Awaken, Align & Activate Your Divine Sovereignty

Mount Shasta, CA, USA

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3 reviews
Sep 15 - 22, 2021
Group size: 1 - 35
Awaken, Align & Activate Your Divine Sovereignty
Mount Shasta, CA, USA

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3 reviews

Sep 15 - 22, 2021
Group size: 1 - 35

About this trip

Awaken, Align & Activate Your Divine Sovereignty Retreat

Mt. Shasta, California 

Equinox Retreat:  September 15th-22nd, 2021

Throughout thousands of years, humans have journeyed to Sacred Sites.  One is calling you NOW—Mt. Shasta.  Mt. Shasta is a confluence of planetary ley lines and grid lines which create vortices.  Vortices are Earth energies intersecting from many directions cause vortexes of swirling energies up, down, and both up and down.

The time has come to step into Your Soul’s calling.  To embody as much of your Higher Self in this human form as possible and anchor your Divine Light, heaven on earth.  Step confidently into your gifts by claiming, honing and anchoring them into your being with us on Mt. Shasta!  

The higher vibrational frequencies in this area allow for increased inter-dimensional activity such as; Telos, an Ancient Lemurian inner Earth city, encounters with St. Germain, Stargates, inter-dimensional doorways and more!  

We are spiritual, energetic beings working together with universal energies for the evolution of the planet. Our time in contemplation and exploration in one of the world’s most sacred sites will enable us to:

Dissolve obstacles of inner resistance and help to activate your will power to embody the truth of your destiny.  Authentic love for yourself opens the stargate of your heart.

Receive the support of Ascended Masters, Mother Gaia, the Angels, and your Star families for embodying your Higher Self.

Journey to meet your inter-stellar family of light.  

Explore the energy vortex of Mt. Shasta, her mountain meadows, caves and waterfalls.  Mother Gaia is an extraordinary teacher for guiding you to your true essence.  She will guide you to gracefully embody a spiritual commitment to serve others as yourself.  

Unlock the power of your ancient spiritual memories and training to be used in this time of birthing a new paradigm into form on our planet.

As we come together in processes in this sacred site, we will share codes for activating one another’s Divine Blueprint.  All of this mystical, magical & sacred work requires us to enter into a sacred space and create a sacred container for our work both together and individually beyond our time together.  

The cosmos have aligned to awaken the Divine Feminine from her long slumber here on planet Earth.  She lives within each of us waiting to be awakened.  If you are still reading this, then this aspect of your being is calling you.  Will you answer?

Will you wake up, align and activate your Divinity?

You can join us for this 7 day experience for just $3247

(Payment Plan Available)

Register by March 15th, 2021 and save $200 w/code: EARLYB2021  

Bring-A-Friend and earn $100 gratitude discount w/code:  REFER2021

The deposit for each passenger is due at the time of booking.  If you (the passenger) are booking the retreat package only, and will be making your own travel arrangements, your deposit of $350 can be made electronically securely through the registration system.  

  • If you are requesting that TourDCwithUs makes your travel arrangement bookings for you, then this price can be added to your total price either by you or by us in the registration system.  
  • Your minimum deposit is $350.  You recognize that TourDCwithUs will NOT book your airfare until you have paid us the deposit plus the amount of your airfare.  If there is an increase in airfare before we receive the amount from you, then you recognize that you will be responsible for the difference in price.  
  • The registration system allows you to set up a secure electronic monthly payment plan.  If you desire a different payment plan, please contact us before your monthly billing begins.

What’s included

  • Shuttle to the retreat
    You will be picked up at RDD Redding CA and bussed to Stewart Mineral Springs where we will be anxiously waiting to greet you upon arrival.
  • Lodging
    We will be staying at Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat Center. Specifically Shambala House that accommodates up to 13 participants.
  • Food
    Most meals will be provided. Menu will be available once we know food allergies of all participants. We will make a special stop at the grocery store on the way to the retreat center so you can purc
  • Daily teachings
    Will happen both in sacred circles and while on excursions and include ceremony to support your transformation and integration process. Crystal and Mary Pat will be your facilitators throughout.
  • Excursions
    We have four sites we plan on taking you to explore and experience the beauty of Mother Gaia, tap into the vortex energies, and activate your own Divine blueprint.
  • Airfare
    Email us at if you would like to purchase your airfare through us.
  • Airport transport
    There will be a shuttle provided to/from the Airport. If you require other transportation it is not included.


Awaken, Align and Activate Your Sovereign Divinity


Day 1


Day 2 & 3    

Daily teachings will happen both in sacred circles and while on excursions and include ceremony to support your transformation and integration process.

Day 4

Excursion/Ceremony day - Pluto's Cave in am, lunch and shopping in McCloud and Falls in pm

Day 5

Teaching Day

Day 6

Excursion/Ceremony Day - Panther Meadows in am, lunch and shopping in Mt. Shasta and Peace Gardens (Gratitude) in pm

Day 7

Finish teaching, closing & rest

Day 8 


Your Organizer

3 reviews
TourDCwithUS LLC & VaFeltre Tours LLC. We are a family, we are a small family business with no greed on our souls. We treat each traveler as our own family member. We love that we are not corporate, we love that we are small and that we do not take many accounts per year because we want to focus on quality and not quantity. We want to be there for you every step of the way. With over 15+ years experience guiding, creating and making dreams come true to so many schools & families.


This was a GREAT trip. You can not see DC area without using these guys. Top notch all the way around. Suggestions were made on the fly that could better our tour and unfortunately the weather didnt cooperate but just the fact that an effort was made to better the tour was appreciated. Above and beyond for sure. Would use again without hesitation.
By Jason T for Team 2021 Washington DC Tour on 12 May, 2021