Arutam Amazon Race 2023

      Kapawi Ecuador

      Pachamama Alliance
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      Sep 19 - 26, 2023
      Group size: 20 - 20
      Arutam Amazon Race 2023
      Kapawi Ecuador

      Pachamama Alliance
      • Facebook verified

      Sep 19 - 26, 2023
      Group size: 20 - 20

      About this trip

       This race is limited to 20 competitors who will have a rare opportunity for an authentic Amazon adventure created by invitation from the indigenous people who inhabit the territory. You will have the honor of competing with several Achuar warriors from the territory. There will be numerous Achuar men and women assisting, guiding, monitoring, and taking care of us during the event. The Arutam Amazon Race, in partnership with The Pachamama Alliance, Trek Ecuador, Kapawi Ecolodge, Proyecto Aventura, and the Achuar people, was created to raise awareness about the Amazon Rainforest and to empower Achuar Indigenous women.

      The Race is not only a unique opportunity to immerse in the Achuar culture, but it will also serve to support Achuar women directly, build collective power, amplify their voices, and help develop a model of health care in a culturally appropriate way, empowering and sustainable.

      The Achuar territory faces a limitation in the availability of quality health services, and the Arutam Amazon Race will help raise crucial funds for local Achuar women leaders through the Ikiama Nukuri program to improve maternal, infant, and reproductive health, as well as prenatal, birth and postpartum care in their own communities. For more information, visit:

      What is Arutam?

       Arutam is the Spirit of the Forest and the primitive energy that rules all living beings. It can manifest itself in many powerful animals in the forest, like jaguars and boas, in trees like the kapok tree, and in sacred waterfalls. It can also manifest in powerful natural events like storms, lightning, and rain. People of the Amazon Rainforest believe that Arutam gives meaning to their lives, and they search for the power of Arutam in traditional ceremonies and in special events. 


       The Pachamama Alliance has 25 years of experience guiding people through the Amazon, and Proyecto Aventura is an Ecuadorian adventure company that has done more than 160 races during the last 18 years. The race will have experienced bilingual wilderness first aid responders and paramedics and a river safety crew of the most experienced adventure explorers in the country. Each participant will have attached a satellite tracking device that allows them to check in with our safety team at any time for assistance and several check-ins to let us know they are fine.

      Our experienced race organizers and safety team designed this trip so that competitors can have a true Amazonian adventure in the safest and most enjoyable way possible.

      A Rare Invitation

      This is a rare invitation to participate in a race with the Achuar of Ecuador. An intact community of people who still live as they have for thousands of years. They invite you to come and participate with them in the Arutam Amazon Race not only as competitors but also to learn about their culture, experience the undisturbed pristine forest as it was originally created, and dive into the mystery of the Amazon Spirit of Arutam.  

      Preparation, Route and Details



        *    Google Earth Race Course - once you register you will receive a GPSx file for your wristwatch, cell phone, or GPS. 

        *    Preparing For The Race - Details on travel, packing, health, safety, and more. 

        *    Contact Us - if you have questions or concerns join us for a Zoom call. 

      What’s included

      • All meals
        Starting with dinner on the first day of your journey and ending with breakfast on the last day of your journey.
      • Transportation
        In-country transportation including charted buses and planes.
      • Lodging
        Mostly communal lodging while in the rainforest.
      • Equipment
        You will be provided of bedding, mosquito netting, blanket, pillow & towel
      • Guides
        Experienced Ecuadorian & Indigenous Guides for translation,
      • Race equipment
        Tandem kayaks, life jackets, paddles, maps, compasses.
      • Tracking equipment
        GPS over the internet real-time tracking on each participant.
      • International flights
        International flights to and from Quito
      • Taxi
        Taxi ride to and from Quito airport
      • Extra lodging
        Early or Late arrival lodging
      • Personal spending
        Gratuity for your local indigenous and Ecuadorian guides, bus driver, shamanic experiences, souvenirs and other personal purchases.


      Day 1
      Arutam Race

       Group meets at 5 pm at the historic Quito hotel, Cultura Manor, for a welcome and orientation, followed by a group dinner together. 

      Your Organizer

      Pachamama Alliance
      Pachamama Alliance, empowered by our partnership with Indigenous people, is dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.