7th Annual Yoga, Reiki + Excursions Retreat

8 reviews
Feb 20 - 27, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25
7th Annual Yoga, Reiki + Excursions Retreat

8 reviews

Feb 20 - 27, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip


Here we go, AGAIN!!  We can't get enough of this beautiful place!  Villa Sumaya 

We, Yuval and Angela are headed BACK to THE LAKE to host our 7th (!) Annual YOGA, REIKI and EXCURSIONS Retreat at Villa Sumaya eco-chic wellness and retreat center in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  

What can we say?  This  place is pristine!  It is simply magical... and so we keep coming back for more! We know and understand times are stressful and confusing. And we thought long and hard about leading our annual retreat at a time like this. We truly believe we can all use some extra healing at this time, and what better place than this!! We hope you will consider coming with us for another retreat filled with yoga, laughter, magic, sound healing and transformation, just to say the least. And please know we are here, happy to chat and consult with you, support you with your every need, feel free to contact us at anytime.

In this tiny corner of the world, nestled between a serene lake and three majestic volcanoes, come set an intention to purify and recharge the elemental energy stores inside you by escaping to the truly magical and magnetic energy of Lake Atitlan and Villa Sumaya. The lake is known as "The Belly Button of the World", the Solar Plexus Chakra - leading us forward, in support of self-progress and transformation.

This incredible off-grid holiday will be a perfect WINTER GIFT to yourself. You will get to nourish, reconnect and unwind + recharge your life-force energy, your Prana, vitality and spirit. 

Our bodies digest not only the food we eat but all of the sights, sounds, people, and energy surrounding us in our busy lives. This winter, choose to escape your daily routine and come deepen your practice, by emphasizing clarity and play!  You'll have space to explore both movement and stillness, making way for a new perspective. Breathe, meditate, and restore, and receive Reiki from both Angela and Yuval while setting the groundwork for your own self-healing. Explore the body in space, take time to flow mindfully and also slow down to investigate key actions required for a step-by-step approach in how to achieve a posture. 

Excursions, as always, are included! Experience a sacred Mayan fire ceremony led by a local Shaman, a Sweat Lodge cleansing ceremony, visit local villages like San Juan for a colorful artisan craft shopping excursion and San Marcos for swimming + cliff jump.

There will also be lots of free time to lay in a hammock, soak in the sun, journal or, indulge in soothing bodywork at the Harmony Spa.  You will feel inspired and fully supported to find your own pace and to give yourself exactly what you need at every moment!  

As always, we attract an incredible community of yogis + friends who are always ready to dive deep, be real, and laugh hard. Our week together will be a beautiful, deep, hilarious, healing, active, and inspiring version of each of us!  With no demands on your time or expectations other than to be who you are, perfectly, right now, this magical week filled with raw natural beauty and healing will ignite the fires of transformation deep within.  

*Unforeseen circumstances may require us to change activities, however, we will do our very best to keep the schedule as is, or replace an offering with another of similar interest and value.

What's included:

  • 7 night accommodations at the beautiful Villa Sumaya Eco-Chic Wellness Center, on the picturesque shore of Lake Atitlan
  • 3 healthy and delicious, home cooked, well balanced, vegetarian meals daily (chicken and fish available at extra cost) 
  • Daily yoga practice, including asana, sound-healing, meditation, pranayama, restorative and hands-on reiki with essential oils (mat & props provided) 
  • Excursions (included): Sacred Mayan fire ceremony with local Shaman, Cleansing Sweat Lodge Ceremony, San Juan colorful artisan craft shopping excursion, San Marcos swimming + cliff jump
  • WiFi included
  • Filtered water and unlimited coffee / tea
  • All activities are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. In such uncommon event, Yuval and Angela may replace an excursion with another of similar interest and value

Not Included:

  • Flight to/from Guatemala City
  • Transport to/from Villa Sumaya (car + boat transfer). Transport will be arranged by us, at your own cost.
  • Extras: Beer/wine or any snacks from the Villa Sumaya Smoothie/ Juice Bar
  • Spa treatments (at on-site Harmony Spa)
  • Tips for Villa Sumaya staff

* We HIGHLY RECOMMEND consulting us before organizing travel arrangements and purchasing flights as we can advise according to retreat schedule.

** As with any travel, we recommend buying trip insurance.

*** All levels of practitioners are welcome; however, a reasonable level of physical fitness and experience with vinyasa yoga is assumed. 

**** An optional few days in the beautiful colonial city of Antigua (before or after our retreat week) is a great option for extra time/experience in Guatemala, and is always a popular option among our participants. We are happy to help with advice, however this option is at your own cost and organization.  If interested, please contact us!

About Angela and Yuval:  Angela and Yuval have been dear friends for almost 10-years!  Yuval is a NYC-based and Angela is now based in Minneapolis after moving for love almost 3-years ago. Both are E-RYT 500, YogaWorks Certified yoga instructors + teacher trainers, and lead retreats, workshops and teacher trainings all over the world.  Known for smart, mindful, fluid sequencing with clear instructions of alignment, breath awareness and core stabilization throughout each practice.  You, as the participant, will have space to self-explore your body and your mind. As Angela and Yuval are both reiki practitioners, healing work is an integrated part of most sessions.

Angela is a native New Yorker, and feels she is the most honest and true version of herself on her mat!  Teaching is an extensive part of her own spiritual journey, and she encourages students to continually seek, question, and explore; unfolding through each practice and trusting our inner teacher in every moment. More info: angelabotta.com

With experience in performance and art, Yuval is inspired by all creation and the undeniable power of breath and meditation.  His teaching is personal, nurturing and humorous, allowing for self-observation and a true teaching and learning experience between him and his students. Sound Healing, Restorative, Pranayama and chanting are his heart, he aims to share with his family of students.  More info: IG: @UVYBoogie

Rates are as follows: 

$2150 single occupancy (instead of $2450) 

Please note:

  • Retreat dates are Saturday 2/20 - Saturday 2/27
  • $650 non-refundable deposit secures your spot.  All payments are non-refundable. 
  • Please email us with any questions or for more information at:        

Angela ~ ang303@yahoo.com  

Yuval ~ uvyoga@gmail.com

We hope you'll join us!


Angela and Yuval

Testimonials -

"Our retreat with Angela and Yuval was magical. It was the perfect amount of yoga mixed in with the perfect amount of adventure. The setting couldn't have been any more beautiful or serene. I treasure  my memories of Guatemala and the time spent practicing with Angela, Yuval and the group ❤️   I can't wait for the next one!!" ~ Melissa, Tampa

"AMAZING!!!! I cannot say enough about this experience. First, let's start with the two wonderful organizers and incredible yoga instructors. Angela and Yuval brought so much love, experience and warmth to this retreat. They each taught with a different style and both were equally amazing! They were so helpful in really paying attention to each yogi in the room and helping to make their practice better. I really looked forward to each morning and evening practice every day! The group that came together was truly an amazing and inspiring group. We enjoyed each other's company all week long, laughed a lot, had great discussions and supported one another during our practice each day. I cannot wait to do another retreat with the two most incredible yogis, Angela and Yuval"! ~ Jeannine, San Francisco

"I had an amazing time on this retreat. Angela and Yuval were truly impressive with the planning, details, fantastic yoga and awesome excursions.   I met a great group of people that will remain lifelong friends. The yoga instruction was incredible and it was a true break from the "real world". Huge kudos to Angela and Yuval for a retreat well done! I plan to join you next year and I can't wait"! ~ Denise, Phoenix

"Awesome trip! All logistics were well taken care of. Angela and Yuval are amazing yoga teachers. Highly recommend their annual yoga retreat to all levels of yogi!" ~ Wilma, NYC

"Angela and Yuval created a fun and supportive yoga community that helped me relax and recharge. I simply loved the tag team teaching they offered each day. It was like attending a mini teacher training because they broke down each pose which allowed me to build and strengthen my practice. Highly recommend this dynamic duo"! ~ Toya, NYC

"I had the absolute pleasure of joining Angela and Yuval in CR this past winter for a week of yogic happiness. A complete cocktail of body, mind and spiritual healing. Together, they have a natural way of sharing a unique package of heartfelt genuineness, humor, form and flow. Along with yoga, a few adventurous activities and carving out your own time, you are sure to have plenty of laughs and perhaps a few yummy tears". ~ Tara, Boston

"You are both VERY good teachers, and I'm picky!" ~ Karen, NYC

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    7 night accommodations at the beautiful Villa Sumaya Eco-Chic Wellness Center, on the picturesque shore of Lake Atitlan
  • Meals
    3 healthy and delicious, home cooked, well balanced, vegetarian meals daily (chicken and fish available at extra cost)
  • Beverage
    Filtered water and unlimited coffee / tea
  • Yoga
    Daily yoga practice, including asana, sound-healing, meditation, pranayama, restorative and hands-on reiki with essential oils (mat & props provided)
  • Excursions
    Excursions (included): Sacred Mayan fire ceremony with local Shaman, Cleansing Sweat Lodge Ceremony, San Juan colorful artisan craft shopping excursion, San Marcos swimming + cliff jump.
  • WiFi
    WiFi is included
  • Flights
    Flight to/from Guatemala City
  • Transport
    Transport to/from Villa Sumaya (car + boat transfer). Transport will be arranged by us, at your own cost.
  • Extras
    Beer/wine or any snacks from the Villa Sumaya Smoothie/ Juice Bar
  • Spa treatments
    Spa treatments at on-site Harmony Spa
  • Tips
    Tips for Villa Sumaya staff

Available Packages

Single accommodations
Deposit: $650

Your Organizer

Angela Botta & Yuval Samburski
8 reviews
Joined in August 2016
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What an amazing experience!! The yoga and other healing activities were wonderful; Villa Sumaya is beautiful, offered delicious vegetarian food and its staff was friendly. I highly recommend doing a retreat or other group event at Sumaya. Yuval put together a balanced, thoughtful program for our week there, plus his energy is infectious! I recommend him as a teacher and retreat leader!
By Elizabeth T for 7th Annual Yoga, Reiki + Excursions Retreat on 11 Mar, 2021
I had such an amazing experience last year that I decided to join this dynamic duo (Angela & Yuval) once again. I honestly could not wait till February and literally counted down the days. Of course, I had another Fabulous time in this magical place with beautiful people. The things that were familiar were all the things I needed. From nourishing, healthy and DELICIOUS foods to clean and extremely well maintained accommodations. All my needs were met, which allowed me to FULLY relax and enjoy this time (just to say that aspect truly makes all the difference).. It's so much more than a yoga retreat. It was like coming home for me because I was able to go deeper and learn even more about myself and try some new things. The community vibe is everything! There was a mix of returning folks from last year, past retreat goers and new people that joined us. We built connections quickly and shared so many conversations that were rich and meaningful. Our daily yoga classes with the absolutely STUNNING view of the Lake were simply the BEST way to start and end the day. We also had tremendous fun on our group excursions and enjoyed healing body treatments. Angela & Yuval are incredibly generous beings, curators and hosts of this journey. I'm grateful for all the tireless effort and hard work that went into making this retreat so special for us. It was seamless. For me, this is an annual trip and my yearly reset. Can you tell how much I loved it? To be honest, words and pictures really don't do it justice. It has to be experienced, so you should come join us! Thank you so much Yuval & Angela, see you next year!
By Lisa G for 6th Annual Yoga, Reiki + Excursions Retreat on 05 Mar, 2020
Angela and Yuval are masterful at creating an inclusive and vibrant community. I immensely enjoyed the daily yoga classes, engaging activities and fun conversations. The location was simply magical and the food at Villa Sumaya was to die for! I look forward to joining the retreat next year and can't say enough about how much this trip replenished my soul. Love to you both. XOXO Toya
By Toya W for 5th Annual Yoga, Reiki + Excursions Retreat on 28 Mar, 2019
I don't even know where to start. Well, I never write reviews but I just had to express my deepest gratitude to Angela & Yuval because this was a FABULOUS retreat from beginning to end. I decided last minute to join this retreat and had a lot of reservations because it was a very new experience for me. Angela & Yuval are truly such beautiful people any reservation I might've had melted away the second I arrived at Villa Sumaya, which is one of the most breathtaking places I ever seen. They were organized, incredibly professional and every moment was curated with care and detail. I felt completely nurtured and safe the entire trip. We started and ended our days with amazing yoga classes that were grounding and inspiring. If that wasn't enough we went on wonderful excursions, had body treatments and were fed so so well with fresh and nourishing foods. There are too many moments to write down here but one of the most unexpected gifts were the relationships that were built during our time together. We had such a special group that truly bonded and we honestly had a hard time leaving each other. I told YuVal and Angela that this was the BEST trip and the BEST time I've had in my life. For me, it was more than yoga retreat and healing in the ways I needed it to be. I will never forget the time I had, the spectacular place we were in and the people I met. I can't wait till the next one! Angela & Yuval thank you so much:)
By Lisa G for 5th Annual Yoga, Reiki + Excursions Retreat on 07 Mar, 2019
This was my second yoga retreat with the fabulous duo of Angela and Yuval! As always, the two of them made this experience unforgettable. The morning yoga classes are incredible and you come away learning a lot, having a ton of fun, and excited for the next class. Our evening restorative classes are so meditative, relaxing and healing. This retreat is a perfect combo of daily yoga, cultural activities, downtime for hammocks, swims, or massages, and the rest of the time, we are eating the best homemade food ever! Lastly, the retreat always brings together the loveliest group of people that are often so open to sharing, having fun together and taking time for self reflection as well. Villa Sumaya is one place I will never forget and Angela and Yuval's retreat (and all the organization they put into it) makes it an absolutely perfect week away!
By Jeannine G for 5th Annual Yoga, Reiki + Excursions Retreat on 26 Feb, 2019
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