A Transformational Inner Connecting Journey with Vaishnevy Reddy

Paro, Bhutan

Bliss Immersions
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Apr 1 - 10, 2019
Group size: 5 - 15
A Transformational Inner Connecting Journey with Vaishnevy Reddy
Paro, Bhutan

Bliss Immersions
  • Email address verified

Apr 1 - 10, 2019
Group size: 5 - 15

About this trip

This immersion is a 10 day journey focusing on spiritual awakening/connecting with our greatest version, through the villages and mountains of Bhutan. Local gurus guide us through sacred spaces and practices that contribute to the happiness and consciousness of this country. We like locals do while enjoying spectacular views in pristine land.

With our wonderful life coach and meditation teacher Vaishnevy we focus on how we can optimise our fulfillment in life.

Meditating in a monastery and ontop of mountains with lifelong students of peace and spiritual principles might activate you on a deep level.

Enjoy this enlightening country where the monarchy measures wealth not by Gross National Product, but by Gross Domestic Happiness of its people.

Why this trip?

1. Because the entire immersion is based upon wellness.

2. Good quantities of vegan and primarily or all raw vegan food is served and a genuine promise of serving the highest quality organic ingredients is made.

3. This immersions is made from heartful service and a genuine inspiration for you to experience how great wellness can really be when all details of our lifestyle are as beneficial as possible.

4. Bhutan has an amazing richness of tradition, and as with all traditions our goal is to find the most beneficial aspects of Bhutan's culture related to ideal human vitality and happiness.

That is why the combination of a caring local Bhutanese travel agent Tshering Lhamtshok from Samsara-asia and a team of certified wellness enthusiasts from Bliss Immersions with nutrition, yoga and wellness experience of over 20 years, draws out the very essence of the most beneficial aspects of Bhutan for you, as best as we can. 

Immerse yourself in the essence of the country that has been mentioned as the happiest place on earth several times, and discover their traditions, techniques, philosophies that contributes to their tranquility. Along the journey we meet with amazing zen meditation masters,  nutritionists, yoga teachers, international and local friends.

Enjoy elegant dinners in nature and cowy traditional homestays and hotels, next to amazing sceneries, we eat food with optimal vitality in mind, with the freshest possible foods, oftentimes straight from the tree or vine to the plate.

For physicial optimisation we include massages beneficial for posture, bodywork, herbal baths.

The environment is as tailored as possible to support the realisation of the best and most vital version of your spirit embodied here on earth. 

We shower in pure spring water and soak in hot springs.

Bhutan is a country that cultivates and amplifies happiness and while integrating ourselves further with our true spirit energy due to tradition, mineral rich soil and more.

We welcome you to express your wishes so we can best tailor the trip for you. We do our best to create a general plan that is beneficial for most but you are the expert of yourself so we listen to your intuition as to what might activate you most as well.

The itinerary might be adjusted to accommodate our flow or what we and the guests feel is beneficial for each individual.

This trip is all about activating your true version of your spirit and to be connected with who you really are.

We hope this Journey will create memories for life, form friendships with like minded people and that you experience a journey that inspires you and empowers you to reach the next levels of your life.


Reastically, people usually snack between meals, therefore we have included healthy snack meals and for many body types, this is natural and allows you to really fill yourself with nutrients. 

We have a premade meal plan we adapt and tailor for your intuition, and then we tailor further while on the trip, but we will make sure we have a very nourishing and delicious plan running automatically while we explore in nature in Bhutan.

All meal are certainly optionally, although with a steady flow of high quality meals it makes it a lot easier to focus on ejoying the Journey.

1. We send you our sample meal plan and you confirm or change the meals included and ask to make adjustments as necessary. Every meal has a number to make it easier to indicate for any changes you would like. This will serve as a basis for our food plan,

2. You can also customise and tailor each day as the days go by if something must be tailored better for you.

3. We have extra food available and we can assist you in ordering other plant based foods or show you where nearby stores are if necessary.

Packing List

Shirts or tops with long light weight sleeves. 

Lightweight pants.

Bathing shorts/suits/swim wear.

Natural Mosquito sprays.


Natural sunscreens.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you can't come you get a full refund.

Tour agency

This tour is operated by Samsara-Asia, a licensed tour agency in Bhutan. Tshering Lhamtshok will be our contact. She has done many succesful trips already and have a big network in Bhutan, including high lamas, meditation teachers, yoga teachers, chefs and more.


The itinerary may be subject to change but we do our best to make sure that the environment supports you to be your greatest version regardless.

For example, we might serve fresher, riper or more in season fruits or different foods than originally planned. The itinerary and meal plan will be updated as we go on the journey together.

Indian Price

Since indians do not have to pay taxes as other foreigners in Bhutan, we have a special promotion code which Indian citizens can use. Note that it is very important that you have a valid indian citizenship if you use this code.
The code is:

The code gives 20% off at check out.

What’s included

  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Spring water
  • Massages
  • Spa treatments
  • Herbal Baths
  • Transportation
    Transportation from the Airport and to the various places we go
  • Hikes and visits
    Includes hikes, visits, entertainment, entrance fees etc.
  • Flight
  • Insurance


Day 1 Welcome
Opening circle

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro International Airport and Transfer to Thimphu (2200m: 1.5 hour drive)

10:00: Arrival at Paro International airport (2200 m). Samsara Asia team will greet you at the airport with a traditional white scarf welcome and transfer to Thimphu City (1.5 hour drive).

Enroute, we visit the 15th Century Iron bridge and a crossover to the Tamchoe lhakhang. 

11:30: Check into hotel, refresh and set out for lunch. 

12:00 Bhutanese fruit snacks, meal.

Time to relax, acclimate, bathe in the river, restore, explore Thimphu city,

14:00 Lunch, meal.

15:00 Berry snacks meal.

16:00 Bhutanese massage with focus on benefitting posture, increasing chi flow and relaxation.

18:30:  Cultural Night with folk dances at Simply Bhutan with dinner and bhutanese performances, meal.

19:30 Herbal bath with herbs like motherwort for relaxation.

20:00 Relaxing herbal tea.

Who’s interested

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Bliss Immersions
Enjoying life and living life to the fullest. Certified in holistic nutrition. One of my fascinations is to create the most optimal day in terms nourishing ourselves on all levels and seeing myself and others be the greatest and happiest version they can be. Our spirit always has a set point of the greatest version of ourself, the question is wether we are allowing this set point to be realised based upon our habits in all areas of our lives. I love to have fun while growing and contributing to more people's bliss.