8 Week Coaching Program and 3-day retreat

Online Coaching Program

nicole van logtenberg
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8 Week Coaching Program and 3-day retreat
Online Coaching Program

nicole van logtenberg
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About this trip

I help coaches, teachers, and healers eliminate self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and fear of not providing their clients with the value they truly deserve. Together we will grow your business, build you a team of lifelong quality clients and help you earn an extra 6+ figures a year hosting retreats around the world, without having to charge a low ticket price, spend more money than you earn, or worry about not selling your retreat. 

My name is Nicole, I have hosted retreats all around the world for years and spent years in the yachting industry learning 5-star silver service. Through my experience, I created the perfect road map for my students to host a luxurious 5 star experience for their retreat attendees, with a fully staffed team, sold-out retreats, sponsored gifts galore, luxury food service, breathtaking locations, so that you can do what you do best which is show up and teach. 

 Retreat settings are the best way to connect and empower others to be their wholeheartedly best self. I have received the best transformational results from my retreats. The people's lives I have impacted, the soulful work and love for themselves they have formed and the messages I still receive today telling me how grateful they are for my bright energy and uplifting spirit! 

That is what empowerment feels like and wouldn't you love to create that for your students as well! To be honest, the money that I made was just a perk, but changing someone's life is priceless and will forever fill my heart! Now to reach more people and empower you to do the same and create life long-lasting clients. I will teach you how to skip all the mistakes I made at first and start with your first retreat being a hit in your unique way while expanding your business.

If you're ready to learn how you can make money while traveling the world sharing the gifts you have to offer. Then this program is for you. I help teachers who know they have a deeper purpose make an additional 6-figures a year through hosting retreats and transforming the lives of your students.

8 Week Coaching Program

  1. Do you feel fearful of hosting a retreat because you don’t know what the expenses will add up too?  ---We teach you how to budget your retreat do assume all the expenses that will arrive.
  2. Do you feel like the only way you know how to market yourself is the huddle plan through Facebook, email and Instagram all day trying to sell? —-We teach you how to pinpoint the market your selling to and utilize ads to make sales. 
  3. Have you tried to run a retreat and it fell apart because you were one man trying to please everyone? --- We connect you to all the people you need to connect with in order to make your retreat thrive!
  4. Did you feel you will fly or drive to the retreat center and realize you forgot everything--- You will learn everything that you need to do bring to thrive at a retreat based on the program you are offering.
  5. Do you know how to put a description, email campaigns and ads out to sell your retreat?---No worries it is hard and the smallest mistake can make everything hit the wall we will show you ins and out of building an Elite description and marketing organically and thru the internet!
  6. Are you confused about how much you should price your retreat for? --- Depending on your goals we will take a $600 retreat and turn it into a 2-8K retreat offering.
  7. Do you not even know where to start?--- Don't worry I am here for you to help you thrive.

What's Included:

  • Weekly class training for 8 weeks
  • Assignments for 8 weeks
  • Q & A
  • Access To FB support group
  • Success & Mindset
  • Build Your Own Retreat Blueprint
  • How to SELL OUT your retreat
  • Social Media Marketing
  • In-Home Wellness Weekend Blueprint 
  • Email Campaigns
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Advertisement Templates
  • Naming Your Retreat Workshop
  • The Importance of Nourishment Workshop
  • Live Event Mastery
  • Building your Unique Story
  • Email Template for Sponsorship And more!

About Nicole

When I was 17 I left home to travel the world. No plans, no money, just a calling that I had a deep purpose to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

On my journey, I found I was deeply passionate about creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to connect their mind, body, and spirit through movement, meditation, nourishment, and personal experiences. I built community everywhere I traveled, I soulfully connected to individuals like I had known them forever, I related to others experiences and just wanted to love, care and teach them how I healed from the hardships in my life.

One day the thought arose as I was working at a retreat center in Palairos, Greece, I am going to create transformational experiences that will let people find their freedom! There arose Find Your Freedom Retreats?

My retreats were warm, welcoming spaces where a group of like-minded people could come together to build connections with a beautiful array of people who spoke with open hearts and open souls, sharing their stories, struggles, and personal journeys through yoga, meditation, and their personal holistic pathways.

The majority of people that came to my retreat on the first day expressing they had trauma in their life, felt a need to be perfect, doubted their self-worth, criticized themselves, and gave love to everyone but themselves.

Every day my students experienced, a daily yoga practice, guided self-love meditation groups, freedom dancing, hiking, swimming, delicious & nourishing food, healing circles, and an uplifting community.

What made this a life-changing experience for them is till this day they tell me:

“I am able to give myself the true love I deserve”

“My yoga and meditation practice is allowing me to heal from my trauma.”

“I found my true purpose”

“I finally can look in the mirror and see myself as beautiful”

Through retreats, I was able to make an impact on every person that came to experience. I helped them recognize their own unique gifts and talents that they have to offer the world, and appreciate themselves for the beautiful beings they are through self-compassion and self-love.

I was able to witness the light and happiness that yoga brings to each one of these beautiful souls. I saw this beauty, potential and unique offerings these people had to share with the world. This journey has been an uplifting and revitalizing experience that made me see my true potential!

I have 4 years in the retreat business and have hosted 7 experiences per year. Now I’m here to help you do the same in your own unique way. Embrace the gifts that you have to offer to your students and clients.

3-Day Luxury Entrepreneur Retreat

Envision you creating this experience. Learn from a master retreat host how to build a powerful retreat experience behind the scenes! Videos will be taken of you like this was an experience that hosted, you will get a full video for you to use as advertising content!


Dates: TBD
Times: 3p Friday to 3p Sunday
Location: Ramona, California
Exact Location Disclosed at Booking


Luxury Ranch Mansion

3 Houses on Property ~The Serenity, the tranquility and the restoration.

Fruit trees surrounding the property
Beautiful expansive views of the mountain ranges

Pool And Hot Tub
Multiple outdoor decks, patios, & a fire pit
Easy access to hiking paths

What’s included:

3 Delicious, Organic, Plant-based meals a day
Daily Organic Teas, Coffee, Elixirs
Daily Yoga Practice & Meditations

Fitness Classes
Special Workshops:
Selling Out Your Retreat Workshop

Sales Call Critiques & Roleplay

Personalized Power Content Video
Workshop Creation Roleplays

Building out the Schedule of Your Retreat

Building Your Confidence
Individual Introspection Time
Sacred Living Space
Space to Feel Free
Swag Bag

Not included but offered:
Transportation to Retreat home

Not included: Travel, airfare


*Subject To Change


3-5p Welcome Circle & Movement

6-7p Family Dinner

7:00p Building Your Confidence Workshop

8:45p Hot tub and Connecting with retreaters


6:30a Sunrise Meditation

7:00a Morning Yoga

8:15-9:15a Mindfulness Breakfast

9:30-11a Sales Calls Critiques & Role-play Workshop

11:30-12:30 Workshop Creation Role-Play (group & expert feedback)

1:00-2:30p Lunch & Journaling

2:30-6p Variety of Workshops

Power Content Videos 

Advertising Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Social Media Organic Marketing

6-7p Family Dinner

7:30p Yin Yoga & Nidra Yoga

8:45p Hot Tub & Introspection Time


6:30a Sunrise Meditation

7-8a Morning Yoga

8:30a Mindfulness Breakfast

9:30a-10:30a Building the Content of Your Retreat

10:30-11:30 Workshop Rolepays (group & expert feedback)

12:30-1:30p Lunch & Journaling

1:30-3p Workshop Roleplays (group & expert feedback)

3p May your life transform in a beautiful direction

Nourishment: All meals will be responsibly sourced, organic, gluten-free, plant-based, GMO-free, refined oil and sugar-free and made with lots of love!

Cancellation Policy

*No refund Policy if in the case you can not make it. You are welcome to gift your ticket to a friend.

Available Packages

8 Week Coaching Academy & 3-day Retreat

8 weeks of online coaching content to host and sell out your retreats. Packaged with a 3-dat coaching all-inclusive retreat at a luxury mansion.

8 Week Online Coaching Academy

Take your business to the next level by offeririnf retreat experiences that will make a powerful impact on your students. 8 week online immersive coaching Academy with expert retreat coach. 

Grow Your Business Retreat in San Diego

Learn how to build a transformational retreat offer to grow your business to an additional 6 + figures a year. Create video advertisement content and enjoy a luxury stay in a mansion in San Diego. 

Date : TBD

Location: San Diego, CA


8 Week Coaching Academy & 3-day Retreat

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nicole van logtenberg
Nicole is a passionate, free spirited yogi who travels the world sharing her practice and coaching skill with aspiring entrepreneurs. Nicole began her yoga journey at 12 years old and started hosting retreats at 17. Nicole is deeply passionate about creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to connect their mind, body and spirit through movement, meditation and self development. Nicole’s retreats and coaching programs are in welcoming, safe environments for people to work on defining and building their purpose and health.