A Walk Of Blissful Revelations

Limón Province, Cahuita de Talamanca, Costa Rica

2 reviews
Mar 13 - 18, 2023
Group size: 5 - 10
A Walk Of Blissful Revelations
Limón Province, Cahuita de Talamanca, Costa Rica

2 reviews

Mar 13 - 18, 2023
Group size: 5 - 10

About this trip


Retreat Date: March 5-11

A Walk of Blissful Revelations is five days through the Caribbean shores on a journey of Self-discovery that will reveal your bliss. Heal and reintegrate your natural energy flow back to a balanced and whole state. Focus on grounding, opening, and allowing. Oftentimes we are dictated by the status quo and we lose our connection to our original cultures. These five days will redirect you through the transitions to reveal your true divinity and identity. 


What airport do I book my flight for?

Juan Santamaría International Airport  in San Juan, Costa Rica - SJO

When shall I arrive? 

We recommend you arrive at SJO airport the day before, to relax and receive your complimentary one night stay in San Jose and shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and to our location the following day. 

Do you need a Covid test to enter/leave the country?

No. Covid testing is no longer required. 

Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Costa Rica?


What if I am already in Costa Rica- can you provide transportation for me to get to the retreat?

Yes we can. We can coordinate transportation to get you to the retreat space on time. 

Is Costa Rica Safe?

Yes it is. However it's important to keep safe, as with any place in the world.

How will I get transportation from the airport?

Shuttle service and a hotel accomodation is provided the day prior to the retreat stat day.

How should I pack? 

Pack light! Light clothing material and shoes that are good for both outdoor and indoor activities and of course your swimwear is a must.  Also please bring a pair of loose and light pants and a long sleeved shirt  to help repel mosquitoes from biting you during the jungle walk excursion.

We also encourage you to bring and natural mosquito repellants .

Did we answer all of your questions? If not please email us:

email: introspectionretreats@gmail.com

Reciprocity Rewards

Receive 10% / $277 for each person that you refer. To qualify, each guest you refer must mention that you referred them and must pay their balance in full by the final date. Your rewards will be paid to you within 30 days of the retreat start date. This  promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions that may be offered by us. 

What’s included

  • Accommodtions
    Your stay at our designated hotel in San Jose (SJO) the night before the start date and the home stay during. Private room & bathroom.
  • Home Cooked Meals
    All meals included
  • Shuttle Service
    Shuttle to and from the SJO Airport
  • Offsite Excursions
    We will explore pristine nature where the jungle meets the sea.
  • Sunrise Yoga Sessions
    Start each day with yoga for the chakras
  • Massage
    Enjoy a relaxing or deep tissue massage
  • Sacred Waterfall Cleanse
    You will be given a 1 on 1 waterfall ritual and cleanse
  • Temezcal
    This sweat lodge allows you to release, transmute and transcend.
  • Breath Workshop
    Remember to breathe. This workshop will guide you through breathing techniques that aid in your healing.
  • Caribbean Cooking Class
    Delight in learning to cook with some of the locally grown herbs and food.
  • Art Workshop
    Everyone is an artist. During this session you will tap into your inner self through art. expression
  • Yoni Steam
    Herbal vaginal steam designed to bring spiritual and physical healing and releasing of toxins and unwanted energies that no longer serve us.
  • Private Room
  • Private Bathroom
  • Opening Celebration
    A Celebration of Your Arrival
  • Closing Celebration
    A Celebration of You
  • Retreat vid/photo file.
    A keepsake media collection of your experience.
  • Flight
    Flights to and From SJO Airport are not included in the retreat.


Day 1
A Home Away From Home


On Day 1 of your Walk to Blissful Revelations a Chofer will receive you at 6:00 am from the hotel in San Jose and journey you from San José on a scenic ride to your destination in the restorative and mystical lands of the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. 

After your long journey you will be welcomed to the restorative and mystical lands of the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. 

Upon arrival you will be received with loving kindness by your three lovely hosts Flora, Tamika and Sondra.  

A home away from home awaits you. While surrounded by nature, take pleasure in delicate gardens, a relaxing and replenishing pool, a loving, family-oriented staff and your own private, cozy, room and bathroom overlooking a sea of greenery. 


We embrace you with open arms and introduce you to your retreat family. After some much needed rest and free-time to settle in and process all things new, we will enjoy an Opening Circle and a beautiful brunch. Later, you will enjoy a blissful and pampering massage. After dinner, a guided group meditation will soothe your mind and transition your spirit before bedtime.

Your Organizer

Introspection Retreats
2 reviews
Introspection Retreats is a women and men of color retreat experience that offers a sacred, healing space. It encourages all people of color from all over the world to journey within themselves, cleanse their minds, bodies and souls and connect with nature and their divine selves. We achieve this by working with all five elements: space, air, fire, water, earth and above all spirit.


There are no words that can describe my experience. Sharing space with these three beautiful, intuitive black women, Flora, Sondra and Tammi was the most beautiful moments and memories of my life. I traveled to Limon, Costa Rica solo from Philadelphia, PA ready and open to surrender and welcome everything that was in store for me to receive from this retreat. I was going through a really dark and lonely time and my spirit called me to come to this retreat. While going through my own spiritual awakening journey for the last 3 years, feeling alone, I was struggling to find my purpose and feeling lost with tapping in my divine gifts. My spirit needing to connect back to my Self, my ancestral roots, The Universe and nature and here I finally found my tribe! These lovely women became apart of my family! Tammi, Flora and Tammi welcomed me with an abundance of love, openness, so much kindness, patience, protection and held space for me to heal & release parts of my spirit that were still hurt and receive all that I needed in order to tap into my high self, my ancestors, Mother Nature and the Universe. They gave me safe and loving space to purge, heal and rebuild. We shared so many laughs, tears, and love without any judgement. They supported me, gave my so much guidance and knowledge during my journey. I learned so my from my now three Costa Rica Aunties and I will be forever grateful. Miss Ebi and Carol are absolutely amazing ! These beautiful women cooked and fed me the most authentic, delicious Afro Costa Rican cuisines and welcomed me with so much love ! They made me feel at home. I hold so much love and gratitude for these five divine, beautiful women. They are now apart of my family forever ! Please, do not hesitate or have second thoughts coming to this retreat !! Book it now!!! Come with an open mind and give yourself permission to surrender to what is meant for you here.🌻
By Ashley J for Back To Nature Retreat on 09 Nov, 2022
This was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had in this lifetime 💜🥰 .. This experience confirmed that everything I am doing has me on the path I need and want to be on , and the more consistent I am with my routines & rituals, the more I will see my desires manifest into my reality 🕉🧘🏾‍♀️ • Have you ever had a massage as the soothing natural sounds of the jungle play in the background 🐆? Have you ever went a whole week with majority vegetarian meals and no substances to see how it effects your body and mood🥗? Do you know what a hollering monkey sounds like🐒? Have you ever conquered one of your biggest fears with the help of your sisters💪🏾🌊? Have you ever prayed under a waterfall 🧎🏾‍♀️🙏🏾? Do you know the science of Ayurvedic Medicine💊? Have you ever been kissed by a butterfly 🦋? • Too many new experiences for me to share, but I literally enjoyed every one🤗 What I expected of this trip and what I received is truly unmatched .. I am forever in gratitude to the ladies who helped guide my during this experience 💜
By Tityana M for Back To Nature Retreat on 04 Oct, 2022