Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha, Tanzania

Duration: 8 days
Group size: 6 - 25

About this trip


When thinking of migration lots of people think of the river crossing phase but there is more to it than just that, Serengeti migration involves a lot of action all throughout the year and there is a lot to see than just the thousands of animals making their way through rivers 

One of the mysterious events in Serengeti that involves these ancient beast is the famous calving season, this is when thousands of cubs are born in one duration, usually the birthing time takes places between January and February with march and April months being used as the time to tend to the young ones and prepare them for a long journey ahead in search of much better pastures after the dry season kicks in 

This mind-blowing event takes place in the southern part of Serengeti and the northern western part of Ngorongoro conservation area, it is believed the animals prefer this area for reproduction because of the nutritious soil in the area which leads to the presence of healthy grasses full of needed minerals for their young ones, the nature of the grasses also allows them to spot their enemies who tirelessly prey for their curbs

To have a tour around this area will give you an opportunity to view the most action and dramatic exchange between the mothers protecting their young ones while the predators charge with full force to get an easy meal 

What’s included

  • park fees
  • taxes
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • guide
  • safari car
  • water
  • visa
  • flights
  • medical insurance
  • tips


day 2 -Tanzania safari
manyara/karatu-lake eyasi-manyara/karatu - serengeti migration safari


Journey to the glorious and picturesque territory of lake eyasi situated in the southwest of Ngorongoro crater. the lake is part of the magnificent line of the east African rift valley lakes and it stretches out for about 50km south-west with the magical plains of Serengeti spreading on its north side. There are miles upon miles of landscapes around the lake to explore, full of ancient baobab trees. Observe the early morning hunting display, gathering honey, and a traditional dance performances by the local people. 

lake eyasi is a home to numerous wildlife and wide range of bird species, so keep your eyes open to spot some. After the whole day of adventure, you will drive back to karatu/manyara for a night’s rest