9 Days Oshun Goddess Women of Color Healing Retreat in Cuba

Havana, Trinidad, Varadero, Cuba

Yalorde Yoga
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1 review
Nov 27 - Dec 5, 2019
Group size: 3 - 10
9 Days Oshun Goddess Women of Color Healing Retreat in Cuba
Havana, Trinidad, Varadero, Cuba

Yalorde Yoga
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1 review

Deposit: €350
Nov 27 - Dec 5, 2019
Group size: 3 - 10

About this trip

In today's world where everyone wants to be perfect, we sometimes forget who we are and where we come from. That's why our 9 Days Oshún Goddess Women of Color Healing Retreat seeks to awaken in you, the goddess you are, to face the world full of pride for your origins and have in your hand the power of spiritual healing.

Oshún is the Orisha represented by the River, honey and sweetness, love and fertility, gold and femininity. We dedicate this Women of Color Healing Retreat to this Afro Cuban Goddess, so that she, with her powers and love for her daughters, will heal and protect us during this journey through Cuba.

In this retreat you will heal in a different way, knowing where you come from, will let you know where to go. Remember that you are a beautiful and unique being.

In this healing retreat, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Workshops, Ceremonies and Afro-Cuban Rites will be in charge of providing peace, love and physical, mental and spiritual healing.

This trip is a wonderful concept for women who seek to learn more about Afro-Cuban spirituality and their own spirituality.

Yalorde Yoga as an Afro-Cuban woman invites you to heal in community in a different way, stepping into your own true.

Healing Activities and Workshops that you receive during this retreat:

  • Afro Cuban Dances Workshops:

In these workshops, you will learn the main afro Cuban dances and the representative dances of each Orisha. These movements intend to imitate nature and contain a rich variety of songs, dances, touches, masks, and attributes. The Afro-Cuban dance has come to save our existence, to corroborate our belonging to a legacy inherited from African grandparents, legends and myths.

  • Orisha Healing Ceremony:

This healing ceremony will include healings with flowers, dances, songs, stamps, and herbs.

  • Meet the Orishas Workshop:

In this interactive workshop "Meet the Orishas" you will learn how our ancestors, in their efforts to hide their African religion and their magical practices, identified their African deities (orishas) with the saints of Catholicism, resulting in a religious syncretism known today as Santería. This workshop will be conducted by Afro-Cuban women practitioners who will share with you their knowledge which they have inherited from previous generations.

  • Excursion to the Temples of Yemaya, Virgen de La Mercedes, San Lázaro, Virgen de La Caridad del Cobre (in Havana):

On this healing excursion, we will visit temples of Catholic Saints (Orishas deities) that most visit the premises. This will be a great opportunity to observe and recognize each Orisha while you are healed with the unparalleled tranquility and spirituality that characterizes these temples. For this trip, Yalorde Yoga recommends you bring white clothes.

  • Afro Cuban Music Workshop:

A folkloric musical expression whose root is located in the African language brought to Cuba during the Spanish colonization on the island. The hot music, sensual rumba, guaguancó, toque de Santo, songs, Abakuá, and Congolese songs, and the communication with the dead converge.

  • Hatha Yoga Sessions.
  • Loving and Kindness Meditation Session.
  • Behind our African Roots in Cuba Excursion.
  • Self Acceptance Session Circle.
  • Learning how to respect my African ancestors Spiritual Session.



Day 1: “Bienvenida a Cuba”

  • Today you will arrive in Cuba and Ludisis will pick you up at the José Martí International Airport.
  • The transfer to our "Casa Particular" (Guest House) is around 35 minutes. Upon arrival, your local hosts will warmly welcome you and show you your room.
  • In the afternoon to meet in our community, we will have a welcome dinner in a restaurant of typical Cuban food in the heart of Havana with live music.

Day 2: “Discovering Havana and Healing with the Orishas”

  • In the morning today, a relaxing Hatha Yoga session will prepare you for the rest of the activities of the day.
  • Our local hosts will prepare a delicious breakfast in which you will be delighted with tropical fruits such as Guava, Mango or Papaya.
  • To immerse yourself in the culture and history of the Cuban capital, today we will make a walking tour through Old Havana in English. Old Havana is one of the fifteen municipalities of the province of Havana. We will enter into its historic center which, together with its System of fortifications, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982 by UNESCO.
  • This historical tour will be followed by a healing tour where we will visit temples of Catholic Saints (Orishas deities).
  • In the afternoon an activity that will change your life comes: "Meet the Orishas Workshop".

Day 3: “Healing in Nature”

  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast in our Casa Particular, today we embark on a trip to the Viñales Valley.
  • To the west of the Cuban provinces, its main attraction is its natural beauty. Today we will visit the natural cathedral of Cuba, the province of "Pinar del Rio" is not only famous for the Viñales Valley, Unesco's world cultural landscape, but also for cultivating the best tobacco in the world.
  • In Viñales you will have an excursion to the Tobacco Plantations in which you will learn about the best tobacco in the world and you will get to know the protagonists of Cuban tobacco cultivation.
  • Today you will have free time to discover this natural treasure.
  • In the afternoon we will return to Havana where we will have a moment of community when creating our Self Acceptance Session Circle.

Day 4: “Behind our African Roots”

  • Undoubtedly today will be a day of strong emotion for all of us because we will visit the National Museum of the Slave Route, in the Castle of San Severino in Matanzas. This museum that seeks to rescue the history of African slavery, is the first of its kind in America and has four rooms: the House of Commander, archaeological presentation, slavery, and the Orishas. They exhibit objects, pieces, photographs and belongings that illustrate the horrors of the slave era.
  • After lunch, we will go to our next destination. The incomparable beach of Varadero where we will spend the next two nights. 
  • Sunset Yoga Session on the beach will be the activity that concludes this day full of emotions.

Day 5: “Varadero, the most beautiful Beach to heal”

  • Delight yourself with an exquisite breakfast in our Casa Particular in Varadero while you feel the sea breeze.
  • Today you will have free time to do aquatic activities or simply relax on the white sands of Varadero Beach.
  • In the afternoon an introductory workshop to the Afro-Cuban Dances and an offering to the Orisha Yemayá in the Sea will transmit you love, joy, and unique healing.

Day 6: “Loving and kindness Healing Meditation”

  • Today, first of all, we will begin the day with a tasty breakfast prepared by your local hosts at Casa Particular in Varadero. Then we will start a trip to Trinidad the so-called museum city of Cuba.
  • This colonial jewel has a main square surrounded by magnificent 18th-century buildings such as the Sanchez Iznaga palaces, and the church of the Holy Trinity. Here Spanish and African traditions are blended and flourish in a culture passed on from one generation to the other.
  • Before arriving at our Villa in front of the sea, we will make a stop to be pleased with Cienfuegos, a city that dazzles for its French architecture.
  • At dusk, love will be the one who will heal you with a Yoga class dedicated to Loving others and Loving yourself, after a Meditation session On loving-kindness will close the day.

Day 7: “Dancing in a Natural Cave”

  • Starting the day with joy is one of the greatest healings one can have. That's why this morning we will start with a Cuban casino salsa class. Get ready to move your hips to the beat of the drum.
  • The Topes de Collantes Natural Park, an immense protected area that owns 45% of the endemic birds of the country awaits you for an optional Hiking excursion (not included).
  • In the evening I invite you to dance salsa in one of the most impressive clubs in Cuba, this dance hall is inside a Natural Cave and is the perfect place to share with locals.

Day 8: “Knowing your Ancestors”

  • In the morning today after breakfast we will embark a trip to Havana in a private car.
  • In Havana, an Orisha healing Ceremony that will include healings with flowers, dances, songs, stamps, and herbs, will be a precious moment of reunification with your inner being.
  • Learning how to respect my African ancestors' Workshop will give you an introduction to Cuban forms of communication with the ancestors. This is an interactive cultural workshop with locals.

Day 9: “Healing Body, Mind and Soul”

  • Breakfast in our Casa Particular.
  • To say goodbye to our new sisters we will have an offering ceremony at the River. All of us daughters of Oshun, dressed in yellow will offer to our mother sunflowers, honey, candles and whatever you want to offer her. To thank is an act of healing on its own, and on this day we will have much to thank our ancestors.
  • Airport Drop-off is included.


  All breakfasts are included in the package and are prepared by our local hosts. You can expect delicious seasonal fruits such as mango, banana, guava, melon or papaya.For lunches and 

dinners we will eat at top restaurants owned by local owners and specialized in Cuban Creole food. All the vegetables and fruits are from the farm to the table.

If you have any dietary preferences, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Included meals

  • Breakfasts.

Supported food types

  • Vegetarian
  • Regular
  • Seafood

Supported drink types

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Juices
  • Tea


Country: Cuba

Address: San Lázaro y M, Vedado, La Habana. Cuba, CP. 10 400

Nearest airport: José Martí International Airport

Geo location: -82.38, 23.1406

What Makes This Retreat Special

In this healing retreat, yoga, meditation, dance, workshops, ceremonies, and Afro-Cuban rites will be in charge of providing peace, love, and physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

This trip is a wonderful concept for women who seek to learn more about Afro-Cuban spirituality and their own spirituality.

Yalorde Yoga as an Afro-Cuban woman invites you to heal in community in a different way, stepping into your own truth.  

Aditional Imformation

Summary Of Travel Times:

  • Havana to Viñales - 3 hours
  • Havana to Cienfuegos - 2 h 45 min
  • Cienfuegos to Trinidad - 1 h 22 min
  • Trinidad to Havana - 4 hours
  • José Martí International Airport to Casa Particular - 35 minutes


  • Visit Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Viñales and Cienfuegos.
  • Local Guide always at your disposal
  • Hatha yoga class and Vipassana meditation sessions
  • Workshop of Afro-Cuban culture or Santeria
  • Guided walking tour of Old Havana
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Airports transfers
  • Excursions in Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    8 nights accommodation in beautiful premium casas particulares
  • Yoga and Meditation
    Hatha Yoga classes and meditation session
  • 8 x breakfasts
    Lovingly prepared by our local staff.
  • Guide
    Local afro cuban Guide always at your disposal.
  • Airport Round trips
    Free airport pickup and dropoff, because we want to meet you as soon as possible :)
  • The following transfers
    Transportation to and from Havana, Viñales, Varadero and Trinidad
  • Tour
    Walking tour of Old Havana in English
  • Excursion
    Excursions in Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad
  • Afro Cuban Workshop
    Workshop of Afro-Cuban Culture or Santeria: An approach to the traditions inherited by our African ancestors that will allow you to know the traditions, myths, ceremonies, songs and Orishas that make
  • Music
    Afro Cuban music workshop
  • Other excursion
    Behind our African roots in Cuba excursion
  • others
    Self-acceptance session circle
  • session
    Learning how to respect your African ancestors spiritual session
  • Travel Documents
    Flights, tickets and any visas required.
  • Tax and Services
    Tax and Services not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Lunch and Dinners
  • Some activities
    Activities mentioned as: not included in the itinerary
  • Some Transfer
    Transfer to optionals activities.

Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Yalorde Yoga
1 review
Ludisis is a dance and certified Yoga Alliance teacher from Cuba. Her studies in tourism permitted her insight at Yoga retreat venues. Ludisis is a person who radiates joy and harmony. She is passionate about spirituality and offers wisdom, guidance, and persistence to her students. Teachers who worked with her, found her to be a kind, strong and powerful individual, and she can be relied upon to act as the calm in the middle of a storm. She is balanced and kind-hearted as well as beautiful inside. A true guide to one's life's work. Together with Guenther, a Thai massage instructor, nature lover, globe trotter, Pathfinder, Trekker, Skier, Mountainbiker and Rock Climber. He does Thai Massage since 1995 and lived several years in Thailand, Japan and Chile. Our goal is to provide you with a unique and personalized retreat experience. In addition take advantage of the benefits of ancient Thai techniques, Meditation, spirituality, guidance, fitness, healing, and Yoga.


This was one of the best trips I’ve experienced and was perfect for a single female traveler. I was nervous to visit Cuba alone so it was extremely reassuring to have a local guide show me around. Ludi was beyond flexible and the itinerary was customized to my interests. I couldn’t make the exact dates for the retreat but Ludi was more than accommodating and went out of her way to pick me up 2 days before the actual trip was scheduled to start. Because of that, I had 2 days of private guide with Ludi. I got to experience the authentic Cuban culture while enjoying all the touristy delights Cuba had to offer. I was initially hesitant as I had very little yoga experience but it wasn’t a problem at all! This was a great introduction to the practice for me. So If yoga isn’t your thing, dont fear! The accommodations were better than expectated, clean, safe and most of all locally owned. I would recommended arriving a day or two earlier if you’d like to spend more time in old Havana. I can happily say that I’ve made a fabulous new Cuban friend and cannot wait to return and spend more time in Havana. Thanks Ludi for the experience of a lifetime that I’ll forever cherish!


This was the best trip I have been on . Very organized and well planned . The accommodations were nice . The itinerary allowed us to emerse ourselves In the Cuban culture thru painting, dance, hiking, site seeing, and so much more! I highly recommend Yalorde Yoga w Lusisis and Gunther.
By Burnetta Gibson on Jul 17, 2018
Thanks Ludi and Gunther for a wonderful Cuban Experience Retreat June 27,2918 thru July 3,2018. I can not stop talking about the Culture, family atmosphere you showed ,and learning of Cuban Heritage. I plan to return soon. Much love from the USA. I highly recommend your services when traveling to Cuba. Shawn
By Shawn Coles on Jul 09, 2018