8 Days in Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia

13 reviews
Jun 9 - 16, 2023
Group size: 12 - 16
8 Days in Ubud, Bali
Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia

13 reviews

Jun 9 - 16, 2023
Group size: 12 - 16

About this trip

You asked so we are doing it again...but better! Bali 2023 is happening. We will be in one of Bali's newest and most famous villas located in Ubud, where all the action is! 

Our private villa is located in the jungle away from all the hustle and bustle but close enough to to easily get to all the fun in Ubud. Each room has its own single or double twin bed(s) and a private bathroom. This will be our sanctuary for eight days with our own private pool, lounge areas, chef, transportation, concierge and one of the villas has a waterslide! We will also have our own private transportation as needed daily for all activities. Check out the photos at the bottom of this page to see the villas for yourself. 

If you've ever wanted to do a trip "Candace Blair" style this is the one! There will be lots of adventure mixed with world class massages and relaxation, amazing food, beach clubs, free time and more. 

This trip is for those who don't mind a group setting and getting to know new people. This is not a luxury, semi-private trip nor are we there to solely party. Please review the itinerary for more information about the activities we will all participate in together. 

No one under the age of 18 allowed due to the fact that some activities require everyone to be 18 and over and we are unable to accommodate a separate schedule for children.


Our itinerary will include highlights such as visiting Nusa Penida, the world famous "Bali Swing," riding ATV's, a private yacht, waterfall trekking and more! See the full itinerary for further details.

There will be a welcome dinner on day one for us to meet another. We will have breakfast at the villa every day, visit one-of-a-kind beach clubs overlooking the ocean and get top of the line massages whenever we want.

The current itinerary is subject to change. Due to circumstances out of our control such as weather, cancellations by the tour operators, etc. We will have plenty of options to choose from or may have to move tours to different days to accommodate the intended schedule but the show will go on so please be flexible!


Your trip is non-refundable once payments have been made and the trip is officially happening. Once we start paying vendors we can’t get those funds back. Refunds only happen if the host cancels the trip with the exception of a $400 fee per person that the host is charged by the vendors to hold our dates at our villa and can not get back. Travel insurance is STRONGLY recommended to cover yourself in case you can not make the trip for any reason and to get your money back.

We will refer you to the best travel insurance company with a "cancel for any reason" policy. This information will come in a follow-up email once the deposit has been made.

What airport do I to fly into?

You will fly into Ngurah Rai International Airport in Kuta. The airport code is DPS.

We can refer you to a travel agent who can help you book your flight if needed.

There are also third party payment plans with our partner, Uplift, that you can use to pay for your trip that will extend payments up to 24 months if you need longer than the current payment plan with us. We also have suggestions for financing your flight. This info will be sent via email once your deposit is made.

Why book with Heal. Travel. Repeat?

We are a little different from your typical travel company. The founder, Candace Blair, is an adventure lover so she creates her trips to include once in a lifetime excursions for those that like to live on the wild side and try things they’ve never done before.

Most travel clubs rightfully and understandably play it safe when creating group trips. Usually doing more cultural tours, (which can be full on harassment to buy local crafts), volunteer opportunities (which are always great) and basic touristy group fun. We prefer to go off the beaten path and add a little more adrenaline to the trip while still getting the full experience of every country we travel to.

We are a smaller travel club that gives a more intimate setting and allows for less overhead fees on most trips so that we can offer a more competitive rate for the same experiences around the world as our larger counterparts.

Trip Packages Explained

There are only two packages. If you want a room to yourself, just choose the single occupancy package which is a queen size bed and private bath.

The second option is to have a double room (one room with two people) and you have the choice to pay separately, so each of you choose a package and pay your "half."

You can also choose to pay together as in payments are debited once for two people but you will have to email me and let me know so I can change it for you on the backend. 

If you choose to pay all together, you will settle any payments due to each other amongst yourselves.

You can also choose double occupancy if you want to book the double occupancy price and room with a same-sex individual that you will get to know over the course of the trip.

Is this trip price competitive?

Keep in mind that although this trip is higher than Bali 2022, it has all the activities included ('22 did not) and it's for eight days. 

Most Bali trips by other companies are for seven days for the same price and many times, cost much more! Other than dinner, which can be less than $10 for a lot of food in Bali, you will spend next to nothing after you arrive unless you choose to like shopping, partying, free day tours/activities, etc. 

You can easily only do what's on this itinerary and spend less than $100 once you arrive for dinners total, each day it's not offered if you eat at local restaurants rather than in higher priced touristy areas.

You are also staying in a highly sought after, 5-star accommodation in one of Bali's most popular cities, Ubud. Most travel companies offer 3-4 star hotels (many times with no staff besides housekeeping) to save money on their overhead and make money on commissions for hotels that participate. The host of this trip makes no commissions and pays all deposits out of pocket to hold your spot until you begin to pay which reimburses her.

Can I attend solo under a double room?

Yes you can. You will be paired with a same-sex roommate if you want to save some money and book the double occupancy price. The room will have two separate twin sized beds.

What’s included

  • Accommadations
    Beautiful, fully staffed complex in Ubud (see photos)
  • Ground Transportation
    Getting to and from the airport and all outlined activities while in Bali
  • Food
    Daily breakfast and welcome dinner prepared by a private chef. Five lunches included with our tours and your floating breakfast. You will have time to explore dinner options on your own.
  • Welcome Gift
    A gift to welcome you to Bali
  • Photography Package
    Our own private photographer will be with us every step of the trip helping to capture your memories.
  • Activities
    All tours will be included in the cost of each package
  • Massage/Flower Bath
    We will go to the spa and you will get a massage of choice and a flower bath.
  • International flights
    Your airfare to Bali is not included. If you need help booking your ticket we can refer you to a travel agent.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    no alcoholic beverages are included with your package.
  • Other
    Anything not listed as included is excluded.
  • Dinner/Lunches
    Lunches not included with the tours are not included with the costs. Dinner reservations as a group most days but at your expense. You are welcome to eat and explore for dinner on your own as well.
  • Passports/Visas
    You must ensure that you have a valid passport and acquire all visas required to enter the country when you arrive.

Available Packages

Double Occupancy, Pay Separately

Special Offer: Price reduction for those wanting to attend after March 2023! Due to last minute cancellations, price reduction is to help with cost for those interested in attending. Contact me if you want to apply for extended financing/lower payments for up to 24 months with Uplift!

Keep in mind, this price includes everything we do and is for eight days, not seven like most trips to Bali so the cost is slightly higher. You will spend next to nothing once you arrive outside of if you choose to shop, party, etc.

This package is for those who want to book a double occupancy room (two people per room) but pay separately. Your roommate will book this same option separately. This room also has a private bathroom. You will input the name of your roommate in the "participant info" section of your booking. 

You can also book this package if you want to save on cost and don't mind rooming with someone of the same sex that you do not know (but will get to) on the trip, we will offer you separate, single beds in one room if you book this package with no roommate.

Deposit: $100
Single Occupancy Room

Special Offer: Price reduction for those wanting to attend after March 2023!! Due to last minute cancellations, price reduction in package to help with cost for those interested in attending!  Contact me if you want to apply for extended financing/lower payments for up to 24 months with Uplift!

Keep in mind, this price includes everything we do and is for eight days, not seven like most trips to Bali so the cost is slightly higher. You will spend next to nothing once you arrive outside of if you choose to shop, party, etc.

The is for someone who wants a single room to themselves. You will have your own bed and private bathroom.

Deposit: $100
For Jasmine Wilson ONLY
Deposit: $100
For Cryss Fort

Single occupancy for Cryss Fort ONLY!

Deposit: $100
For Tina Bennett ONLY

This package can only be booked by Tina Bennett per conversation already had with trip organizer.



Day 1
Welcome Dinner/Relax After Traveling

This will be a day to adjust to the time difference. Bali is 12 hours, give or take (depending on where you are in the U.S.) ahead of us so we will use this day to recover from flying to gain our footing in the new time zone. 

Please arrive by 2pm so that we can all can get settled, have our welcome dinner and use this day to recover from any jet lag. Rest as much as you need to. Depending on how you feel you can go out to one of the local restaurants or beach clubs to eat and have fun.

Your Organizer

Candace Blair Travels
13 reviews
Candace Blair Travels is a travel group curated by Candace Blair, a world traveler who seeks to find unique homes, adventures and excursions wherever she goes. She creates trips for those who want to travel for various reasons but hopes to bring a healing element of some sort to every experience. She believes in dispelling the myth of what "black people don't do" when it comes to travel which is why she started Candace Blair Travels, adventure but make it black. You can find more of Candace's travels on Instagram at @InTheAirWithBlair.


I had a great time. I was really impressed on how well the vacation was planned. She even had free days that allowed me to do things that were not on the schedule. I will definitely be planning another trip and would recommend her to all my friends. Thank you for a wonderful trip!
By Lowanda B for 8 Days in Ubud, Bali on Jun 29, 2023
This Trip was one for the books. Candace was very organized and knowledgeable. I would take a trip with her company anytime. I can’t wait for the next one.
By Crystal F for 8 Days in Ubud, Bali on Jun 29, 2023
I cannot say enough about how much this trip meant to me. Candace planned everything with much thought and care, it showed in every way. The accommodations, the excursions, the breakfast! Im so glad that I trusted her, she did not disappoint. I came away from this trip with a special group of new friends and I love that for me. If you are looking for a highly qualified, passionate about travel host that doesn't skimp on the details, travel with Candace is The way to go!! Looking forward to my next trip!
By LaKisha W for 8 Days in Ubud, Bali on Jun 26, 2023
Candace left no stone unturned when it came to providing a memorable trip. The lodging, the food, the excursions, even down to making sure each guest arrived and departed safely and on time - you can tell how much time was dedicated to planning the details and how much she truly cares about making sure her guests have an outstanding experience. This was my first group trip ever and the stars aligned because it was a superb group of women that vibed together so well you’d swear we already knew each other. To be honest idk if I’d want to try another travel company because she set the bar high, I mean super high. I look forward to traveling with HTR again in the future. I’ve already told so many people how they have to visit MC. Thank you for making my pre-birthday a memorable one. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this experience I’ll never forget it.
By Brittany T for Mexico City with Candace Blair on Nov 19, 2022
I wish I could give Candace and this trip 10 ⭐️s! I went on a trip with complete strangers and came home with 16 sistafriends. My vacation and the excursions were 10 out of 10, would definitely recommend. I can’t wait to travel with her again and again and again. Book with heal.travel.repeat! You will NOT be disappointed.
By Quivian S for Mexico City with Candace Blair on Nov 19, 2022
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Book, book, book! Bali with @intheairwithblair (I/G) is the adventure you want to be included in! From the villa, to the excursions, to the thoughtful accommodations, Candace Blair can take me ANYWHERE, lol! The experience with such friendly natives and beautiful scenery makes you want to stay and extend your get-away! I definitely look forward to the next one and many more! I met new, amazing people that were so awesome to explore with! The tour guides and transportation vendors were professional and knowledgeable and willing to serve with a smile! Until next time! -E to the Beezy “What-it-do-crew!” (9/2022)
By Eboni B on 29 Oct, 2022
WOW!! Bali owes me NOTHING!! This trip was truly beyond amazing! Every excursion/activity that was planned was well put together and allowed room for everyone to have their own unique experiences. Candace was an excellent guide on our adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way!! Sign me up for the next trip...I would literally follow this woman ANYWHERE!!
By Ladia H on 05 Oct, 2022