Amazing Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Haitian Nomad
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97 reviews
Sep 2 - 9, 2021
Group size: 1 - 19
Amazing Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya

Haitian Nomad
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97 reviews

Sep 2 - 9, 2021
Group size: 1 - 19

About this trip

Haitian Nomad's Trip to East Africa takes you on an epic journey to Zanzibar, Tanzania & Kenya to witness first hand the beauty of this majestic land. Visit a national park , seeing some of the world's most beautiful animals in their natural habitat, you'll stay in a 5-star presidential hotel where President Obama stayed during his official visit in Kenya.

***Teenage kids are welcomed on this trip but it is not suitable for children younger than 12 years old. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Payment & Refund Policies

We understand the uncertainty of the current times &  with the ongoing pandemic that many things can change over the course of a few months; for this reason we are implementing new temporary policies to help you book with complete peace of mind.

By booking this trip, ALL your payments remain fully refundable up to 90 days before departure--no questions asked and cancel for ANY reason.

Between 89 and 61 days before departure, you can cancel for any reason and receive 75% of your payments/deposits.

If you cancel 60 days or less before departure, all payments are non-refundable and if your cancellation is for a covered reason, you will need to file a claim with your travel insurance.

What’s included

  • ALL Meals
    Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + 1 Non-alcoholic drink/meal
  • Transportation
    To/from airport & between activities
  • Photographers
    2 professional photographers to document your trip
  • 5 Star hotel in Nairobi
    Double occupancy
  • Zanzibar beach Resort
    Shared room-Double occupancy (single rooms available at a fee)
  • All tours & experiences
  • Concierge-style FB group
  • International Flights
    to/from Tanzania/Kenya
  • Drinks
    alcoholic drinks
  • Tips
  • non-listed meals
    Outside of the itinerary
  • non-listed extras
    personal meals, transport, fees
    E-visa easily obtainable (Kenya) or payable on arrival (Tanzania)
  • Travel Insurance

Available Packages

Double Occupancy (Shared room)
Sold Out

Room with 2 beds shared with a friend or if you're traveling alone, we will pair you with a roommate based on your listed mutual preferences.

Deposit: $500
Single room
Sold Out

Enjoy a single room to yourself for the entire trip at the hotels.

Deposit: $500

Available options

International Flight booking Assistance


Depart to Tanzania
US to Tanzania

September 2nd

Depart US to Tanzania

It's important to remember that we must go to Tanzania FIRST as Tanzania requires guests to have the yellow fever vaccine if you spend more than 12 hours in a country  with yellow fever. So by going to Tanzania FIRST , you won't need Yellow fever vaccine proof entering Kenya.

Your Organizer

Haitian Nomad
97 reviews
We are a travel company specializing in curating authentic experiences around the world in beautiful exotics destinations through the lens of locals. We are experts on less travelled places like Haiti, Cuba, Egypt and more --making sure you leave with an experience of a lifetime from our top-notch​ customer-service driven team.


My trip to Haiti was my 3rd trip with Haitian Nomad and as usual it was EPIC, EDUCATIONAL, ENTERTAINING, MET VERY NICE PEOPLE, AS USUAL, ETC. A HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO JUDE ISAAC FOR BEING SUCH A GRACIOUS CO-HOST THANK YOU AND RICHARD FOR AND MAKING SURE THAT I HAD MY VEGAN MEALS.! I was very excited to finally go to Cap Haitien, Haiti, THE CRADLE OF INDEPENDENCE! After not being able to do so before in the past for different reasons. I guess I was destined to go with this dynamic and informative Travel Group, Haitian Nomad. It's really heart-breaking that a country like Haiti, with SOOO MUCH HISTORY, NATURAL RESOURCES AND BEAUTY TO OFFER TO THE WORLD IS ALWAYS PROJECTED IN THE SUCH A NEGATIVE WAY! The corruption in the Country of the local and outside influencers are beyond words. The sad thing is that some of our people believe ALL the negativity in the media. Meanwhile, some of those who are projecting the negativity are going to these same countries in droves and on a regular basis and enjoying them. That’s why when anyone asked me about the poverty, I would tell them that there’s poverty ALL over the World! It’s worst in some than others but that was NOT the focus of my trip because I’ve seen enough negativity in the press and I don’t believe nor accept His-story. I went there to learn, firsthand, the History of the revolution and enjoy the beauty of the country and it's people. That’s why I told a few selected people about my trip beforehand! It was really heartwarming and emotional to climb and hear the history of the Citadelle Laferrière, pick-up one of the cannonballs, OMG!! Those balls are extremely heavy! As usual, the accommodations, restaurants, sightseeing tours to ALL the historical sites were on point. Visiting the other Historical sites filled me with emotions, pride and respect for my Haitian family. When we were flying into the country. I had a window seat and was amazed to see that Haiti was so mountainous and hilly. For a moment, I said is there any flatlands in Haiti? LOL! The beach day and the massage were beyond words. I had to tell my Trinbago Family, that our Nylon Pool in Tobago, wants NOTHING with Haiti’s sand bar (not sure if that’s how it’s called). I was in awe of that place so far out into the ocean with just sand and you can stand THERE WITHOUT BEING WET unless the tide was high. Which it was the day we went, so there was some water around the edges. I’m SOO HAPPY that I was introduced to Haitian Nomad and I always tell my family, friends and strangers that if you want a worry free vacation to book with Haitian Nomad. The great thing is that you don’t even need a roommate. Up to Monday, I went to the bank and I gave the teller the website information. On my way to Haiti, while we were waiting to depart from Ft. Lauderdale, I told the lady sitting next to me about Haitian Nomad and right there and then she booked the Egypt trip in November. God’s continued blessings with your Vacation Experience Trips. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON MY NEXT TRIP!
By Debra H for Cap-Haitien: Roots of Freedom on 12 May, 2021
Thanks for such a well run, educational, and fun trip.
By Bridgette L for Cap-Haitien: Roots of Freedom on 06 May, 2021
Richard organized an excellent and well thought out trip that maximized the five days in Cap-Haitien. It was an ideal balance of sightseeing, beaches/relaxation and nightlife and dining. I highly recommend this trip above all to Haitians abroad (particularly who have not yet been to Haiti) who are looking for an easy and safe way to (re)connect with Haiti and take in all the pride that comes with the history of Cap-Haitien. I cannot recommend this trip enough. It surely won’t be my last #haitiannomad trip. Chapo ba Richard!
By Michelle M for Cap-Haitien: Roots of Freedom on 05 May, 2021
This was my first trip with Haitian Nomad. The level of professionalism is unmatched! It kind of reminded me of my summer camp days. When you're apprehensive at first when you're dropped off but don't want to go home at the end when your parents come to get you. Sometimes you don't know how much weight you're carrying until you release it! This review may be long winded. I went with Richard Cantave the owner of Haitian Nomad. This last year has been hell on wheels for me. Travel is my love language and I feel I needed to get away. I tend to be shy and an introvert and I don't people well. I can be socially awkward at times. I saw the Haiti trip through I decided to book. I know I probably asked 1,002 questions prior to the trip but Richard was so patient with me. Even reassuring. I was nervous and anxious. I didn't know how I'd fit in. I want to reassure anyone contemplating booking a Haitian Nomad trip to just do it. Be open, be flexible and get out of your own way! From the time you book until the time you are returned to the airport to return home you will experience 5 star service with a staff who's hearts are as big as their smiles! On this trip something happened that I haven't felt in awhile, my soul smiled! I have about 20 new sisters and brothers! #haitiannomadtrips #haitiannomad
By LaCrissa S for Cap-Haitien: Roots of Freedom on 02 May, 2021
Thank you for this amazing review Lacrissa---This is exactly the type of feeling we aim to have each and every guest leave with on every Haitian Nomad experience. We look forward to welcoming you again pretty soon somewhere around the world.
By Haitian Nomad on 02 May, 2021
It was amazing. Well thought out and lots of fun.
By Sahar T for Cap-Haitien: Roots of Freedom on 02 May, 2021
Thank you Sahar! It was a pleasure to host you --we look forward to having you join us again soon somewhere around the world.
By Haitian Nomad on 02 May, 2021
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I have been traveling with Haitian Nomad since 2016. Within these 4 years they have built themselves a very solid reputation. I have recommended friends who came back with praising reviews. Originally centered on Haiti, they now have a global imprint with well-curated trips to discover the beauty and history of some dope locations. On Richard's trips, careful consideration is always taken for our security as well as our health. We see that illustrated even more in 2020 as we deal with the current pandemic. On our most recent trip, we made sure to be in complete compliance with both the US and Senegal by getting tested for COVID-19 before, during and after our trip. All of us left and came with back with negative results. As a healthcare provider, I felt in trusted hands the whole time and also did not feel that our group was compromising the health of the country we were visiting. The itineraries usually includes a mix of activity and relaxation (sometimes hardcore rejoicing at night lol). The best part is you always leave Richard's trips with unique travel experiences as well as lifelong friendships.
By annie t on 16 Nov, 2020
Short Version: Book with him ASAP I cannot recommend the Haitian Nomad enough!! My first trip, we'd returned from Cuba and after the experience, I was thoroughly impressed with Richard's trip. His trips are extremely well planned and a lot of thought and effort was put into ensuring everyone is having the time of their life. Richard pays attention to all the little details, is very organized, and adds a personal touch to the experience that you're not likely to get anywhere else. During our trip to Cuba, Richard organized a wonderful home-cooked rooftop dinner in the city of Trinidad and it was such a fun, unique experience. He made sure to take us around to the sights and helped us if we needed anything while on the trip. Prior to the trip, Richard provided us with all the necessary information leading up to the trip and gave us tips and suggestions on what to expect and other things to do as well. He is also open to feedback on how his service can be improved so he gets an A in customer service from me. Overall, it was the perfect trip and I couldn't have asked for more. So far I've been on about 5 or 6 trips (maybe more) and it exceeds expectations every time!
By Jessica W on 16 Jul, 2019