8 Days Moxibustion with Antoine Wegmuller in Morocco (copy)

Ourika, Maroc

Karim Zein
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Feb 29 - Mar 7, 2020
Group size: 8 - 20
8 Days Moxibustion with Antoine Wegmuller in Morocco (copy)
Ourika, Maroc

Karim Zein
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Feb 29 - Mar 7, 2020
Group size: 8 - 20

About this trip

 Moxibustion is about activating points of acupuncture by burning sticks  or mugwort cones over the skin. This is a very important practice to  support energy, accelerate convalescence, boost immunity and prevent the  onset or recurrence of diseases. 

Please note: This Retreat language is French.

Full description



  • Historical introduction on the origin of the use of mugwort and moxibustion
  • Properties of mugwort, this unusual plant
  • The many ways to prepare sagebrush and use it in the clinic

In addition, the practical exercises will include:

  • Getting started and using the moxa stick (with and without smoke)
  • Implementation of several methods of stick moxibustion
  • Getting started and using a "moxabox" with different sagebrushes
  • Introduction to direct moxibustion with cones of different sizes
  • Implementation with wheat grain method to large cones
  • Practicing various indirect moxa methods with interlayers (ginger, garlic, herbs, etc.)
  • Other uses: cooking, bathing or compressing, aromatherapy, etc.
  • Management of traces, blisters or burns following the practice of moxibustion

Finally, it will include a large component of integrated clinical  practice (acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina, etc.) where the methods  learned will be implemented on patients from the neighboring village.

The difficulties encountered during implementation will be discussed and analyzed in order to propose appropriate solutions.

Each student brings his moxibustion therapy material. Possibility to buy Chinese sagebrush and moxibustion equipment on site.

Please note: This Retreat language is French.



  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body
  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace 


Antoine Wegmüller


Antoine Wegmüller is a Chinese medicine practitioner, APTN certified therapist, RME, ASCA, FMC member.

Passionate about Asia, its culture and Chinese medicine, Antoine  began his training in 1994 with Eric Marié and made his first trip to  China to the Nanchang University Hospital (Jiangxi Province).

Then back in Lausanne, he continued his training until 2001 with  Pierre Sterckx and Chen Jun at the Guang Ming Institute with regular  practical training in hospitals in Beijing.

His passion for Chinese medicine and therapy regularly takes him to  hospitals all over China, in various services according to his interests  and the needs of his patients.

Since 2002, he opened his practice in Lausanne where he received his  patients and provided care to people in various methods of Chinese  medicine: acupuncture, moxibustion, plants of the Chinese pharmacopeia,  dietetic dietetics.

In addition, Antoine also welcomes trainees in training or practitioners who wish to complete their clinical experience.

It regularly organizes training on therapeutic and seasonal dietetics  as well as various topics related to Chinese medicine (moxibustion,  acupuncture, cupping and guasha).

Daily schedule


Each day begins with a morning group  session (yoga or qi gong, meditation, postures, trunk-specific muscle  strengthening, therapeutic muscle stretching, etc.) with the goal of  personal anchoring.

Day 1:

  • Reception at Marrakech airport
  • Transfer and installation
  • Information session on the organization of the internship

Day 2 to 7:

  • Workshops on dietetics

Day 8:

  • final group assessment
  • transfer to Marrakech airport, depending on schedule

What’s Included in This Package


  • 7 nights accommodation in a beautiful farmhouse
  • Fruits and Moroccan tea at will
  • All meals on the spot in Bab Zouina
  • Teaching during the internship
  • Transfer to and from Marrakech airport 

What’s Not Included in This Package


  • The meals outside Bab Zouina
  • Non-program transport
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance 



Bab Zouina is an ode to nature.
The workshop will take place in Bab Zouina, a beautiful traditional  Moroccan villa situated in the Ourika Valley (30 km from Marrakesh) in a  magnificent property surrounded by olive trees.
Far from urban stress, Bab Zouina has kept an authentic and serene spirit, respectful of the environment.
The main house is ecologically built with cut stone and the new  buildings with natural mud bricks. The material used is entirely  traditional: tadellakt on the wall, zellij on the floor and cedar and  acacia for the woodwork.
The estate is full of terraces and peaceful places to recharge your  batteries. The botanical and aromatic gardens surrounding the property  give the place a poetic charm and invite to a gentle meditation.
The amazing Swedish artist and landscape designer, Catharina von  Unge, conceived and designed the ornamental garden surrounding the  property. She managed to combine British aesthetic taste with rusticity  and simplicity of the place.
With the Mexican corner and its incredible varieties of cactuses,  Catharinadares hints at the Majorelle garden by Yves Saint Laurent and  the neighboring garden by André Heller.



All meals are cooked  with fresh local produce. You will be served 3 meals/day - the meals are prepared with local products and fresh bread is baked daily in a  traditional earth oven. The Moroccan cuisine is a delight in itself. 

Meals are served on low tables (Berber style). Fruits, mineral water, coffee & tea available.

Available Packages

Triple Shared Room
1285 CHF
Deposit: 500 CHF
Double Shared Room
1565 CHF
Deposit: 500 CHF
Single Room
1775 CHF
Deposit: 500 CHF

Your Organizer

Karim Zein
As a kid I was born in Beirut, I then studied in Lebanon and Switzerland. After 20 years working in the environment protection and development field (travelling to most Arab countries and some African countries), I have chosen, in 2012, to launch an eco-tourism project in the Ourika valley (30 km away from Marrakesh, Morocco), Bab Zouina (yoga, nature & retreat). I love hiking in the mountains, playing tennis and enjoy travelling & discovering new places and new cultures.