session and Vipassana meditation.
  • A ceremony with offerings and mantras to the orishas.
  • Breakfast and departure at Casa Particular in Havana.
  • Transfer to the José Martí International Airport (HAV) in Havana (included).

Your Organizer

Yalorde Yoga
1 review
Ludisis is a dance and certified Yoga Alliance teacher from Cuba. Her studies in tourism permitted her insight at Yoga retreat venues. Ludisis is a person who radiates joy and harmony. She is passionate about spirituality and offers wisdom, guidance, and persistence to her students. Teachers who worked with her, found her to be a kind, strong and powerful individual, and she can be relied upon to act as the calm in the middle of a storm. She is balanced and kind-hearted as well as beautiful inside. A true guide to one's life's work. Together with Guenther, a Thai massage instructor, nature lover, globe trotter, Pathfinder, Trekker, Skier, Mountainbiker and Rock Climber. He does Thai Massage since 1995 and lived several years in Thailand, Japan and Chile. Our goal is to provide you with a unique and personalized retreat experience. In addition take advantage of the benefits of ancient Thai techniques, Meditation, spirituality, guidance, fitness, healing, and Yoga.


This was one of the best trips I’ve experienced and was perfect for a single female traveler. I was nervous to visit Cuba alone so it was extremely reassuring to have a local guide show me around. Ludi was beyond flexible and the itinerary was customized to my interests. I couldn’t make the exact dates for the retreat but Ludi was more than accommodating and went out of her way to pick me up 2 days before the actual trip was scheduled to start. Because of that, I had 2 days of private guide with Ludi. I got to experience the authentic Cuban culture while enjoying all the touristy delights Cuba had to offer. I was initially hesitant as I had very little yoga experience but it wasn’t a problem at all! This was a great introduction to the practice for me. So If yoga isn’t your thing, dont fear! The accommodations were better than expectated, clean, safe and most of all locally owned. I would recommended arriving a day or two earlier if you’d like to spend more time in old Havana. I can happily say that I’ve made a fabulous new Cuban friend and cannot wait to return and spend more time in Havana. Thanks Ludi for the experience of a lifetime that I’ll forever cherish!


This was the best trip I have been on . Very organized and well planned . The accommodations were nice . The itinerary allowed us to emerse ourselves In the Cuban culture thru painting, dance, hiking, site seeing, and so much more! I highly recommend Yalorde Yoga w Lusisis and Gunther.
By Burnetta Gibson on Jul 17, 2018
Thanks Ludi and Gunther for a wonderful Cuban Experience Retreat June 27,2918 thru July 3,2018. I can not stop talking about the Culture, family atmosphere you showed ,and learning of Cuban Heritage. I plan to return soon. Much love from the USA. I highly recommend your services when traveling to Cuba. Shawn
By Shawn Coles on Jul 09, 2018