Peru (Marlene De Oliveira)

      Cusco, Peru

      32 reviews
      Jun 19 - 28, 2023
      Group size: 8 - 12
      Peru (Marlene De Oliveira)
      Cusco, Peru

      32 reviews

      Jun 19 - 28, 2023
      Group size: 8 - 12

      About this trip

      When we say Peru is one of our favorite places to travel to, we aren't exaggerating. So join us on this incredible retreat where you will experience the pinnacle of Peruvian culture. Explore the city of Lima, hike the Inca trail, enjoy fantastic food, and more!

      We will be staying at 5-star hotels when not hiking on the Inca Trail. When hiking, we will be tent camping. We will have porters carrying our things and setting up our tents for us.

      Update on the Protests in Peru

      Walker Wellness Retreats is aware of political protests currently occurring in Peru that have immobilized the country and closed access to Machu Picchu. While we believe the unrest will end by June 2023, we are continuing to actively monitor the situation as it unfolds. As always, we recommend guests purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen events. If unrest continues and we are unable to host our retreat, all guests will be given a full refund of any deposits or payments made.

      Tips & Information for the Inca Trail

      Luggage & Porters on the Inca Trail

      Any extra luggage you have with you will be left safely in Cusco at our hotel while you trek. Make sure your bags have tags on them, so they are easy to locate. The trek includes porters, who are responsible for carrying and setting up all equipment. They will also carry the duffel bag you receive at your briefing the night before your trek. Each duffel bag can not exceed 7kg/14lbs and must include your sleeping bag and air mat. The porters are all provided a proper uniform, salary, and insurance.

      Altitude on the Inca Trail

      As soon as people book their trip to Peru, specifically Cusco, they start wondering about altitude sickness. The air at high altitudes contains less oxygen than at sea level and forces your body to work harder to get the oxygen it needs. Over several days at high altitudes, your body adjusts to the lower amount of oxygen in the air. For this reason, we spend two days in Cusco before beginning. Cusco is a marvelous city with lots to do, so if you have more time to acclimate, you won´t be bored.

      With altitude sickness, you may first feel like you have the flu or a hangover. You may have a headache, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, trouble sleeping, trouble breathing during exercise. If any of these effects become severe, please contact our office, and we will help you get to a doctor.

      Most of the time, these symptoms will be mild. We always recommend easing into activity slowly, allowing your body to adjust. Drink plenty of fluids such as water or coca tea. Coca tea has been used since ancient times to help prevent altitude sickness. Leaves from the Coca Plant contain alkaloids that help bring oxygen into your blood, helping your body avoid the effects of altitude sickness. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol and coffee, since they will cause you to urinate more often and become dehydrated. Avoid smoking. Smoking makes it more difficult for your body to get oxygen. Avoid sleeping pills. They may cause shallow breathing at night, making it more difficult for your body to absorb oxygen while you sleep.

      Remember, the trek to Machu Picchu is not a race. Even those in the best shape will suffer from altitude sickness if they race to the top of the mountain too quickly. Go slow, and it will give your body time to adjust to the elevation. Your healthcare provider may prescribe medication such as Acetazolamide and Dexamethasone to help prevent altitude sickness. Start the medicine two days before you get to high altitude, and continue to take it while you are at high altitude. You must remember that this is your holiday and you do not want to stress out about the possibility of getting sick from the mountains. Do everything slowly and drink lots of water, and enjoy the coca tea. If anything does happen and you, unfortunately, get sick, let your guide know right away. Alpaca Expedition guides are trained to help you get through it.

      First Aid on the Inca Trail

      Our trekking guide has received training in first aid from a physician. The trekking company conducts mandatory training every February, and every single guide attends. When guiding you, they will have with them a first aid kit for basic medical situations (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.) and oxygen. They will take good care of you. In case something unexpected happens, and you feel you can no longer complete the trek, they will figure out the safest and quickest way off the trail and to a clinic. You will never be left alone; you will have a member of the team escort you every step of the way until safely with a doctor. When you are feeling up to it, we will make sure that you still have the chance to visit Machu Picchu and reconnect with your group, traveling by train comfortably.

      Environmental Impact

      During the trek, we will use biodegradable soap and transport all our garbage back to Cusco. The luggage porters are trained to look after the trail and pick up any waste from other groups as well. We also use chemical environmentally-friendly portable toilets that allow us to pack waste out. We believe in leaving no footprint behind. 

      Other Tips

      · Get to know the crew. Most of the porters on the trail are local farmers and other local residents. They can be a great source of info your guide won't be sharing with you. Strike up a conversation and bring some pictures from home to share with the typically warm and inviting Peruvians who will be carrying the bulk of your gear, and all of your shelter and food.

      · Bring enough batteries for your headlamp and camera. There will not be any opportunities to charge unless you bring a solar panel.

      · Ponchos, while seemingly goofy in appearance, are a good thing. If the rain doesn't let up for a day or two, pack covers can get soaked through, leading to a soaked pack. A poncho does a better job of keeping rain off you and your pack. Cheap ones are available locally.

      · Prepare your feet before you arrive. Buying a new pair of boots or trail shoes right before arriving in country might seem like a good idea, but 15 miles into your hike is not a good time to discover the fit isn't perfect. Do your best to break in your footwear before departing.

      · Prepare your body before you arrive. You don't need to be in Ironman Triathlon shape before catching your flight to Peru, but it will help if you work your body before leaving. Cardiovascular work will help most while trekking. Get out and walk briskly, at a pace where a conversation becomes hard to hold, to work your lungs and legs. Be kind to your knees while attempting hills if you have them nearby. Lots of swimming can also be good. I would highly recommend hiking steep inclines. The Inca trail has a lot of steps!

      · Just keep going! The list of people older than you, more out of shape than you, and heavier than you that have completed the Inca Trail and arrived at Machu Picchu is long and storied. They all have one thing in common: mental toughness. The trek is a mental game, and you need a positive attitude more than you need the latest hiking gear.

      Weather on the Inca Trail

      Of course, the weather is unpredictable. Typically the dry season in Cusco is from April through October, but this does not stop rain from falling in June or the sun from coming out in December, so just be prepared. No matter what month you are doing the trek, make sure that you have rain gear that includes a waterproof jacket, pants, poncho, and waterproof gloves. Many people forget about gloves, but being cold and wet makes hiking very unpleasant.

      Also, be ready for four seasons. Trekking in the Andes involves various microclimates, and you will need to be prepared. Layers are always essential since they are easy to adjust to different temperature changes. Be prepared with a warm packable down jacket since the evening will be cold.

      Packing Suggestions for the Inca Trail

      For the Inca trail, your main suitcase will be left in storage in your Cusco hotel. We will get your suitcase when we return from the Inca Trail. The Inca Trail tour guide will meet with us the day before the retreat to go over the trail details and provide you will a small duffle bag that you will fill with only the items you will need for the 4-day trail. You will be provided with a bag weighing up to 6kg that our porters will carry for you. This bag will be provided by the tour company and will include your clothing, toiletries and sleeping bag. We have also arranged the mattress pad, sleeping bag, tent, and hiking poles for your trek. 


      · Passport

      · Immigration Card (given on the plane as you enter Peru)

      · Good daypack (the smaller, the better)

      · Water storage (water reservoirs like Camelbaks are encouraged – but enough for at least 2-3 liters)

      · Comfortable hiking boots (lightweight with good soles)


      You will need a small daypack that you will use to carry daily essentials such as a jacket, camera, water, and sunscreen. Please bring waterproof jacket, poncho, and shoes. 

      · Water: we supply clean water at each meal. You are responsible for your first morning of water only as we won’t have time to filter water until your first lunch.

      · Sunhat

      · Rain gear

      · Fleece

      · Camera

      · Music (IPhone)

      · Handsanitizer

      · Toilet paper and small plastic bag for waste

      · Extra Money for Souvenirs, Drinks & Tips

      · Earplugs

      Duffel Bag:

      Porters will carry up to 7 kg of your personal items. This must include your sleeping bag and air mat which weigh approx. 3.5 kg. 

      · 2-3 wicking t-shirts

      · 2-3 hiking pants

      · 4 sets of undergarments

      · 4 sets of hiking socks

      · 1 fleece

      · 1 warm, down jacket: gets very cold at night

      · 1 rain jacket and pants

      · 1 sun hat

      · 1 wool hat

      · Headlamp (essential)

      · Waterproof gloves (even if they are ski gloves, take them)

      · Comfortable shoes for camp

      · Walking boots

      · Waterproof jacket/rain poncho

      · Quick-dry towel (we provide small ones, you might enjoy something a little larger)

      · Small bottle of soap (we provide warm water each day to clean – might make you feel fresh if you had a little soap)

      · Battery charger (there is no place to plug in while trekking)

      · Large plastic bags (to help organize and keep clean from dirty)


      · Sunscreen

      · Face moisturizer

      · Bug spray

      · Handsanitizer

      · Wet wipes

      · Toothbrush and paste

      · Toiletpaper

      · Personal medication

      · First aid kit: band aids, moleskin, etc.

      Meet Your Host

      Since 2019, Drew Roberts has been supporting Walker Wellness Retreats guests at retreats in Zion National Park and around the world! An IT professional by trade, he left the tech industry to join our team full-time as General Manager. He has visited 6 of 7 continents and plans to continue exploring the world as a digital nomad over the upcoming years. 

      When he's not hosting retreats with Walker Wellness Retreats, Drew enjoys hiking, trying new food, taking photos, and learning languages. He is fluent in both English and Spanish and is currently learning Japanese.  始めまして (Nice to meet you!)

      To meet more of the Walker Wellness Retreats team, visit the About Us page on our website.

      Payment & Cancellation Policy

      Questions about refunds or cancellations? Click here to view our payment and cancellation policy.

      The deadline to book an international retreat is 30 days before the retreat begins; however, some exceptions can be made based on availability. Email us at to inquire about booking after the deadline has passed.

      Travel Insurance & Evacuation Insurance

      Consider evacuation insurance even if it's not required. This is more than just travel insurance, which covers loss or cancellations in most cases. Evacuation insurance will pay for expensive medical or emergency evacuations. The cost of a helicopter in the middle of the night can set you back thousands of dollars without this insurance. You can also pay more for insurance that allows you to cancel for any reason. Most travel insurance does not cover the cancellation of your trip if you decide not to travel due to COVID. It will cover you if you cannot enter the country due to COVID-related border closures or if you have COVID and cannot travel, but most other reasons are not accepted.

      What’s included

      • Accommodations
        6 nights in luxurious accommodations, 3 nights camping along the Inca Trail
      • Airport Transfers
        Pick-up and drop-off from Lima airport (LIM)
      • Meals
        All meals during the retreat (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) including wine with dinner
      • Transportation
        All transportation during the retreat
      • Trek to Machu Picchu
        4-day guided hike along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
      • Gratuity
        Gratuities for tour guides, restaurant staff, and drivers
      • Camping Gear
        Tent, sleeping bag, mattress, and pillow
      • Hiking Poles
        Hiking poles for the trek to Machu Picchu
      • Retreat Airfare
        Round-trip airfare between Lima and Cusco
      • Airfare
        Airfare to and from Lima, Peru
      • Additional Items
        Souvenirs, drinks, snacks, additional excursions, or other personal items
      • Additional Gratuity
        Gratuities of a personal nature (hotel staff, spa services, etc.)
      • Alcoholic Beverages
        Any alcoholic beverages (unless listed on itinerary)
      • COVID-19
        Any related tests or documentation required for entry (if applicable)
      • Insurance
        Travel insurance and medical insurance (required)
      • Travel Fees
        Any travel-related fees (visas, passports, baggage, etc.)

      Available Packages

      All-Inclusive Double Occupancy

      Double occupancy includes a private bedroom and private bathroom for 2 people.

      Helpful hints: If you have two people who would like to share a room, select 2 Double Occupancy packages. If you are traveling alone but want to be paired with another solo traveler, select 1 Double Occupancy package. If you are traveling alone and want your own room, select 1 Single Occupancy package below.

      Deposit: $899
      All-Inclusive Single Occupancy

      Single occupancy includes a private bedroom and private bathroom for 1 person.

      Helpful hints: If you are traveling alone but want to share a room with another traveler, select 1 Double Occupancy package above. If you are booking for two people who would like to share a room, select 2 Double Occupancy packages above. 

      Deposit: $1,074


      Day 1
      Arrival & Welcome

      Please arrive in the morning this day. If you wish to arrive a day earlier

      Our professional driver picks you up from Jorge Chavez Airport to take you to your hotel in Lima-- the beautiful JW Marriott in Lime.

      Take time to explore the city by your own or take a rest at your hotel.  At 1PM, our professional driver will pick you up from your hotel to take you to one of the best restaurants in Lima for lunch, “Huaca Pucllana Restaurant”. Located right in the Archeological site of Huaca Pucllana, this is one of the most luxurious and requested restaurants in our country. Here you will not only enjoy the incredible food, this is complete experience, since you arrive at the place. It is an elegant establishment, without losing the authenticity of the space where it is located. It doesn’t matter where you are siting form any point of the restaurant you will have an incredible view. 

      Our driver will drop you off to your hotel around 2:45 PM. At night our professional driver will pick you up from your hotel at 7:00 PM to take you to the Museo Larco Café-Restaurant.

      Finally, we will return to your hotel around 10:00 PM.

      2 night hotel stay at the 5-star JW Marriott

      Your Organizer

      Walker Wellness Retreats
      32 reviews
      Welcome to Walker Wellness Retreats! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We created Walker Wellness Retreats to share the positive impact travel can have with as many people as possible. Travel makes the world seem not so large. It opens your mind to new ways of thinking. Together we can use our diverse skills and experience of traveling the world to design and plan incredible adventures to bring like-minded travelers together to unique places around the globe!


      As perfect a trip as I could have imagined! Amy and Brian were gracious and kind hosts...and Amy and her mom kept us well-fed! Chantel was an awesome yoga instructor--listened to us and catered classes to the needs of the group often based on our energy levels and physical challenges of the moment. She was also a supremely delightful traveling companion...driving us a total of nine hours in the van--back and forth to from SLC airport. A huge selling point for me was not having to arrange any transportation--bravo to Walker Wellness for creating a package that required extremely minimal extra out-of-pocket expenses. And the hiking, omg! Zion is deliriously beautiful and Bryce is downright Biblical in its majesty. The trip was also impeccably structured--a super challenging hike for the first full day and then a shorter hike that began later in the morning the following day with more time to rest in the afternoon.
      By John B for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Nov 01, 2023
      Wow! By far the trip to Zion was my best travel experience. The accommodations were very spacious, clean, and homey. Huge picture windows, a deck, hot tub, fire place, …The food was delicious and healthy. Amy is a great cook! The yoga was adjusted to what we needed prehike and post. It went beyond just yoga - there was sound healing, visualization, and more. Transportation to and from the parks made it easy for us. And did I mention the hikes? Stunning! Breath-taking! Fun! Lots of fond memories and I look forward to traveling with Brian and Amy again.
      By Kristen H for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Nov 01, 2023
      Great trip. Beautiful hiking.
      By Lisa S for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Oct 26, 2023
      This trip was beyond my expectations! It's rare to go on a trip where you only need to book a flight and after that every detail is handled for you. The accommodations were fantastic but the food was really the best part! I felt completely taken care of by the Walker Wellness Retreats team especially Shantel and Amber, who are delightful and talented people. I was able to relax, disconnect and get to know the wonderful group all while enjoying moving my body on the yoga mat and through breathtaking nature. Thank you to the whole crew at Walker Wellness Retreats for being so good at what you do!
      By Victoria S for Zion (Nectar Yoga) on Oct 24, 2023
      Excellent retreat, from start to finish. Two great, varied yoga sessions each day; well-planned daily hiking trips, with freedom to go on challenging hikes, easy hikes, or just chill; delicious and thoughtfully prepared meals; lovely house and environment. Each day matched the trip itinerary on-line, but it was made clear that we had options as it was "our retreat." And it was a very fun group that really enjoyed hanging out together! Thank you to Alle, Amber, and Walker Wellness. Total 5-star experience, and I'd gladly go again.
      By Alan M for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga Wellness Retreat on Oct 18, 2023
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