8 Day - 5 Ceremony Ayahuasca Immersion Retreat

Pucallpa, Peru

Duration: 8 days
Group size: 1 - 10
8 Day - 5 Ceremony Ayahuasca Immersion Retreat
Pucallpa, Peru

Duration: 8 days
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

Explore the hidden realms of your psyche, heal your innermost wounds, and connect with your true Self - this is your sacred birthright as a human being.

This retreat offers an opportunity to connect to your human roots in the heart of the jungle, guided by experienced healers in the Shipibo lineage.

We fully immerse ourselves into life in the jungle, spending a lot of time with the maestros. From sharing meals, walking the land and exploring the native flora and fauna, and sharing stories at night by the fire to being held in ceremony space.

The maestros take us in a like family and share with us not only their medicines but also their wisdom and way of living.

Meet Your Shipibo Maestros Silvia & Noe

Led by Shipibo maestros Silvia “Chononmea” Garcia and Noe “Metsa Ronin” Lopez, we immerse ourselves into the jungle to deepen our connection to the medicine, to nature, to ourselves, and to each other. The medicine and traditional plants used for the saunas and plant baths are grown and harvested by Silvia, Noe and their family. 

Both Silvia and Noe come from a long lineage of maestros and have been working with plant medicine for decades. As a married couple, they have been holding traditional ayahuasca ceremonies for over 20 years, bringing deep and long-lasting healing to hundreds of people. Before opening their own retreat center, Silvia worked at the renowned Ayahuasca center “Soltara” in Costa Rica among others. They are now proud to invite guests to their own center, “Ronin Jointi” - Heart of the Anaconda - to share the healing gift of the medicine. 

The Center - Heart of the Anaconda

Constructed according to the vision of Silvia and Noe, this intimate and unassuming retreat center lies in the heart of Peru, about 90 minutes outside of Pucallpa. Tucked away near a beautiful laguna, surrounded by nature and enveloped in the sounds of the jungle, this site offers a remarkably pure and authentic immersion into traditional plant medicine. 

As an intimate group, we are directly supporting the maestros. Experiencing plant medicine in the most authentic way, we contribute towards the preservation of their land, their culture and their traditions while seeking our own inner healing.

Like many traditional retreat centers in Peru, The Heart of the Anaconda is rather simple. There is sparse electricity, little to no cell service and no wifi. There is no hot water. There is little here that our ancient ancestors would not recognize.

The humble amenities at this site offer you a chance to disconnect from the tumult and uncertainty of our world and turn your gaze inwards. The jungle invites you to slow down, to see Mother Earth with fresh eyes, and to breathe with the trees. 

Undisturbed nature, the sounds of the jungle, stunning sunrises over the laguna, sky full of stars, walks through the forests, nights in community by the fire, held in ceremony … this is a raw and deep connection to nature itself, to the medicine, the maestros and to the core of who you are. 

This site is a nascent operation. As the maestros take on more groups, the center expands in the process.

Sacred Medicine - What to Expect

Details about medicine work and any questions you may have will be addressed during our intake call.

Sacred medicines have been used for thousands of years to connect deep to the heart and the soul, to cleanse energies, to release things that don’t serve anymore, and to call in powerful allies to help us live our lives with more intention and purpose

This intimate retreat is an opportunity for people to experience Ayahuasca for the first time in a safe and supportive setting and for those who have already experienced Ayahuasca to deepen their connection with the medicine in a more traditional way.

Support Before and After the Retreat

We provide you with extensive resources to prepare for your journey and to help you integrate following your return back home, supporting you every step of the way.

  • Intake call and assessment to prepare you for the retreat and answer any questions you may have
    Please do not book your flights until after the intake assessment and your spot is confirmed
  • We will provide plenty of resources beforehand to get you ready for the medicine experience: dieta restrictions, packing guide, info about traveling to and in Peru
  • Information regarding Covid-19 measures and travel regulations
  • Orientation talk at the retreat
  • Medicine talks with the maestros
  • Group sharing circles
  • Full access to the Integration Platform “The Path to Wholeness - Psychedelics Reimagined”
  • Follow-up zoom call after the retreat
  • Private messaging group for ongoing connection and support

!! Intake Assessment & Confirmation !!

For health & safety purposes, your spot is only confirmed AFTER completing our intake assessment and intake call. This is a standard process when working with this plant medicine.

You will receive a link to the intake form after your booking and we will get in touch with you to schedule the intake call and start setting you up for the first steps on the hero's journey. 

!! Please do not book your flights until after the intake assessment and your spot is confirmed !!

Should you for any reason not be approved for the retreat, you are entitled to a full refund. 

Meet Your Facilitators Cordi & David


Yoga and plant medicine came into my life in 2017 and the practice has been a steady companion on my own way and my dharma ever since. I’ve had the honor to learn and train with teachers from all over the world, combining the practices of yoga and mindfulness, psychotherapy, and conscious plant medicine to guide people on their hero’s journeys. 

Holding space for people to (re)connect to themselves in mind, body, and spirit is my main mission. I believe that yoga, breath, and meditation are powerful tools that are accessible to everyone and everybody - everywhere. Intertwined with mindful plant medicine practices and integration, these are healing modalities that can transform lives.

My role at the retreat is to organize the logistics, support the preparation and integration process, translate for the maestros, and help facilitate during ceremony along with their daughter Angie, who is being trained to follow in her mother’s footsteps. I also offer guided meditation and gentle yoga classes prior to ceremony, and hold space for our group sharing circles.


My path of spiritual development began in high school when I found the book Siddhartha,  and I knew there was something more to life than the typical American lifestyle. My course remained a traditional one for some time, though I felt a calling towards helping others heal which led me to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Always fascinated with neuroscience, psychology and human behavior, I began to explore my own consciousness with psychedelics in grad school.

My role in this retreat is to be an extra set of hands in the background to make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of and that the guests have the best experience possible. I will help translate for the maestros, ensure guests’ safety during ceremony, and contribute to the grounding and calm energy that opens a space for healing. I look forward to supporting Silvia and Noe’s operation, contributing to the inner journey of our guests, and gaining more experience working with plant medicine. 

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    Single room in shared cabin
  • Food & Drinks
    Nourish your body with dieta-friendly, lovingly prepared by the maestra
  • 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
    Find deep healing in ceremony space guided by maestros Silvia and Noe and facilitators Cordi and David
  • 3 Master Plant Saunas
  • 3 Master Plant Baths
    Soak up the healing properties of the master plants of the jungle
  • Pre-Ceremony Yoga
    Connect and ground before
  • Pre-Ceremony Rapé
    Optional guided rapé (a shamanic snuff made from sacred tobacco) ceremony before dropping into sacred space
  • Guided Jungle Walk
    Explore the jungle and learn about the native flora and fauna of the land. Led by maestros Silvia and Noe
  • Boat Ride on the Laguna
    Explore the nearby laguna by boat
  • Group Sharing & Talks
    Group sharing circles and medicine talks with the maestros.
  • Preparation Resources
    Extensive preparation resources, including intake call, ayahuasca & dieta guide, travel support, packing list, full access to our online platform for psychedelic preparation & intention setting
  • Integration Support
    Extensive integration support, including full access to online integration platform, follow-up call, private chat group for ongoing support
  • Pickup from Pucallpa
    We meet as a group at a hotel (exact location will be given after booking) in Pucallpa and travel to the center as a group. The center is located about a 40 min drive and 25 min boat ride.
  • Flights
    Flights to and from Peru. But we assist with travel booking & updated information regarded covid-19
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel Insurance is mandatory to attend any of our retreats. We can guide you towards trusted travel insurance providers.
  • Integration Stay
    We offer an add-on 2 day integration stay as a group after the retreat at an Eco Lodge in Pucallpa. This offers an opportunity to ground and relax after the retreat and before your journey home.


Retreat Schedule
Our Week at "Heart of the Anaconda"

This is the itinerary from our last retreats, which worked really well and provided a good balance between activities, group time, ceremonies, and ample time for rest and relaxation.

The schedule might change slightly depending on the weather.

Your Organizer

Becoming Om
Our vision is to create a safe space for deeply transformational and healing experiences, using the modalities of yoga, meditation, and breathwork as well as various psychedelics and plant medicines. Through education, extensive resources for preparation and integration and immersive experiences following a transpersonal therapeutic approach, we are part of an integrated movement towards wholeness and union with body, mind, and spirit.