Ascension: Elevate Your Consciousness

Oaxaca, Mexico

Gerardo Urias
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Oct 26 - 30, 2022
Group size: 1 - 10
Ascension: Elevate Your Consciousness
Oaxaca, Mexico

Gerardo Urias
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Oct 26 - 30, 2022
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

Join us this October in Oaxaca, Mexico for 5 days of daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, locally grown organic farm to table meals, daily activities including a medicinal plant forest walk with a local Zapotec, sound bath, local cooking class, integration circles, community, temazcal, and a sacred mushroom ceremony hosted by a very well respected traditional curandera (medicine woman / healer / wisdom keeper of the forest).

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The Evolution of Ascension

After a year of the wildly successful "Ascension: Elevate Your Mind" workshops in California, the Ascension team is ready to take our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical growth to the next level as a group where Gerardo's heart lives and his journey began: Oaxaca, Mexico; the world's epicenter for psilocybin mushrooms.

Find yourself under the spell of personal growth as Gerardo Urias (author of Taking Back My Mind: My Journey Out of Depression with Psilocybin Mushrooms, breathwork facilitator, avid traveler and adventurer, and public speaker), Tamara Schnarr (meditation teacher, self love coach, and past life regression facilitator), Margy Rose (yoga instructor and women's empowerment coach) and Kathryn Eipl, (sound wizard and relationship coach), guide you through a week of powerful transformation, shedding dysfunctional patterns and shattering the inherited traumas of our ancestors as you welcome in a new way of life, a new perspective of your yourself, your world, and your place in it.

Take a journey of the soul with us!

Your Facilitators

Gerardo Urias: Author, Breathwork Facilitator, Public Speaker, Traveler & Adventurer:

Gerardo Urias is an author, breathwork facilitator, public speaker, and an avid lifelong traveler and adventurer, spending his entire life since he turned 19 in places like Bavaria, southeast Asia, Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and Colombia. Gerardo's recently published book, Taking Back My Mind: My Journey Out of Depression with Psilocybin Mushrooms, details his journey out of depression with psilocybin mushrooms, breathwork, cold plunges, yoga, meditation, time in nature, accessing "flow state," travel, and philosophy. In what had become a suicidal downward spiral of depression, Gerardo was jolted out of this trajectory overnight with psilocybin mushrooms on December 22, 2017. Ever since that day 4 years ago, Gerardo has thrown himself into the world of self awareness, self improvement, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Gerardo now works to raise awareness for "alternative" medicines (i.e. the original medicines) and therapies for overall health through writing books, filming documentaries, recording podcasts, and holding workshops, classes, and retreats.

Gerardo's current projects include a documentary about his journey, a second book detailing his recent journey with 5MeO-DMT in Tepoztlan, Mexico, wellness workshops in California, and building multiple psychedelic healing retreats in California and Mexico.

Learn more about Gerardo's projects on his website:

Tamara Schnarr: Meditation Teacher, Self Love Coach, & Past Life Regression Facilitator

Tamara is a certified Meditation Teacher, Self Love Coach, and Past Life Regression Facilitator. She embarked on her journey of self-growth and healing after immigrating from Germany to the USA and her shortly thereafter divorce. With the support of her Life Coach at the time she experienced major changes and started a regular meditation practice. Noticing the enourmous benefits of meditation, she felt called to share this powerful practice with others.

Tamara has been leading meditation classes and workshops for companies, yoga studios, and wellness centers in San Diego ever since.

Her passion lies in deep healing meditations that decrease anxiety and stress and increase self-worth and confidence. She is committed to support others in becoming free of limitations and fear, to step into their full potential and authenticity so that they can live life to the fullest.

During her classes and workshops, she sets a high value on connection and offers a space in which people can share openly and vulnerably. Tamara believes that healing and growing is more fun TOGETHER.

Margy Rose: Yoga Instructor & Women's Empowerment Coach

Margy is a yoga teacher and women’s empowerment coach. She’s been practicing for 13 years because, for her, yoga is the most well-rounded means to develop personal strength and empowerment–in body, mind and spirit. Margy is so passionate about making all of yoga’s teachings (beyond just the physical practice) accessible because they encourage us to cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness, live with intention and reconnect to the true self, so we can grow into our potential “off the mat.”

When not teaching or coaching, you can find Margy building community through a yogi book club and twice a month women’s circles, doing something active or on an adventure!

Kathryn Eipl: Reiki, Sound Healer, & Relationship Coach

Kathryn empowers people to work through heartbreak, traumas, addiction and self sabotaging patterns and teaches them how to establish authentic connections and build healthy relationships to invite more love and abundance into their life.

She is versed in psychology and management and certifications in cognitive behavioral therapy life coaching, reiki, yoga, and meditation with an emphasis in sound therapy. In 2017, she created her own wellness practice, E.I.P.L. Healing, otherwise known as Every Individual is Love Healing. She knows that everyone is healing in their own and looking to bring more love into their life, whether it is self-love or romantic love. This is the basis for her work. Every individual has their own set of experiences and requires personalized care. Every client is treated as an individual following their own unique set of circumstances and personal goals. No two clients are treated the same.

She fuses psychology, ancient yogic practices and meditation to help people connect to themselves on a deeper level, uncovering what patterns they do not enjoy about themselves and providing a space for them to practice acknowledgment and acceptance. Then she combines cognitive behavioral therapy coaching to take it a step further and help them change their behaviors and beliefs

Healing is a delicate art form. The outcome is beautiful, but the process can be messy. Kathryn uses her knowledge of psychology and archetypes as the basis of her work. She lets her intuition and energy guide her as she taps into higher sources to facilitate healing, personal growth and transformation. She uses both, a hands on (physical touch) and hands-off techniques in her reiki sessions, often blending the two upon the client’s permission. Her sessions often combine multiple modalities including: reiki, sound therapy, meditation, soul/spirit energy work, emotional clearing / energetic cord cutting, cognitive behavioral therapy coaching, and mindfulness exercises.

Marcela: Curandera, Medicine Woman, Healer, Wisdom Keeper of the Forest

Marcela was born and raised in the village of San Sebastian located high in the Sierra Sur mountains of southern Oaxaca. Born into a lineage of healers, Marcela has kept alive the sacred wisdom that lives in the plants and fungi of the surrounding forest. Marcela learned from her father, who was called upon by the forest to learn the healing potential of the local plants and fungi of the surrounding mountains.

Keeping in line with Zapotec tradition and passing forward the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, Marcela has kept these vibrant traditions alive, healing many people throughout her life. It is a true honor and privilege to take part in these sacred rituals and witness the carrying forth of these ancient methods, innate knowledge, intuition, and wisdom.

The Psychedelic Renaissance

You may have noticed an uptick in talk of psychedelics for mental health in mainstream media lately. This may be what piqued your curiosity into such modalities and why you are here. 

We are living in a very exciting time; a time of resurgence of these powerful plant medicines that have been driven underground over and over throughout history. Specifically in these mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, where you will spend 5 days with us, psilocybin mushrooms were driven underground and brutally suppressed for thousands of years. It is thanks to extremely brave ancient wisdom keepers of these mountains that these ancient traditions and practices have been kept intact and passed forward, generation after generation, so that we can benefit from the power and magic of these powerful plants and fungi in the present day. The knowledge that these medicines impart and the growth that they offer was too important for the inhabitants of these mountains to give up, so it went underground. For thousands of years. They risked everything. They risked brutal executions, because they could not let the truth dissolve. 

I have such great admiration and respect for this community, these practices, and this wisdom. And it is the greatest honor to be able to continue this tradition and keep passing the baton of wisdom forward so that we may help heal humanity, thereby healing our world. 

Psychedelics re-emerged in the health and wellness scene in the early 2,000's with breakthrough studies conducted by prestigious universities in the United States like Harvard, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, and NYU. By now, every prestigious university in the world has a psychedelic research center and there are tens of thousands of research papers detailing the scientific findings of teh application of psychedelics for mental health, and thousands have been, and continue to heal around the world, myself included. This is why we do what we do.

The psychedelic experience is an absolute game changer, and psychedelics are without a doubt the future of mental health, which underlies ALL health.

However, the intelligence in these plants and fungi far surpass human intelligence. They have never let themselves be abused or misused without repercussion. These modalities are the complete opposite of the pill a day model we have been accustomed to in our modern technological, medical world. The secret is that these plants don't do the healing. They simply unlock the key to our mind so that WE can be our own healer. This experience, any responsible psychedelic experience, is only the beginning. The beginning of a lifelong journey of self discovery, self awareness, self improvement, and continual learning. The hardest work is yet to come.

The psychedelic experience,  as well as the local people, flora, fauna, foods, traditions, practices, and customs of this beautiful land of Oaxaca, must be treated with the utmost respect.

Respect nature and nature will respect and nurture us beyond our wildest dreams.

Happy journeying and welcome to Ascension!!

What sets us apart

Focus on healing and community building

Sacred Mushrooms Ceremony with traditional "curandera" (medicine woman / wisdom keeper of the forest)

Several healing modalities on a daily basis

Education about Stoic philosophy and Internal Family Systems as tools for self integration

Different tools for integration after retreat (Ascension Customized Journal,  Follow up integration phone calls, WhatsApp chat support group)

Innovative approach to healing: Merging modern science with ancient wisdom

What’s included

  • Accomodations
    Beautiful private cabins built out of Earth materials on an organic farm high up in the Sierra Sur mountains of southern Oaxaca.
  • Transportation
    Transportation from Oaxaca to the retreat in the mountains and back to Oaxaca.
  • Meals
    Three locally grown organic meals per day.
  • Daily Yoga
    Connect mind, body, & soul daily
  • Daily Meditation
    Cut through the layers of analytical thinking and sink into your body daily
  • Daily breathwork
    Slow down your mind, boost your immune system, squash stress, & anxiety, flood your body with endorphins, and experience the ultimate cleansing of the mind.
  • Daily Cold Exposure
    Cold exposure is a very powerful healing practice that boosts our immune system, floods our body with endorphins, lifting our mood, strengthens our mind, and helps us re-calibrate our nervous system.
  • Temazcal
    Traditional sauna built out of red clay; a traditional Zapotec healing practice. Sweat your stress away and optimize your body and mind.
  • Forest Walk
    Take a walk in the forest as a local Zapotec explains which plants have been traditionally used as medicine for thousands of years.
  • Sound Bath
    Be serenaded by Kathryn's magical sound skills.
  • Presentations
    Responsible use of psychedelics, Stoic philosophy & Internal Family Systems as self integration tools, and programs to help strengthen the local community, surrounding forest, and natural landscapes.
  • Sacred Mushroom Ceremony
    Experience powerful plant medicine work through your body, cleansing you of the cobwebs of your mind, led by a local, very well respected "curandera" (medicine woman / wisdom keeper of the forest)
  • Airfare
    If you are flying from San Diego, it is highly recommended to consider flying out of Tijuana for less expensive flights. Just cross the CBX bridge on your way out and back.
  • Insurance
    It is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance before your trip.

Available Packages

New Ascension Friends
Available until October 17, 202210 left

First time Ascension guests.

Deposit: $300
Returning Ascension Friends
Available until October 17, 202210 left
Deposit: $300
Early Bird
Available until August 31, 202210 left

Sign up by August 31, 2022 for a discounted price!

Deposit: $300
Couples Discount
Available until October 17, 20225 left

A discounted price for couples or friends wanting to share a spacious cabin.

Deposit: $300

Available options



Day 1

3:00: Check in at Refugio Terraza de la Tierra

5:00: Meet in Yoga Room: Light Yoga Practice / Breathwork

6:00: Introductions / Go over retreat schedule / rules / questions / hand out customized Ascension Journals to begin your Journal Journey

7:00: Welcome Farm to Table Organic Dinner

8:00: Free Time / Journal

Your Organizer

Gerardo Urias
Gerardo Urias is the author of Taking Back My MInd: My Journey Out of Depression with Psilocybin Mushrooms. Gerardo is also a breathwork facilitator, documentary maker, public speaker, and an avid traveler and adventurer. Gerardo spends his time writing, organizing health and wellness workshops and retreats, and is working on a documentary about his journey: Taking Back My Mind: The Documentary. Gerardo's wishes to help relieve others from the torment of their minds, in turn helping to liberate humanity from the prison of our ego.