A Somatic Movement Bellydance & Yoga Intensive with Atira Tan & LAKITA

Online and in the comfort of your own home

Atira Tan
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9 reviews
May 14 - 16, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25
A Somatic Movement Bellydance & Yoga Intensive with Atira Tan & LAKITA
Online and in the comfort of your own home

Atira Tan
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9 reviews

May 14 - 16, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

A 3-day, 15 hours Virtual Online Bellydance and Sacred Feminine Yoga Immersion with LAKITA & Atira Tan.

14 - 16 May 2021

Are you ready to re-ignite a newly sensual empowered self within your body and mind in the comfort of your own home? 

Join these two significant practitioners and teachers in the feminine arts, embodied sensual movement, women’s somatic psychology, and spirituality, Atira Tan (TEDx Speaker & #1 Best Selling Author) and LAKITA (WAAPA), as they come together to weave their passions to bring you a truly special online immersion in somatic embodiment and sensual movement.

With 15 hours of Contemporary Bellydance Drills, Choreography, and Sacred Feminine Yoga & Meditation, you’ll feel inspired, empowered, and more connected with your sensual somatic intelligence and flow.

A brand new Lakita-style choreography featuring all your favorite moves will be taught and designed specifically for this immersion only.


The choreography and stylization of this immersion will be broken down and drilled in sections throughout the intensive to ensure the success of each student. The choreography can be yours to perform, and you’re invited to film the piece from home so that LAKITA can proudly feature you on her platforms.

This immersion includes 9 hours of tuition with Lakita featuring gentle and nourishing body conditioning from the perspective of a dancer, and there will be a wide array of Fusion Bellydance and Contemporary Dance techniques for ALL levels and bodies. LAKITA’s goal is to assist you in finding new pathways in your body with ease and breath and to lead you into a meditative dance experience bursting with strength and hypnotic flow.

In addition, Atira will share 6 hours of luscious somatic movement and meditation through Sacred Feminine Yoga. This womanly style of yoga is a powerful energy cultivation practice for a female’s physical, emotional, and energetic body, a sensuous, guided journey to connect you to your true feminine power. It’s a feminine spiritual practice that embraces and enhances a woman’s sensual intelligence and nurtures the pleasure principle for healing, self-love, bliss, and embodiment.

The emphasis of this practice is to move from the “inside-out” and from your own somatic wisdom. Sacred Feminine Yoga can support you in cultivating deep rest, self-acceptance, sensuous embodiment, improve and balance hormones and the nervous system, and much, much more. As a spiritual practice, it focuses on the ancient approach of Tantra & Tao to restore and revitalize the female reproductive system and the feminine heart.


LAKITA and Atira bring their unique flavor of the feminine sacred arts to this online immersion, which will leave you inspired, radiant, and connected to your feminine essence.

Here is some detailed information about the style of Bellydance and Sacred Feminine Yoga which we bring to you in this unique virtual format, which can be immersed in the comfort of your own space, with your girlfriends, or in your own home retreat.

Fusion Bellydance: 

  • Fusion/Contemporary Bellydance is an experimental, modern interpretation of the ancient art form that came through via a collective of women in the Bay Area, San Francisco, that has now spread globally and is maintaining its ever-evolving culture. The dance genre is rooted in the Bellydance technique but fuses other styles of dance and influences. 
  • LAKITA is well-known for blending both modern and traditional stylizations of Bellydance whilst keeping connected to her roots as a contemporary dancer. She fuses this art form with contemporary music, movement, and fashion, bringing an unmistakable sensual, edgy, empowering experience to her classes, choreographies, and performance. This retreat will include Bellydance Drills, Bellydance Choreography & Bellydance Performance.

Sacred Feminine Yoga:

  • Sacred Feminine Yoga draws on both Tantric and Taoist practices, somatic psychology, women’s mysteries to create a fusion that will awaken your feminine essence, and deepen your ability to drop into the sensual intelligence of your body.
  • This sacred practice is specifically designed for a woman’s body and is suitable for any age, stage of life, or level of yoga experience. It encourages a woman to be fully present with her feelings, allows the space for emotions to be expressed, releases stagnant energy in the body, and unlocks higher levels of intuition and instinctual wisdom. This allows a deepening into the sensual pleasure of a woman’s body.


  • Meditations shared will consist of a special blend of pranayama (breath practices) specifically for the womanly body and cycles, as well as feminine meditations from the Taoist and Tantric traditions.



This includes:

3 x 1.5-hour pre-recorded videos of Bellydance Techniques & Drills with Lakita

3 x 1.5-hour pre-recorded videos of Sacred Feminine Yoga with Atira

3 x 30 mins pre-recorded videos of Sacred Feminine Meditations with Atira

3 x 1.5-hour pre-recorded videos of Bellydance Choreography with Lakita

(all videos are for you to keep for lifetime access)

In addition, if you would like to join us Live over the 3 days of the online immersion (not compulsory), we offer:

1 x 1 hr Live Zoom Workshop with Atira (Day 1)

1 x 1 hr Live Zoom Q & A Workshop with Lakita (Day 2)

1 x 1 hr Live Zoom Workshop with Atira (Day 3)

1 x1 hr Live Zoom Follow-Up workshop with Lakita (29th May 2021)

Plus you get access to our Bellydance FB group as well!

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Bellydance Artist/TeacherLAKITA is a hypnotic performance artist and movement teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been celebrated for her unique fusion of the timeless art form of Bellydance with contemporary dance, music, and fashion, creating evocative alchemy somewhere in between ancient and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Between electrifying audiences and curating multidisciplinary events and sensory experiences, LAKITA leads studio and online classes with a focus on educating and enticing her students to newfound empowerment, sensuality, and confidence. Her classes take you on a journey through deep and lush body conditioning sequences, movement practices, and techniques all dripping in audio heaven.

LAKITA began training in classical ballet at the age of 3, which would prove to be the beginning of everlasting love with movement and music. At age 17, LAKITA undertook a deep and intensive journey into Contemporary Dance and Ballet Studies in a full-time program at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Your Organizer

Atira Tan
9 reviews
Atira (MA Art Therapy, SEP, E-RYT 500) has been teaching somatic trauma education for over a decade. She is the founder and CEO of Art to Healing, an Australian charity assisting sex-trafficked women and children globally. Over 19 years, Atira has delivered numerous yoga, mindfulness, art therapy, Somatic Experiencing, women’s health, and trauma-informed programs internationally. Atira is a TEDx speaker, yoga teacher, trauma specialist, #1 Best Selling author, art therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & group facilitator.


This was an insightful program, the topics discussed were organized, thorough, and clear. The pacing and format were perfect. Looking forward to the next one.
By Joshua Syracuse T for SOLD OUT: Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner Program on 13 Sep, 2022
Absolutely loved this training! Atira and Lorraine are very knowledgeable. I felt they were very encouraging and attentive to all of the students. I feel I can take my yoga classes to the next level and help make yoga more accessible for everyone by offering a space of safety and non-judgment.
By Becky D for 50 Hr Trauma-Informed Women's Yoga Teacher Training on 02 Sep, 2022
This is such a fantastic training. In-depth, experiential and run by experts in their field. Both Atira and Lorraine bring a wealth of wisdom, experience and deep heart to this training and it exceeded by expectations by a long way. I have left the training feeling very well equipped to teach in a very different trauma-informed way now. Highly recommend this training. And I will certainly be looking to do further trainings with both Atira and Lorraine in the future.
By Lucy M for 50 Hr Trauma-Informed Women's Yoga Teacher Training on 24 Aug, 2022
Thank you so much for your participation in our training Lucy! It's been such a delight to have you on board.
By Atira Tan on 24 Aug, 2022
Stellar!! I am so impressed with this course and the presence that Atira and her team demonstrated. So professional, so deep and compassionate. And so many powerful tools to bring into my work. I am eternally grateful. This is such a great example of how medicine work should be conducted - responsibly, thoughtfully and with such kindness.
By Rachel F for Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Program on 05 Apr, 2022
This workshop was absolutely the best I've attended (online or in person) in a long time. I'm so grateful for the eloquence, attention to detail, professionalism, and depth with which this important work was presented. Atira is an excellent, compassionate, and gifted teacher and her heart-centered knowledge and passion for this work is inspiring. This in-depth approach to integrating plant medicine experiences is definitely the missing link for me both personally and in my work in facilitating sacred ceremonies. Thank you.
By Peter B for * SOLD OUT *Trauma-Informed Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Program on 13 Oct, 2021
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