Annapurna base camp trek in April

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Annapurna base camp trek in April

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About this trip


April is one of the outstanding times to go for Annapurna base camp for the fantastic landscape and nature. It was the best destination for trekking in Nepal. Every year a lot of tourists are interested in participating in Annapurna base camp trek. It is an off beaten moderated trekking trail in Nepal. We have a lot of option went through the Annapurna, having a different sight view of snowcapped mountain and nature. Among them, 7 days Annapurna base camp trek package is the most popular these days.

April is the best month for the trekking in Annapurna base camp because of the clear weather and became sunny days after the winter season. This is the best time to blooming the driftnet flower in the mountain region as well as the lower part of the trekking trail. 

The rhododendron flower is the national flower in Nepal. In April, so much beauty of the blooming flower, and along the way to the base camp, we can see different colored flowers. We have a variety of flowers from the Rhododendron. 

Annapurna base camp trek takes you through the lovely typical village in Nepal. You had a great time to be here; you can learn Nepali culture and lifestyle. They were playing a caring role for the guest as a god. You had an opportunity to discover our traditional lifestyle as well as the art of our forefathers.

Annapurna base camp trek will make it your time frame. We usually had gone through the Ghorepani Poonhill trek; it was the spectacular peak point of the 360 views of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Fishtail mountain as well as many more mountain peaks. 

Highlights of the Annapurna base camp

  • Panoramic nature, walking through life
  • Stunning view of sunrise and sunset along the way on top of the mountain range
  • Excellent view of snowcapped mountain and landscape
  • Nepali culture and lifestyle along the way to the typical village and verity of religion from the different ethnic groups

Best month of the Annapurna base camp

Why is April the best month of the Annapurna base camp trek?

People want their holiday more adventurous and excited. There is some region in Annapurna base camp trek in April are as flows:

  • Clear/stable weather

It was the best time for the trek in this region because of the calm and precise weather. April is the best month of the trekking; days are sunny and warm, it reflects the beautiful environment and mountain range. There is no chance to rain and defected the weather. Because of the stable weather condition, it will be a fantastic trip to be part of the Annapurna base camp trek.

  • Everywhere greenery/ blooming the Rhododendron

This is the season of greenery in Nepal. In this season, everywhere such a beautiful environment because of the green forest covered by the different flowers and plants. 

April is the blooming season of Rhododendron, and it reflects the nature impressive to the traveler/visitor. 

  • Warm and cool environment 

April is the month of warm. Because of the ending of the winter season and no more rain at that time so that it will be more temperate and cold to trek. 

Even in higher elevation, no colder and trek will be more enjoyable and memorable. It became of view of mountains and nature evident and beautiful.

  • Picturesque view of nature 

Because of the bright and stable weather, it makes us a beautiful view of mountain range and nature. It will amaze us how an experience makes an incredible adventure to the traveler. 

Along the way, we had an outstanding view of Annapurna mountain range, Dhaulagiri, fishtail, and many more peaks as well as far from the many more snowcapped mountain.

  • Exploring the wildlife in Annapurna conservation 

Annapurna is a famous region for trekking in Nepal. Every year a lot of travelers travel along the way. It has a unique nature and beauty of the trail. So most visitors choose this destination.

In this region, there was a variety of flora and fauna. It reflects the beauty of nature. So we can learn about the wildlife system in Nepal. Here is catalog the lower region, also called Tarai Region, Hilly region, and Himalayan region wildlife system.

You had a great chance to learn about the wildlife if you are interested. So it was the excellent destination for the wildlife reserve explore in Annapurna base camp trek.

  • The high season of trekking 

April is the primary season for trekking in Nepal. There are many trekkers along the way, and we had a high chance of sharing our knowledge and information.

High season is the main attraction to the tourist because of the bright and fantastic beauty of nature.

This time every tea houses are full of guest and providing service as the choice of traveler.

Sharing is caring, so we have to share our accommodation in a higher place of Annapurna base camp trek. Because of the mass flow of tourists during the April month.

Thus, we had like to suggest the best month of the trekking in the Annapurna base camp. If you want further more information, we are providing information from our export team. 

Weather and Temperature in April

Annapurna base camp weather and temperature in April

April is a favorable time to trek in this region. The weather was outstanding clear and made nature mazing to the traveler. The moderate type of climate makes it easy to walk and feel perfect for the environment and Mountain View.

You had a great time with mountains and nature because of the perfect look of the snowcapped mountain and landscape.

The weather in the lower region of the trek in Annapurna conservation very worm and higher elevation, somehow no colder and warmer, it will be very amazing to travel in Annapurna base camp trek.

The month of blooming various flowers and plants along the way, it makes more beautiful nature and amazed the trekkers. We had an opportunity to pass through the beautiful rhododendron forest. It was a remarkable movement for the visitor. 

Food and Accommodation

Food and accommodation in Annapurna base camp trek in April

Annapurna base camp trek is popular among the trekking destination in Nepal. In this region well facilities, tea houses are constructed for the tourist. 

From start to destination, accommodation is well furnished, and the hotel is providing a twin sharing room and abundant food for the guest. 

If we look upon the hotel service that was super and hospitable, the lower part of the trek, there was a lot of accommodation and not so challenging to fund a friendly housing in the high season in the trekking route. But a more top part of the trekking trail quite hard to find a hotel room because of the limited tea houses in high season. 

Here, you don’t need worried about the season time accommodation; they will provide sharing room service as well as a dining room for the support to the guest. In the mountain, there are many more difficulties, but we take care of the circumstances and help each other; it will more helpful to the guest and service provider.

If you are looking separated and high standard service, you will find in Kathmandu and Pokhara. In the trekking trail, we will discover twin sharing accommodation and excellent food service from the particular menu food listed to make quickly in the mountain region. 

So April is the peak season, you have to pre-book accommodation for the best service and no more worrying about the adventurous journey. 

Solo Annapurna base camp trek in April

Annapurna base camp trek can be possible to the solo traveler. People who want to adventure with nature individually. Those like to pleasant environment solo trek will be fine for them.

Solo trekkers can walk their speed and time frame as your interests. 

This is peak season, and they have to pre-book accommodation because the solo traveler may not find a room very easily in higher altitude very few lodges.

If it’s your first time, we suggest you find a Local Trekking Company in Nepal for your trip because you may have a problem with altitude sickness, avalanches, and sometimes natural disasters. It will be easy to trek; if not, it will work quite hard to solo trek during high season.  

Some tips for Annapurna base camp trek


  • Choose the best time for traveling in mountain 
  • Conscious about hygienic food and drinking a lot of water for the altitude problem
  • You must have secure insurance because of the higher elevation trek may have a problem; it will great help for the securities
  • Think about the prevention of the altitude problem
  • Hiring the trekking and porter; they will provide the information and very helpful to the problematic situation 
  • Updated with climate and weather zone


April is the splendid time to be a trek in Annapurna base camp trek. The excellent time and weather make our journey more enjoyable and incredible. The surrounding became very clear and beautiful because of the clear weather, and we can be amazed by nature and snowcapped mountains. Thus we prefer to the April is the best month of trekking in Annapurna base camp trek.

Other option of the Annapurna Region

Annapurna base camp trek is a top-rated destination for the traveler. But who doesn’t have sufficient time, they can choose a short trekking route for the view of such an incredible mountain and landscape view in Nepal.

In some part of the Annapurna conservation point, you can have a close view of the Annapurna mountain range, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail and many more peaks. So we choose this destination very popular for the traveler. Here we talk some point of this trekking trail in Annapurna conservation. 

Ghorepani Poonhill trek

Ghorepani Poonhill trek begins from the Nayapool same as Annapurna base camp trek. The treks lead along the way to Modi Khola River, passing through the beautiful small village having a natural and far from the Mountain View. 

Whose doesn’t have that much time; they can choose this trek because of the short duration of time and easy trekking trail in this Annapurna conservation. 

The trek explores the typical famous village Ghorepani and Ghandruk. Here we collect the information about the ancient Nepali lifestyle and culture of the ethnic people from this village.

Dhampush trek

Dhampush trek is very closer to the Pokhara valley. It will finish a trip within ½ days. This is another view of the mountain range as well as nature. From here, we could view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri mountain range, FISH tail as well as many more peak. You had a great time to know the Nepali village lifestyle and culture.

Mardi Himal trek

Mardi Himal Trek is very popular all around the world after Annapurna base camp and Everest base camp trek. This trek is easily accessible, very close to the Pokhara valley, and an intimate view of the Himalayan range. 

Within a short duration of time, we can catch eye witnessing close view of the mountain, and we could arrive at the bottom of the Fish TAIL Mountain. The major attraction of the trekking trail Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Machhapuchhare (6,993m), Mt. Hiunchuli (6,441m), and Annapurna South (7,010m) during Mardi Himal trek.

From this trek, you can learn the cultural and religious aspects of the Nepali society.

Mardi Himal trek explores the variety of flora, fauna, landscape, and Mardi Himal base camp. It takes a short duration of time, stunning view of mountain and nature. Thus we prefer to organize such a beautiful trip in Nepal.

Khopra Danda trekking

Khopra Danda trek is less visitor trekking trail, off the beaten path in Annapurna conservation areas. Who is looking less crowed and pleasant walk, it will be the best option for the traveler.

This viewpoint is the best place of the closer to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain range in this region.

The major attraction of the trek is Khayar Lake, where we view the backdrop of the mountain range around the lake, it was the most beautiful time to be here.

Thus, we refer to such an amazing natural place, less affected by modernity because where we breathe fresh air and logical view of the mountain, nature, and lifestyle of people. 

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