avayasana - Meditation and Yoga Retreat at the Dead Sea, Israel

Dead Sea Region, ישראל

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Oct 7 - 12, 2018
Group size: 3 - 6
avayasana - Meditation and Yoga Retreat at the Dead Sea, Israel
Dead Sea Region, ישראל

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Oct 7 - 12, 2018
Group size: 3 - 6

About this trip


Harnessing the healing and liquid zero-gravity properties of the Dead Sea water and immersed in the stillness of the sacred Judean desert, Avayasana is the name given to a prolonged, uninterrupted state of deep body relaxation that quiets the mind for a direct experience of pure awareness and a profoundly healing effect.

Rooted in the well-researched floatation therapy called REST (Reduced Environment Stimulation Technique), and integrated with the ancient tradition of yoga and meditation, Avayasana is an innovative approach that bridges western science with eastern disciplines and philosophy.

Unique Personal Exploration Yoga Retreat

 Join Avayasana for this retreat of healing and personal exploration in one of the world's most unique natural wonders. Watch the sunrise above the pristine and silent desert that attracted dreamers and revolutionaries for thousands of years. Hover effortlessly above the pristine waters of the Dead Sea and feel how your physical and spiritual horizons expand from day to day. Unleash the deep healing powers of weightlessness through a set of unique floating techniques that can only be practiced there! 

Avayasana Yoga Retreat Program



Slip into a deeply meditative state while floating. This elusive state can be reached by activating theta brain waves through sound therapy, opening up access to unconscious material, hidden insights, and creative inspiration.


Discover yoga in the liquid, buoyant environment of the Dead Sea, where the body is liberated from the ongoing struggle against gravity and can effortlessly hold difficult poses for extended durations.


Quickly learn to reach a meditative state in the water. Avayasana assisted training sessions are designed to shorten the learning curve so that you can access the power of deep awareness and relaxation on day one.


Relax in a state of bliss as you are cradled, floated, stretched, massaged, and rocked in healing waters. This unique bodywork therapy integrates stretching, muscle mobilization, massage, Shiatsu, and dance.


Combine deep floating yoga with practice on land, surrounded by the stillness of the desert. Avayasana offers daily Iyengar yoga classes and host group workshops by instructors from many yoga disciplines.


Still the mind and connect with the source in the sacred Judean desert. It is the perfect place to meditate, free from movement, sound, and distractions.

These activities are optional and free of charge. For people arriving for therapeutic purposes, it is highly advised to use these .Some of the activities are depended on weather condition and water temperature.


 During this retreat, you will be staying in glamping tents. Each beautiful glamping tent is 10 feet wide and 14 feet long in size, and it can sleep up to two guests with a luxurious California king bed, outfitted with plush linens. The tent is set on an elevated platform, comes set with a private porch and offers all of the necessities. The tent is less than a 30-second walking distance to bathrooms and showers 


During this retreat, you will be served daily delicious breakfast and dinner along with a light afternoon menu. All meals are inspired by the Indian Bedouin and Mediterranean cuisine. A wide range of vegetarian or vegan food is available 

What’s included

  • 5 morning yoga classe
  • 5 morning evening classe
  • desert night gath
  • floating theta brai
  • floating mindfulnes
  • floating yoga
  • dead sea watsu
  • desert safari
  • airport transfers

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