9 Day Iditarod Race Nome Finish Tour

Nome, AK, USA

Alaska Iditarod Tours
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Mar 10 - 18, 2024
Group size: 4 - 10
9 Day Iditarod Race Nome Finish Tour
Nome, AK, USA

Alaska Iditarod Tours
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Mar 10 - 18, 2024
Group size: 4 - 10

About this trip

 This 2023 Iditarod Race Nome Finish Tour takes you to the unique environment of the Bering Sea, and is designed to offer you as many opportunities to experience it as possible. Fly along the coast of the Bering Sea to the White Mountain checkpoint where mushers take a mandatory 8 hour layover. Fly to Unalakleet, Take a spectacular helicopter ride following the Iditarod trail from Safety to Nome.  Cheer your favorite mushers as the make their way into Nome and stand at the finish line when the Iditarod Champion passes under the Burl Arch. 

What’s included

  • Lodging
    Eight nights lodging at Nome's finest place to stay: the Sluicebox / Dredge 7 Inn on East D street.
  • Flights to the villages
    Flight to the White Mountain checkpoint.
  • Helicopter ride
    Spectacular helicopter ride to the Safety checkpoint, theh last checkpoint before the teams reach Nome.
  • Discover Nome Tour
    Learn about the history and legends of Nome with this highly informative tour with Roam Nome.
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Lunches in villages
    Lunch provided when flying to remote villages
  • 7 dinners
    Dinner in Nome's best restaurants
  • Dog Sled ride
    5 mile sled dog ride
  • Iditarod Banquet
    Attend the Iditarod Finisher's Award Banquet
  • Museum tour
    Informative tour of the Carrie McLain Memorial Museum
  • Golf Tournament
    The Opportunity to form foursomes to compete in the Bering Sea Ice Clasic golf tournament.The most fun you will ever have playing golf.

What’s not included

  • Anchorage -Nome flights
    Clients are responsible for their own flights between Anchorage and Nome
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities

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Nome Finish Tour
Iditarod Race Finish Tour

  Day One Sunday : Welcome to the Bering Sea and historic Nome Alaska!  Clients arrive into historic Nome Alaska on their own flights. Tour leader  will be there to meet you at the airport and bring you to your  accommodation. Famous for the Nome Gold Rush of 1898 that saw the  population balloon to over 10,000, this rugged town of 3,500 on the coast of  Norton Sound is still a magnet for the adventurous and those with gold fever. Even during the winter, evidence of active gold mining can be seen out on  the frozen sea where underwater exploration takes place under the sea ice.  Clients will be on their own for meals today.   

 Day Two Monday : Today we will get a feel for the history of Nome on  a guided tour with local resident Carol Gales of Roam Nome. This  informative tour will show you interesting points around town, such as Gold  Dredge #7 and will explore Nome's vibrant gold mining history. See why the Nome Gold Rush drew such noted personalities such as Wyatt Earp to its  shores. With a history of settlement for thousands of years by the Inupiat  people of Alaska, and headquarters for the Sitnasuak Native Village  Corporation and the Bering Straits Regional Native Corporation, Nome is a  perfect place to see the integration of modern society into the lives of its  traditional inhabitants. Visit the Native Arts and Craft Fair with fine  examples of fur hats, mittens gloves, ivory carving etc... by local artists. ( Continental Breakfast, Dinner)   

 Day Three Tuesday : Today is the day that the Nome party usually clicks  into high gear as the leaders approach the finish line. With the lead teams approaching Nome, you will be excited and primed for your dog  mushing excursion with The Dog Lot Kennel. Here is an opportunity to see  sled dogs up close, watch how experienced dog handlers interact with the    dogs and appreciated how fast and powerful a team of sled dogs are as you  negotiate the winding, icy trail with your team handler. Later in the  afternoon we will visit the Nome Museum and listen to an informative talk  about the history of the Iditarod Race presented by Howard Farley. Howard  was one of the organizers of the Iditarod Race and one of the first mushers to run the race. Late evening or early Wednesday morning is when the 1st  musher usually arrives in Nome and we will be there to cheer on the top  finishers as they cross the finish. You will be amazed at how energetic these  champion teams are as they strut their stuff down Front St. to claim their  place in Iditarod history. ( Continental Breakfast, Dinner )   

 Day Four Wednesday: Morning flight along the coast of the Bering Sea to the picturesque village of White Mountain. Here we will watch mushers take  care of their teams as they take a mandatory 8 layover. ( Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )    

 Day Five Thursday : Today clients will take a scenic helicopter ride to the  Safety Roadhouse checkpoint. This 90-minute ride along the coast is always the highlight of the tour as it gives us more opportunities to view the  mushers heading to Nome along the Iditarod Trail and at the roadhouse. We  often spot muskox in the surrounding hills on this flight. Your flight time  will be determined on Wednesday (Continental Breakfast, Dinner)    

Day Six Friday : We will get a greater appreciation for the history of Nome with a guided tour at the Nome Museum and the Cultural Center at 12:00  pm. Clients will continue cheering arriving dog teams as they cross the  finish line. ( Continental Breakfast, Dinner)   

Day Seven Saturday : Saturday morning is when clients can attend the    mushers meet and greet for autographs and photos. Clients can also  participate in teams AIT will organize for the Bering Ice Golf Classic,  definitely the most unusual and challenging course you will ever play.  Mushers will still be arriving into Nome and this is your last chance to  pick up that beautiful fur hat, muskox scarf or incredibly warm fur mittens  you have been admiring at the Art and Craft Fair.( Continental Breakfast,  Dinner)   

 Day Eight Sunday : St Patrick's Day!!! Each year our client's join the  community in Celebrating St Patricks Day by participating in the parade down  Front St. to the Burl Arch. Later in the afternoon we will attend the Iditarod  Finishers and Awards Banquet, recognizing mushers for their  accomplishments during the race. This is a great opportunity to get a more  personal understanding of the mushers and their experiences along the trail.  You will hear fantastic stories as the mushers tell their tales from the race.  ( Continental Breakfast, Dinner)   

Day Nine Monday : Clients return to Anchorage on their own flights.   

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