Activate Your Inner Goddess: A Transformational Retreat

      Hacienda Alta Gracia

      Nov 3 - 7, 2023
      Group size: 10 - 25
      Activate Your Inner Goddess: A Transformational Retreat
      Hacienda Alta Gracia

      Nov 3 - 7, 2023
      Group size: 10 - 25

      About this trip

       Are you a spiritual female change maker craving more depth in your spiritual development, intuitive mastery, and unlocking your unique abundance codes? If so, we invite you to join us for a transformational retreat to explore your energetic clearing, activation, recalibration and attunement to your infinite power. 

       What it is and who it’s for: An immersive, wildly expansive retreat for the goddess who knows the sovereignty of her wisdom, power, and grace is here to make a profound difference in the world through her divine feminine essence. You’re already a successful and empowered being, and now you’re ready to activate the one percent micro shifts to transcend even further into your highest self. A week of intimately removing barriers to your liberation, forging the synarchy of divine relationships, and receiving the flow of energetic inner mastery and the ease that comes with living a divinely inspired and aligned life, where your all-ness emerges almost magically. 

       What you’ll experience: In our intimate time together we will be using a collection of holistic modalities to break through the glass ceiling of sovereign success, shattering and penetrating it to catapult you into your new quantum reality, grounded in the wisdom of your divine feminine spirit. 


      A sacred time to turn within, and to each other, to hold the pure space of the next level of your souls evolution. A time where sovereignty, inner mastery, and shifting paradigms becomes your new normal, complete with a personalized integration and embodiment plan for who you really are on a soul level, and how you will live that out beautifully, gracefully, and in full alignment with your higher self so that you can continue to make the waves and changes in this world while living a deliciously abundant life.


      Collectively, we will be pulling out the souls essence of you, and re-introducing you to your higher self– to live from that place, because that energy equals liberation, and your totality is needed on this earth.

      We will be healing, expanding, uniting in sisterhood, and deepening into our inner mastery through the cultivation of our inner goddess. Honoring our divine feminine energy, for as we heal within, we heal the world.

      The goddess in us honors the goddess in you. If you’re ready to leverage the power of your souls essence to make waves in the world while living a deliciously abundant life, then join us. We can hardly wait to create magic with you!

      What to Expect

      At the completion of the retreat, you will have experienced:

      • The conscious awareness and release of limitations that no longer serve your highest path moving forward safely through holistic modalities
      • The release of self-betrayal transmuted into self-loyalty
      • Learning and grounding into your unique spiritual gifting
      • Understanding your energetic coding & how to apply it practically in your life, business, relationships, and health
      • Attunement to your intuitive power
      • Aligning with the next evolution of your souls mission, with a personalized action plan to make it a reality
      • Energetic clearing, activation, and recalibration of your energy field
      • Deepening sisterhood bonds with other women who see you and celebrate your brilliance
      • Being guided into your power, sovereignty and strength through the power of painting; getting back in touch with your inner child and receiving messages that will carry you forward into your next level of trust and abundance

      This retreat is for you if:

      • You’re a spiritual female change maker
      • Are ready to step into deeper levels of spiritual development & intuitive mastery
      • Desire to dive into your next level of abundance & ground it in safely as your new reality
      • Wish to recalibrate your energetic frequency to that of your higher self (and get out of your own way, even though you’re already a powerhouse)
      • Crave the expansive energy of transformation combined with luxurious & spacious vibes

      What’s included

      • Accommodations
      • Food and Beverages
      • All Sessions
      • Flights

      Available Packages

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      Deposit: $750
      Double Occupancy
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